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Dr. Brian Glibkowski is the Creator of Answer Intelligence (AQ)™ he is passionate about the role of questions and answers in business and society.

​His research on the six WH-questions (what, why, how, when, where, who) as a common framework for academics and practitioners to communicate and make decisions was recognised by the Association of Human Resource Development as one of ten articles that will shape the 21st century.

He published academic research that examined how the top golf-instructors in the world provide answers.  The research resulted in a framework called Answer Intelligence (AQ)™— the ability to provide elevated answers.  Dr. Glibkowski is author of the book Answer Intelligence: Raise Your AQ (April, 2021).

Dr Glibkowski is a Professor and CEO of Semplar Science, the company established to commercialise his research.

Dr. Brian Glibkowski | Answer Intelligence (#1AQ)


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Reasons to Book Dr. Glibkowski as a Speaker

Answer Intelligence (AQ)™ is a new science of answers based upon Dr. Brian Glibkowski award winning research. AQ assessments, a mobile app, and various tools can extend the experience and insights prior to, during, and after an event.

Most speakers come to give a rehearsed speech but fall short of customizing the experience to the audience. 

Working with Dr. Brian Glibkowski he will get the amplitude (entertainment, education, and enablement) just right. When you book Dr. Glibkowski he will work with you to design a truly customized experience. 

For starters, the event is customized to your theme (Leadership, Culture, Sales, etc). Additionally, in pre-event interviews, Dr. Glibkowski can identify “your answers” that are integrated directly into the workshop.

Pre-event assessment results can be found around every corner of the presentation to reveal lived experiences for greater impact and relevance.

The Answer Intelligence (AQ)™ book can be purchased as an inexpensive and personalized gift.  

Dr. Glibkowski autographs every book.

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