Michael Solomon

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Talent Highlights

  • Marketing Maven: Michael Solomon is a distinguished marketing expert with over three decades of experience in consumer behavior, branding, and retailing. His insights have shaped the strategies of numerous companies worldwide, making him a sought-after consultant and speaker in the field.
  • Authoritative Voice: Solomon is the author of several acclaimed textbooks on consumer behavior and marketing, including “Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being,” which is widely used in universities across the globe. His writings reflect a deep understanding of human psychology and its impact on consumer decision-making.
  • Academic Excellence: As a professor of marketing at Saint Joseph’s University, Solomon has inspired countless students with his passion for marketing and consumer behavior. His engaging teaching style and innovative approach to pedagogy have earned him accolades from both students and colleagues alike.
  • Media Personality: Solomon is a frequent contributor to major media outlets, offering expert commentary on consumer trends, branding strategies, and retail innovations. His ability to distill complex marketing concepts into accessible insights has made him a trusted source for journalists and industry professionals.
  • Thought Leader: Beyond his academic and consulting work, Solomon is a thought leader in the marketing community, challenging conventional wisdom and pushing the boundaries of innovation. His thought-provoking presentations and keynote addresses inspire audiences to rethink their approach to marketing and embrace new paradigms in consumer engagement.

Keynote Topics

Tear Down Marketing’s Old Walls to See the Future of Your Business

Fundamental categories that form the bedrock of marketing strategy and customer insights simply no longer exist. You need to understand the new landscape of consumer behavior so you don’t get left in the dust. In this fast-moving program you will learn:

  • How you can reach today’s consumers, who plug into a “hive mind” that tells them what to buy.
  • Why the debate about “offline versus online” marketing strategies is useless.
  • How to market with rather than market to your customers.
  • Why your customers rely upon your brands to tell them who they are.
  • How to develop new killer products and services by demolishing your industry’s walls.

Persuasive Salesbots and Tomorrow’s Customer Experience

Everyone is buzzing about Artificial Intelligence these days, as well as they should. Machines that “think” for us already are transforming how we work, play – and shop. McKinsey tells us that some 29 million U.S. homes used some form of smart technology last year, and that number grows by over 30 percent a year.

Many organizations now deploy robots, avatars and chatbots to perform tasks we used to ask flesh-and-blood people to do. This suddenly makes the age-old question of what makes us human much less theoretical. Self-driving cars threaten to replace truck drivers. IBM’s Watson beats chess masters and veteran Jeopardy game show contestants. Movies and TV shows like Blade Runner, Westworld, and Humans that focus on the civil rights of synths, replicants and androids are center stage in popular culture. Alexa and Siri are our new guardian angels.

Very soon, the rise of the machines will become the race of the machines.

Don’t be left at the starting line. In this thought-provoking presentation we will ask:

  • How does the physical appearance of a robot or avatar sales advisor affect the likelihood that customers will trust and follow its’ recommendations about what to buy?
  • How will chatbots and affective computing (where software detects a consumer’s emotional state) impact sales interactions?
  • As advertisers use machine learning to generate artificial images for their messages, how will AI influence ideals of beauty and the fashion industry?
  • What will be the impact of dating apps, sexbots and other smart devices on interpersonal relationships?
  • How will facial recognition and wearable computer technologies meld with AI to create “markets of one?”

How The Psychology of Fashion Influences Consumer Behavior

In this presentation, we’ll look at some of the powerful cultural forces that influence how consumers use a range of products to make “statements” about themselves.

Michael Solomon will examine some of the important factors that influence what that “self-portrait” looks like, including feelings about the body, peer pressure, celebrity endorsements and the messages our culture sends about what men and women need to look like.

Michael Solomon will also consider how new technologies such as social media communities, wearable computing and augmented reality will color this picture in the near future.


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Travels from:

  • New York, NY

Fee Range:

  • Fees* $10,001 - $20,000



Michael Solomon stands at the forefront of the marketing and advertising industry, revered as a thought leader whose insights reshape perceptions and strategies in the ever-evolving landscape of consumer behavior and branding. With a career spanning decades, Solomon has cemented his reputation as an authority in understanding what drives consumers to make purchasing decisions and […]

Michael Solomon stands at the forefront of the marketing and advertising industry, revered as a thought leader whose insights reshape perceptions and strategies in the ever-evolving landscape of consumer behavior and branding. With a career spanning decades, Solomon has cemented his reputation as an authority in understanding what drives consumers to make purchasing decisions and how brands can effectively connect with their target audiences.

Michael Solomon | Consumer Behavior

Unveiling Insights through Engaging Presentations

Renowned for his captivating presentations, Michael Solomon offers a visual excursion into the intricate workings of consumer minds. His keynotes and seminars are interactive experiences that leave audiences spellbound as he delves into cutting-edge trends in advertising, marketing, branding, consumer behavior, and social media. Solomon’s ability to dissect complex concepts and present them in a relatable and engaging manner sets him apart as a speaker of unparalleled caliber.

A Trailblazer in the Field

Michael Solomon’s expertise extends beyond the stage, as evidenced by his role as a regular contributor at Forbes.com. Through his writings, he shares invaluable insights into retailing, consumer behavior, and branding, further solidifying his status as a leading voice in the industry. Solomon’s influence transcends borders, having spoken to Fortune 500 companies, top advertising agencies, associations, and branches of government on five continents, garnering rave reviews for his thought-provoking presentations.

Cutting-Edge Approaches to Sales and Consumer Psychology

At the heart of Michael Solomon’s presentations lie cutting-edge approaches to sales and consumer psychology. From gamification to customer journey mapping and sentiment analysis, Solomon unveils strategies that resonate with audiences seeking to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive marketplace. His deep understanding of consumer behavior allows him to provide insights that empower organizations to create meaningful connections with their customers, ultimately driving positive impact on the bottom line.

A Valuable Resource for Global Executive Teams

Recognizing the importance of fostering deeper connections with customers, global executive teams turn to Michael Solomon for invaluable briefings that shed light on the latest trends in consumer behavior, customer decision-making, engagement, and brand identity. Solomon’s expertise serves as a guiding beacon for organizations navigating the complexities of today’s consumer landscape, empowering them to make informed decisions that drive sustainable growth and success.

Why Event Planners Should Book Michael Solomon through Speakers Inc

Event planners seeking to elevate their events and provide attendees with unparalleled insights into the world of marketing and advertising would be remiss not to book Michael Solomon through Speakers Inc. Solomon’s dynamic presence and wealth of knowledge guarantee a transformative experience for audiences, leaving a lasting impression long after the event concludes. With a track record of delivering exceptional presentations that resonate with diverse audiences across the globe, Michael Solomon stands as the epitome of excellence in the realm of marketing and advertising speakers.

In conclusion, Michael Solomon’s unrivaled expertise, captivating presentations, and invaluable insights make him a sought-after speaker in the field of marketing and advertising. With a deep understanding of consumer behavior and a knack for translating complex concepts into actionable strategies, Solomon continues to inspire and empower audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

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