Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers are individuals who inspire and empower audiences through their words and stories.

They are known for their ability to ignite enthusiasm, encourage personal growth, and promote positive change in people’s lives. These speakers use their own life experiences, knowledge, and charisma to connect with their audience, sharing valuable insights, practical advice, and motivational anecdotes.

Their messages often focus on topics like goal setting, resilience, self-confidence, and overcoming obstacles. Motivational speakers play a vital role in various settings, including corporate events, schools, conferences, and self-help seminars, where they encourage individuals to pursue their dreams, achieve their potential, and lead more fulfilling lives.

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Chris Bertish

Chris Bertish has become a sought after global motivational keynote and TEDx guest speaker. Whether talking at corporate events or schools, his tale of overcoming obstacles to get halfway around the globe for the Mavericks competition final always has audiences clinging to the edge of their seats. There’s an authenticity to this material that makes […]

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Ocean Adventurer
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Lorne Sulcas 6

Lorne Sulcas – The Big Cat Guy is unorthodox. Definitely not your average motivational speaker. He has spoken on the world’s biggest stages. Since 1996, Top International Motivational Keynote Speaker Lorne Sulcas has been ‘WOW’ing’ and transforming top teams and organizations around the world with his unique Thriving in a Wild World™ presentations: time-tested success […]

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • The Big Cat Guy
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Kurdt Greenwood

Kurdt Greenwood is a young, dynamic naturalist, conservationist, survival expert, and animal behaviour specialist whose passion for wildlife knows no bounds. From a tender age, Kurdt has been fascinated by the natural world, particularly the deadly creatures that inhabit it. His enthusiasm and infectious manner captivate audiences, leaving them both terrified and mesmerized. Kurdt’s unique […]

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Conservation Survivalist
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Elizabeth McCormick

Elizabeth McCormick is not your average speaker; she’s an experience-maker, a dynamic force in the world of motivational leadership, sales, and safety events. With a captivating blend of entertainment and motivation, Elizabeth delivers impactful messages that resonate long after the event is over. Her unique approach involves sneak attacking lessons throughout her presentations, empowering audiences […]

  • Fort Worth. TX
  • Motivational Leadership
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David Allison

David Allison is a distinguished figure in the realm of human values, a global researcher, and a best-selling author, whose mission revolves around reshaping our comprehension of human behavior and interaction. With a rich and diverse career traversing marketing, research, and prolific authorship, David has left an indelible mark by introducing human values as a […]

  • Vancouver, BC
  • Leadership Values
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Jason Hewlett is an acclaimed speaker, entertainer, and author whose career has been marked by his remarkable ability to inspire, entertain, and educate audiences around the world. Known for his unique blend of humor, music, and motivational insights, Hewlett’s signature keynote talks and his book, “The Promise,” have made a profound impact on organizations and […]

  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Motivational Entertainer
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Stephen Drum

Stephen Drum is a distinguished figure in the realm of leadership and high-performance development, leveraging his remarkable background as a combat-tested retired Navy SEAL Master Chief with 27 years of experience. Throughout his illustrious career, Drum has exemplified the essence of effective leadership, successfully leading and developing high-performance teams in some of the most challenging […]

  • Chicago, IL
  • Navy Seal Performance
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Jones Loflin

Jones Loflin is a seasoned expert in fostering confident leadership, driving impactful change, and enhancing productivity within organizations. With his straightforward, no-fluff approach, he equips any organization with practical solutions to overcome challenges and achieve sustainable growth. Participants in his keynotes and training programs walk away not only invigorated and motivated but also armed with […]

  • Charlotte, NC
  • Authentic Leadership
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Imagine a scenario where a room full of non-musicians seamlessly transforms into a harmonious orchestra, each member playing their part naturally and effortlessly. Now, envision Steve Barnett at the helm, orchestrating this symphony without uttering a single word, yet conveying volumes about leadership, communication, cooperation, and synergy. Steve Barnett is not just a motivational speaker; […]

  • Johannesburg, SA
  • The Silent Conductor
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mike lee

Mike Lee is a globally recognized keynote speaker, internationally sold author, and coach who shares high-performance leadership lessons from inside the hearts and minds of the NBA’s elite. With over 15 years of experience working with basketball’s top 1%, including NBA MVPs Steph Curry and Joel Embiid, Mike has cultivated a deep understanding of the […]

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Purpose Driven Leadership
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Greg Baird is an engaging speaker with heart, humor, and a passion for everyone to live their best life. His background is in higher education and has spent most of his career speaking on LGBTQ+ Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging with topics on allyship, anti-hate/bullying, community, acceptance, and discovering your legacy. Greg Baird has been […]

  • Chicago, IL
  • LGBTQ+, Civil Rights & DEI
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Alyson Van Hooser isn’t merely a speaker; she’s a catalyst for high performance and effective leadership. With a dynamic presence and a wealth of experience, Alyson captivates audiences, igniting within them the drive to excel and lead with purpose. Her journey is one marked by triumph over adversity and a commitment to empowering others to […]

  • Princeton, KY
  • High Performance
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Jack Becker

Jack Becker, a former naval fighter pilot turned performance speaker, is one such individual. His life story is a remarkable narrative of courage, determination, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. In this speaking profile, we will explore the incredible life and work of Jack Becker, delving into his background, his experiences as a naval fighter […]

  • Virginia Beach, VA
  • Peak Performance
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Rob Lawless

Rob Lawless isn’t your typical keynote speaker. He’s a man on a mission, a mission to meet 10,000 different people for an hour each day. This extraordinary journey has not only transformed his life but has also inspired thousands around the world. As a motivational keynote speaker, Rob Lawless brings a unique perspective on human […]

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Human Relationships
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Sara Canaday

Sara Canaday is a distinguished figure in the realm of leadership development, renowned for her insightful guidance and practical strategies aimed at empowering professionals to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape. As a seasoned speaker, author, and thought leader, Sara brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her engagements, inspiring audiences to […]

  • Austin, TX
  • Leadership Development
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Get Unstuck Now

Noah St. John is more than just a coach; he’s a catalyst for transformation, a beacon of inspiration, and a guiding light for those seeking to unlock their full potential. With a moniker like “The Millionaire Habits Coach” and “The Mental Health Coach to The Stars,” Noah has earned a reputation as a leading authority […]

  • Uniontown, OH
  • Motivational Speaker
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Hein Wagner’s story is one that transcends the bounds of physical limitations, resonating deeply with audiences around the globe. Born blind, Hein has defied the odds at every turn, transforming his life into a testament of resilience, determination, and boundless potential. As a motivational adventure speaker, he doesn’t just share his remarkable journey; he ignites […]

  • Stockholm
  • Blind Motivation
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Anthony Bourke

Anthony Bourke “AB” is a highly experienced F-16 fighter pilot who has flown tactical missions in countries all over the world. He has accumulated more than 2,700 hours of flight time in numerous high performance aircraft and was one of the first pilots to fly his F-16 over New York City in the homeland defense […]

  • Park City, UT
  • Peak Performance
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Mary Abbajay is a renowned figure in the realm of organizational management and leadership development, boasting over two decades of hands-on experience in the field. Armed with a master’s degree in organizational management and post-graduate certificates from prestigious institutions such as Georgetown University and the Coaches Training Institute, Mary’s expertise is deeply rooted in both […]

  • Washington, DC
  • Change Management
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Daryl Elliott Green

Daryl Elliott Green was TWICE SHOT in the line of duty, he has an incredible story of bravery, courage and resilience. In the early hours of 1 May 2000, Constable Daryl Elliott Green was on a routine job in a suburban neighbourhood when he was ambushed and TWICE SHOT in the face and shoulder. In […]

  • Sydney, NSW
  • Inspirational Speaker
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Allison Massari

Allison Massari, an extraordinary inspirational speaker hailing from the scenic town of Belvedere, California. Her journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, as she not only overcame unimaginable adversity but has dedicated her life to inspiring others through her compelling story and motivational insights. Allison Massari | Inspirational Speaker The Turning […]

  • Belvedere, CA
  • Iconic Storytelling℠
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Ron Garan Dallas -

Ron Garan is not your ordinary speaker. He’s a former NASA astronaut, highly decorated combat fighter, and a true explorer of both outer space and the depths of human potential. With 178 days spent in space and over 71 million miles traveled aboard the International Space Station (ISS), Ron Garan brings a wealth of experiences, […]

  • Houston, TX
  • NASA Astronaut
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Dr. Willie Jolleyv

Dr. Willie Jolley is not just another motivational speaker; he is a beacon of inspiration, a maestro of transformation, and a living testament to the power of resilience and perseverance. With a career spanning decades, Dr. Jolley has solidified his position as a triple threat personality and a global thought leader. Renowned as a Hall […]

  • Washington, DC
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