Dr. Carl Christman

Tagline: Customer Service

Talent Highlights

  • Learn how sales techniques can be used at your organization
  • Learn how to improve relationships by reading customers and better understanding what they are thinking
  • Learn how to sell your yourself and your organization with proven persuasion techniques


Keynote Topics

How to Read Minds & Influence People is Dr. Christman’s signature program where he teaches you how to read people more effectively and understand the psychology and power of influence.


You will be able to grow your business, build better relationships, create a cohesive brand, and create better teams with these proven techniques.


Learn to communicate so that your company or brand message engages new prospects and leads to new customers.


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Travels from:

  • Palm Desert, CA

Fee Range:

  • Fees* $10,001 - $20,000



From sales to customer service, building customer relations is the key to increased profits. Improve communication skills and increase your sales with Dr. Carl Christman proven techniques. Your team can quickly learn persuasion and influence techniques to help improve customer retention and increase loyalty. Dr. Carl Christman’s interactive keynote presentation explores interpersonal communications and influence […]

From sales to customer service, building customer relations is the key to increased profits. Improve communication skills and increase your sales with Dr. Carl Christman proven techniques.

Your team can quickly learn persuasion and influence techniques to help improve customer retention and increase loyalty. Dr. Carl Christman’s interactive keynote presentation explores interpersonal communications and influence from a radically different perspective. Participants will gain the tools to more productively relate to family, friends, and colleagues.

His program unlocks the secrets of real mind reading by focusing on body language and micro-expressions. You will learn how to harness the power of persuasion by learning what researchers have proven and what makes top salespeople so successful.

Dr. Carl Christman | Customer Service Expert

With over 15 years as a professor of communication and his work as a mentalist, Dr. Christman’s presentations are educational, interactive and entertaining. Would you like to avoid lost sales because your team doesn’t know what customers are really thinking?

If your life would be easier if you knew what your colleagues, competition, and customers were thinking then this program is for you.

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