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The Science of Values & Influence


  • Answer the burning question: “How can we engage people, and influence the decisions they make?”
  • Discover the specific shared values of customers, prospects, investors, members … any group of people your audience wants to reach.
  • Learn how to use custom research findings to reach people deep inside their hearts, and engage with them like a trusted friend.
  • Create values-driven solutions that will resonate deeply with the people you care about most.

David Allison is a human values expert, global researcher and best-selling author. He is focused on changing the way we understand ourselves, the people around us, and those we hope to engage with our work.

david allison is the founder of the Valuegraphics Project, the first global inventory of core human values. He has made values into a measurable business metric; a new kind of insight that helps organizations succeed in today’s Values Economy.

David speaks internationally and helps big brands connect with people by honoring their values. INC Magazine named his last book one of the ten best leadership books of the year, and his new book The Death of Demographics: Valuegraphic Marketing for a Values-Driven World will be published in November 2022.

David Allison spent his career working on campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world, building an award-winning marketing creative firm, and writing three influential books on communications strategy. All this left him questioning a fundamental concept of marketing: in a post-demographic era when age, gender, income, and education no longer restrict how we choose to live, he wondered, why are we still using demographics to understand how target audiences behave?

David Allison | Human Values Expert

David Allison sold his firm in 2015, and began work with a team of university researchers to launch, collect and analyze a half-million surveys about why groups of people behave the way they do. The data was immediately clear on two points.

First, demographics were a shockingly ineffective way to understand how groups behaved. More importantly, leveraging shared values turned out to be the most powerful way he’d ever seen to trigger behavior for anything. Now, for the first time, there was accessible, customizable, empirical data that proved what we value determines what we do.

Further data analysis revealed that we waste 90% of our time and money trying to engage target audiences using demographics. What could we do with 90% of our financial and human resources re-deployed elsewhere? What if we only did things that people cared about? Wouldn’t the world be better off if everything was based on the values we share?

David Allison can pinpoint the shared values of any group of people, anywhere on earth.

And I can show my audience how to connect with those people, deep inside their hearts, like a trusted friend.

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Keynote Topics

In his Signature Keynote, David tackles head-on the confusing times we live in today and makes the confusion fall away. He shows how the dawn of a new economic era is responsible for everything that people do, all around the world.


It’s not the gig economy, the sharing economy, or the experience economy anymore – we live in the Values Economy now.


The future of work, the future of leadership, the future of marketing….the future of everything is all about people, and people are all about their values. Because our values drive everything we do.


  • See the groundbreaking results from 750,000 surveys: the world’s first inventory of shared human values.
  • Learn how human values can radically transform the way you engage with the people you want to reach.
  • Be inspired to change how you look at people, and leave with data-tested tools to ensure you succeed in a values-driven world.

In his Custom Keynote, David reveals the results of a custom research project completed specifically for your event. He uses data to pinpoint a precise set of Power Values that will motivate, engage, and inspire employees, customers, prospects, donors…whoever your attendees need to reach.


He explains how to use the Power Values to make decisions about everything: from leadership to marketing, from people & culture to branding. No matter how rocky the road ahead may be, the Power Values are a timeless and predictive guiding light – a beacon that makes the path clear.


These are the same data-driven insights used by organizations like PayPal, lululemon, the United Nations Foundation, and many other global brands – and now your audience too.


  • Discover the motivating values of customers, prospects, investors, members…anyone, anywhere on earth.
  • Learn how to reach those people deep inside their hearts, and engage with them like a trusted friend.
  • Leave with a toolkit for building values-driven solutions, and strategies to motivate more people more often.

  • The Valueprint Self-Assessment Tool
  • The Thought Leaders Power Panel
  • Value graphics Masterclass
  • Special Edition Sessions


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