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Welcome to the Succenergy course. I’m Tânia Tomé, economist, coach, international speaker, author, and creator of the Succenergy methodology.

During my experience as a coach and businesswoman, I was approached by people who felt incomplete and unsatisfied with their lives. People worried about, relationships, money, career, business or spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being.

They were not always unhappy, but they were looking for more then they had at that moment, they wanted to find themselves and discover how to have the life of their dreams.

It’s not normal to live feeling something is missing. We are in the world to fulfill our dreams and achieve the goals and objectives we want for ourselves. That is why I ask you to think, at this very moment, if you are really happy. Is your life today the way you would like it to be, the way you’ve always dreamed?

If you feel that you have not yet achieved the life you dream of, or that you are failing to achieve your goals, you need to start making profound changes in your life.

Reinvent yourself, change the way you are doing things. And there is no better time for that than now. For your life to change, you need courage. Overcome your fears and be persistent, believe that you are capable, because I believe in Succenergy Course.

Succenergy Course | Activate your energy for success

I believe you have talents and skills that will make you grow from now on. Be bold, fill yourself with energy, and go out and fight to achieve your goals. I know you can do it.

You will learn 7 Succenergy Principles, and 10 Tips to Activate your Energy and Success.

But remember, this is not an easy Succenergy Course, It took years and years of personal development, seminars, courses, coaching, and hard work to reach success.

However, I can tell you this:  This is your decade, and you are a star, you are capable and you deserve Success. Start now to transform your life. Succenergy – Activate your energy, and discover all your success inside you.

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Tania Tome is a multifaceted speaker, executive coach, author, influencer, media personality, economist and entrepreneur, for speaking appearances worldwide, including virtual corporate events and meetings, retreats, seminars, workshops and more.


As founder and CEO of advisory and corporate firm Ecokaya, Tomé seeks nothing less than to change the world, and she’s doing it one workshop, one country at a time. She gave a TED Talk based on the development of her own inspirational coaching method, a leadership and motivational method and concept, Succenergy, which empowers people, entrepreneurs and leaders.


Succenergy, which is also the title of Tomé’s book, is used in various training, coaching, workshops and lectures given to companies and public and private organizations in numerous countries, including Uganda, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Rwanda, Swaziland, Mozambique and the United States. She was honored by Mipad New York as one of the 100 most influential people under the age of 40 of African descent.


Learning Points

    You will work with your coach to identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back from unlocking your Success.
    You will have access to 40 lessons that will allows you to dig deep into relevant topics to prepare your energy to succeed.
    (a) Conscience about your inner self, (b) Your spheres management (family, career, business, personal), (c) Succenergy 7 Principles (d) detox your mind, (e) Energy Management, (f) Train your motivation (G) Basic Finance (I) Tips to Activate your Success
    You will have practical exercises, game-changers exercises, and tasks to develop your soft skills
    Total of 4 Week 1h/Lives individual or in a group to follow up and support you.
    You will get promotional codes for your advance Succenergy training, or next coaching sessions with us. You will also be able to get a bonus for your family and friends.

  • Gift 2: GET your Promotional Code –
  • 50% Discount in your first Life Coaching Session
  • Schedule your introductory 45-minute coaching session with a Tania
  • Tome Results Coaching Specialist today!


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