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Creating a culture of diversity and inclusion in the workplace is not a one-and-done deal. It requires a continuous commitment from management and employees alike. In this course, Marcus Lemonis discusses where to start and how to maintain a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Diversity and Inclusion Online Course

As a young man, Marcus honed his entrepreneurial spirit while working at his family’s automotive dealership. By the age of 25, Marcus seized upon an opportunity to reshape the way recreational vehicles and outdoor equipment was sold.

Under his leadership and vision, Camping World would grow to become the Nation’s largest RV retailer and would make Marcus Lemonis one of the most successful businessmen in America.

But with each great success, the lessons of humility imparted by his mother have helped keep him grounded, reminding him that the true riches of life are found in giving back.

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In a world where business leaders are lauded for being cutthroat, Marcus does it all with heart and compassion for the people, process and product he aspires to elevate. But as with many success stories, his road has not always been an easy one.

If you or your client is looking for an interactive Business Executive Speaker to empower and motivate the audience, Marcus Lemonis has been professionally inspiring crowds through keynote addresses and fireside chats for almost a decade!

Course Modules

Why Diversity and Inclusion is Good for Business

10 mins

Being An Inclusive Workplace Culture

10 mins

Learn to create an inclusive workforce through diversity & inclusion initiatives, reducing turnover and boosting productivity & profits.

Your Guide To Hiring A More Diverse Staff

10 mins

Most big corporations have inclusivity and diversity programs. Is your small business missing out on a golden opportunity?

Successful Companies Are Diversified. Is Yours?

10 mins

Diverse employees add countless benefits to your team. Find out why that’s the case. Plus, our five tips for hiring the right people.

Learning Points

What You Will Learn

  • The Value of Having a Diverse Customer Base
  • How to Hire a More Diverse Workforce
  • The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace
  • Ways to Build an Inclusive Workplace Culture

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Marcus Lemonis

In a world where business leaders are lauded for being cutthroat, Marcus does it all with heart and compassion for the people, process and product he aspires to elevate. But as with many success stories, his road has not always been an easy one. If you or your client is looking for an interactive Business […]

  • Chicago, IL
  • Serial Entrepreneur

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