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Heather R Younger is the Founder and CEO of Employee Fanatix, a leading employee engagement and consulting firm. She is a sought-after keynote speaker who brings revealing insights to the stage from over 25,000 employee experiences.

A diversity, equity and inclusion strategist, and the world’s leading expert on listening at work, she is the host of the Leadership with Heart Podcast.

Heather R Younger is a regular contributor to Forbes and Fast Company and is the best-selling author of The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty, which hit the top of the “Forbes Must-Read List for HR Professionals.”

Her latest best-selling book, The Art of Caring Leadership, teaches the radical power of caring support in leadership and in the workplace.

Heather R Younger | Customer Service

A former attorney who worked for years in corporate America, what is most important to know about Heather R Younger is that she brings a breadth of experience – extensive quantitative and qualitative research – and a truly deep passion for advocacy, resilience, human relations, and connection – to every audience, every workshop, every consultation.

When not working, she is a mother of four and a self-proclaimed soccer mom who eats tons of chocolate for self-preservation.

Heather R Younger is the CEO of Employee Fanatix – a DEI strategist – a best-selling author of The Art of Caring Leadership – a writer for Forbes and Fast Company – host of the Leadership with Heart Podcast – and a soccer mom who loves warm chocolate chip cookies!

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Keynote Topics

This keynote distills down 12 years of Heather R Younger experience reviewing 25,000 employee engagement survey comments into actionable insights that have been proven to lead to better engagement, better customer satisfaction, higher revenue, lower turnover, and brand loyalty.


This program is perfect for leaders:


Seeking to understand employees, prospects, or customers to better meet their needs

Working to improve the culture at work to ensure everyone feels heard, valued, and appreciated

Supporting others at work to become more engaged, motivated, and productive


The audience will leave with:



The one success characteristic they need to reach their goals and create win-win scenarios at work

An inspired understanding of how to practice active listening with those who look to them for guidance

A listening process that will unlock valuable insights and deliver desired outcomes

The four Caring Leadership principles delivered in Heather R Younger keynote serve as a powerful reminder of every leader’s responsibility to uplift their team and organization and drive real business results.


This program is perfect for leaders:


Supporting employees through organizational change

Prioritizing self-development as part of their leadership development

Working to improve their ability to inspire and engage those they lead and meet key organizational goals

The audience will leave with:


A practical understanding of the concrete actions they can take to uplift and engage those they lead

Deep insights into the positive power they possess to create a culture of caring at work

Strategies to inspire loyalty with their leadership by becoming more present, caring, and compassionate

In this empowering, interactive, and hope-filled keynote, Heather provides a roadmap for navigating change with agility, confidence, resilience ‚ÄĒ and a positive outlook.


This program is perfect for leaders:


Powering through tough moments or times of crisis

Fortifying those they lead in preparation for future challenges

Equipping their organization to thrive long term

The audience will leave with:


An effective framework to more quickly recover from adversity

A high-level roadmap for succeeding with more ease, even in uncertain times

A clear path to retool their workplace through creativity and innovation

How to Build a Culture of Belonging


This keynote draws from Heather R Younger personal experiences as the only child of an interfaith and interracial marriage to inspire leaders to flex their empathy muscles and master the art of active listening to ensure every employee feels valued, respected and supported.


This program is perfect for leaders:


Building cultures of belonging at work

Seeking to honor their colleagues’ diverse experiences and perspectives

Educating themselves about other peoples’ challenges

The audience will leave with:


A practical method to elicit feedback and unlock change and growth

A greater understanding of the role they have to play in creating cultures of belonging at work

The inspiration to show up each workday as their most authentic selves


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