Jennifer Keitt

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Talent Highlights

  • CEO of the Keitt Institute: A Center for Emotional Development and Well-being
  • Emotion Coach & Chief Empowerment Officer
  • Anyone can speak. Not everyone can communicate in an engaging, effective way.
  • Jennifer Keitt is a master communicator.
  • From keynotes, to corporate trainings, motivating breakout sessions, to faith-based presentations, Jennifer Keitt is a brilliant, professional speaker and communicator with over three decades of experience engaging audiences.

Keynote Topics

Get ready to join Dr. Jennifer Keitt for Elevate, Transform & Thrive: The Executive Life Quest. This dynamic, engaging session takes you beyond roles and seamlessly weaves together your personal and professional life. In this high-energy, interactive experience you will:

  • Discover three new frameworks for crafting brilliance, orchestrating change, and redefining success.
  • Accelerate growth by building self-confidence.
  • Design a success “playbook” with concrete action steps to succeed on your own terms.

You will leave ready to elevate, transform and thrive as you take away the tools to live your absolute best life!

Imagine being what others need you to be or what they’ve told you to be, and what if they’re WRONG! That’s our motivation for developing the Living Strong™ experience.

We insist on giving people the opportunity to discover who they are FOR THEMSELVES because your relationship with yourself is the MOST critical human relationship you’ll ever have!

Participating in this experience will help you, Understand what character strengths are and why they are essential, list your top five character strengths, craft a strengths-based statement that explains who you are and discover practical ways to use your strengths every day.

Influential leaders operate from their strengths, use their personalities to their advantage, and understand and manage their emotions while effectively influencing the feelings of those around them.

Resonate™ is necessary because it establishes an emotionally intelligent, strengths-based culture in today’s workplace.

When leaders can learn how to be emotionally intelligent, they develop the skills to thrive, no matter their seniority level, role, or industry. In addition, emotional intelligence sets high performers apart from their peers with similar technical knowledge and skills.

The one skill workers need now more than ever is resilience. In today’s work environment, professionals must have bounce-back-ability. People who can bounce back moment-by-moment, day-by-day, and week-by-week have an advantage.

They can manage and control their emotions. They can withstand adversity and challenges. They are even able to grow and thrive from life’s setbacks.

Our feelings are meant to work in tandem with our thoughts to guide our lives purposefully.

To navigate life successfully, adults must adapt to the constant changes in their personal and professional environments, and they need to learn, grow, and exercise their agency in social contexts.

Leaders want to lead transparently

Many leaders struggle with being comfortable in their own skin. They find it challenging to show up authentically daily.

Today’s leaders secretly ask questions like:

  • “How do I know what I am really feeling?”
  • “What impact do my emotions have on my leadership and how people view me?”
  • “How do I guard against out-of-control emotions to lead effectively?”

The truth is leaders want to get their inner lives in order so they can lead transparently.

The word “unstoppable” means impossible to stop or prevent. To become unstoppable in life, people must have the tools, ideas, and strategies that will help them succeed.

Jennifer Keitt understands this and is committed to helping people become unstoppable every day. In Becoming Unstoppable, Jennifer delivers practical and relevant strategies using her engaging conversational interview skills in each episode.

Jennifer’s goal is simple: help people become unstoppable in every area of their life!

As Chief Empowerment Officer and host of the nationally syndicated PowerHer Radio Show, Jennifer Keitt gives women the tools, resources, and ideas to help make their lives more powerful.

The PowerHer Radio Show showcases Jennifer’s personal success strategies, along with relevant information from today’s thought leaders and experts. The show helps women discover their personal brilliance and gives them the confidence boost they need to succeed in every area of life!

Presentations aren’t about the speaker. They’re about the audience. Jennifer is a seasoned professional with a deep reservoir of knowledge and expertise in human behavior and audience engagement.

Tell her about your event and audience, what you need, and how she can help. Jennifer draws on her wide range of topics to customize her speeches for you. Her approach is simple: design a keynote that connects with your specific audience.

  • Well-Being and Flourishing in a Negative World
  • 4 Secrets to Increasing Your Capacity
  • 4 Game-Changing Strategies to Win in Life
  • Is the Glass Half-full or Half-empty: Empowering Strategies for Living your Best
  • How to Build a Powerful Life
  • Facing Forward – Winning Together
  • Thriving in Tough Times
  • 50 Ways to Empower Your Life
  • I Am More Than Enough!
  • Following Your Dreams & Living Magnificently
  • Cracking the Code: Finding & Keeping Your Voice
  • Living & Loving Your Purpose
  • Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential
  • Discovering Your Unique Purpose
  • Secret Superheroes
  • How to Be Emotionally Resilient
  • Going on a Thought Diet

Jennifer Keitt is a renowned communication and leadership speaker known for her dynamic and engaging presentations that inspire individuals and organizations to unleash their full potential. With over two decades of experience in the fields of communication, leadership, and personal development, Jennifer has become a trusted voice in guiding others towards achieving their goals and […]

Jennifer Keitt is a renowned communication and leadership speaker known for her dynamic and engaging presentations that inspire individuals and organizations to unleash their full potential. With over two decades of experience in the fields of communication, leadership, and personal development, Jennifer has become a trusted voice in guiding others towards achieving their goals and maximizing their impact.

As a speaker, author, and media personality, Jennifer Keitt has dedicated her career to empowering individuals to become effective communicators, visionary leaders, and catalysts for positive change. Through her insightful keynotes, workshops, and coaching sessions, she equips audiences with practical strategies and actionable insights to navigate challenges, communicate with confidence, and lead with authenticity.

Jennifer Keitt Areas of Expertise

Jennifer Keitt’s expertise spans a wide range of topics within communication and leadership, including:

  • Effective Communication Skills:

Jennifer empowers individuals to master the art of communication, emphasizing the importance of clarity, empathy, and active listening in building meaningful connections and fostering collaboration.
She provides practical techniques for enhancing verbal and nonverbal communication, managing conflicts constructively, and delivering impactful presentations that resonate with diverse audiences.

  • Leadership Development:

Jennifer Keitt inspires aspiring leaders to cultivate their leadership potential and lead with purpose and integrity.
She explores essential leadership qualities such as vision, resilience, and emotional intelligence, guiding participants in developing their leadership style and creating environments conducive to growth and innovation.

  • Personal Growth and Empowerment:

Through her motivational talks and workshops, Jennifer encourages individuals to embrace personal growth, overcome obstacles, and unlock their innate potential.

She addresses topics such as goal-setting, self-confidence, and resilience, empowering audiences to navigate life’s challenges with courage and determination.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

Jennifer Keitt is committed to fostering inclusive environments where individuals from diverse backgrounds feel valued and empowered.

She facilitates conversations on diversity, equity, and inclusion, offering insights on promoting cultural competence, fostering belonging, and leveraging diversity as a catalyst for innovation and success.

Why Book Jennifer Keitt as a Keynote Speaker

Jennifer Keitt brings a unique blend of expertise, authenticity, and passion to her keynote presentations, making her an ideal choice for conferences, corporate events, educational seminars, and community gatherings. Here are some compelling reasons to book Jennifer Keitt as your next keynote speaker:

Engaging and Inspirational Presentations:

Jennifer captivates audiences with her dynamic speaking style, storytelling prowess, and relatable anecdotes that resonate with individuals from all walks of life.
Her inspiring keynotes leave a lasting impact, motivating audiences to take action, pursue their goals, and embrace positive change.

Expertise Backed by Experience:

With over 20 years of experience as a communication expert, leadership coach, and media personality, Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world insights to her presentations.
She draws from her diverse background in broadcasting, coaching, and community advocacy to deliver practical strategies and actionable advice that drive results.

Customized Content and Tailored Solutions:

Jennifer takes the time to understand the unique needs and objectives of each audience, customizing her presentations to address specific challenges, industry trends, and organizational goals.
Whether delivering a keynote address, facilitating a workshop, or providing one-on-one coaching, Jennifer’s approach is always personalized and results-oriented.

Track Record of Success:

Jennifer Keitt has earned a reputation as a trusted thought leader and influencer in the fields of communication, leadership, and personal development.
Her client list includes Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies, all of whom have benefited from her expertise and guidance.

Commitment to Impactful Change:

Beyond delivering inspiring speeches, Jennifer is committed to creating lasting change and empowering individuals to reach their full potential.
She partners with organizations to implement sustainable strategies for growth, transformation, and cultural change, ensuring that her impact extends far beyond the stage.

Book Jennifer Keitt for Your Next Event

If you’re seeking a dynamic, engaging, and insightful speaker to inspire your audience and drive meaningful change, look no further than Jennifer Keitt. With her expertise in communication, leadership, and personal development, Jennifer is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations unlock their greatness and achieve unparalleled success.

Contact us today to book Jennifer Keitt for your next event and embark on a transformative journey towards empowerment and excellence.

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