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Up Your Game. Master Your Mind. Be Unstoppable.

Feel like you’re not making the impact you want?

Our NLP training and certification program will help you, communicate better and become highly effective at everything you do to make a big impact.

Increase your ability Impact others.
Get past that glass ceiling and win.
Reduce self-doubt and imposter syndrome so people see your unique value

Looking for more purpose passion and fulfillment?
Imagine feeling totally fulfilled doing more of what you love.
Get past any bad habits, procrastination, limiting beliefs, or fears that may be holding you back.
The key to making lots of money IS to live and work your passion! Your “why” is why people will work with you or buy from you. It eliminates competition!


Looking for coaching and support to accelerate your success?

Join a highly interactive & supportive environment to quickly experience the growth, skill development and transformation you’ve been looking for.

Access to 1:1 mentorship, and support from a peer group with the same desires as you.
Learn how to get the results, recognition and credibility that you want.

Want to make more money doing work you love?
Many of the most successful, influential and elite people in the world are trained in NLP.
Increase your ability to make significantly more money
Build trust and rapport quicker
Communicate confidently and powerfully  with NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING

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For over 20 years, James R. Elliot has been an accomplished and sought-out leader and trainer in the fields of leadership persuasion, communication speaker, confidence, influence and rapport.
Plus, I have had my own incredible transformational life journey.

In the past I had issues with communication, authority, gaining trust quickly, and confidently contributing and expressing myself – not to mention standing up for myself. I wasn’t being seen, heard, valued nor respected and I wasn’t doing what I loved.

This is all a thing of the past from both my own personal transformation and the tools and trainings I have learned during my incredible journey, in my work, my personal development and in my relationships.

I have the tools and experience to guide you and empower the people I love to serve, and help you manage fear, anxiety and overwhelm, take action and eliminate any persistent limiting beliefs about yourself.

Learning Points

3, 5 and 8 day small-group comprehensive training sessions
3 MONTHS of 1-on-1 support calls included with the training.
Step by step “after the course” success system.
Pre-course audio programs and online self-study course.
Receive internationally-recognized certifications and accreditations.

Eliminate the blocks that have kept you stuck, unfulfilled, and hidden.
Learn to unleash your influence, self-confidence, and maximum potential.
Discover motivational tools that help you progress toward your goals.
Learn powerful skills and strategies to create highly effective communication, influence, persuasion, and confidence with others.
Stand out like never before and have others recognize your contribution.
Learn how marketing, advertising and language is manipulating you.
Make great money doing what you love!

Included sales, influence and business training to help you win!
Monthly virtual community nights for practice, networking, questions, optimizing your skills, etc.
Access to ongoing support, expert trainings and a network of people on the same journey to ensure your success.


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