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Faye Kitariev, MA is an inspirational speaker, bestselling author of “Choreography of Awakening”, and performance mastery coach. Founder and President of Make the Impossible Possible, she is a former US figure skating coach and choreographer.

Faye has transformed her skills as a figure skating coach into skills as a life coach. Using the analogy of skating and the ice rink for life, Coach Faye guides people to achieving their very best in life.

“I believe that we all have a huge potential within us. Realizing that potential is our birthright, our mission and our responsibility!” – Coach Faye

Faye Kitariev | Inspirational Speaker

Latvian-born Faye Kitariev is a former US figure skating coach and choreographer. Over a twenty-year professional career, Faye coached and choreographed numerous national and international skaters, including US national champion and Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen and world bronze medalist Johnny Weir.

 After the 2006 Olympic Games, Faye turned her attention to performance psychology, and why some athletes reach their full potential while others fall far short. Her study of personal growth and development led her to fields as diverse as sports psychology, yoga, meditation, tai chi, aikido, and hypnosis, resulting in her receiving an MA in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

 Faye owns and operates Make the Impossible Possible, a coaching and consulting firm. Her mission is to inspire and empower people to live authentic, successful lives. She lives in Southern California with her daughter.

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