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Digital Futurist

Nick Jankel is a highly sought-after and accomplished international keynote speaker who inspires audiences across the globe to forge the future of the digital, disrupted, and damaged world by unlocking the power of transformation in leadership, innovation and change.

A purpose-driven entrepreneur since the age of 24, Nick initially made his name as an innovation guru behind the global launch of Xbox and the development of the most successful TV show of all time (Dancing with Stars / Strictly Come Dancing). But he realized, the hard way, that disruptive innovation inevitably fails if people do not have the leadership and change skills needed to land major transformations; and if org cultures and structures are not agile, adaptable, and resilient.

So he pivoted to focus on unlocking the power of transformation in leaders, teams, and organizations.

A Cambridge-educated medic, Nick develops highly-original thinking and powerful tools that inspire audiences to switch on and step up rather than freeze in uncertainty, fight change, and repeat what worked in the past. Using cutting-edge neuroscience amplified into beautiful imagery, Nick Jankel – Futurist inspires and motivates people with warmth and energy to leave behind old habits and beliefs to embrace the limitless opportunities of the Digital Age.

Nick Jankel | Digital Futurist

Nick can provide audience members with take-away transformation tools and include transformational experiences to start the change happening today. He customizes every talk with sector-relevant case studies, stories from the frontlines, and nuggets of neuroscience to deliver the ambitions of the event. He does not just illuminate what the future holds—from AI and blockchain to existential risks and generational disruption—but how audience members must change to forge the future they want to see.


An independent philosopher, Nick Jankel has been invited to speak at the prestigious Aspen Ideas Festival and SciFoo, an invite only event for leading scientists held by Google and the Nature science journal.


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Keynote Topics

Transformational Leadership In The VUCA World
Rapid change, uncertainty and complexity is driving Industrial-Age companies to fail. What got them here will not get them there. Nick Jankel explains how leaders can master themselves so they can turn constant change outside into exponential value – transforming processes, products and people at will.

The future exists in the present – as long as we know how to spot it and leverage it. Nick shows audiences how to use futuring tools to find where value lies in the future – so we can lead transformations in our systems that deliver exponential value in the present.

Leading In Uncertainty & Complexity
The world is becoming fundamentally uncertain and frighteningly complex. This lack of knowability hurts our brains in the same place as physical pain. Nick Jankel explains how to transcend our wiring to lead powerfully in our bewildering times.


Agility, Adaptability & “Transformational Teams”
Rapid change demands we must all be more agile with our ideas and behaviors. But fear, friction, groupthink and entrenched habits get in the way. 

Inspired employees are 125% more productive than satisfied ones. Nick Jankel explains how leaders can use purpose, empowerment, emotive communication, self-mastery and storytelling to inspire others to change, create and collaborate.


Purposeful Leadership & Business Purpose
How to unleash the creative engines of enterprise with business purpose and leadership to maximize impact and value; why purpose is so powerful and so welcomed by customers and employees; and how to define different forms of purpose.

  • Digital Transformation & “The Create & Control Organization”
    Digital age technologies and the 4th Industrial Revolution are forcing all organizations to transform inside and embrace distributed creativity and flatter leadership. Yet over 65% of all change programs fail. Nick explains how to master change and leverage emotions, mindsets and behavior to land digital transformation.
  • Influential Leadership, Persuasion & Storytelling
    Matrix organizations and complex markets mean that leaders must know how to grab attention and ensure alignment without recourse to command and control. Nick Jankel explains how to ethically use persuasion and storytelling to influence people – whether customers or employees – painting pictures of possibility that inspire hearts, elevate minds and invite immediate action.
  • Creative Leadership & Transformation
    Changes in the outside world threaten every organization with irrelevance. Nick shows leaders how to create value out of change through safe, controlled and conscious organizational ‘self-disruption’.
  • Collaborate Leadership & Co-Creation
    Collaboration can deliver more with less but usually ends up in a fiasco. Nick shows leaders how to build collaborative, cross-functional teams that deliver ambitious projects whilst avoiding conflict. Nick Jankel shares how to create the right conditions for collaboration so people contribute and share freely with trust and common purpose.
  • Resilience & Self-Mastery
    Employee overwhelm and stress is crushing the potential of even the greatest companies to do Business-As-Usual let alone be agile, adaptable and creative.
  • The Future of Work
    Attracting and retaining the most transformational talent is getting harder. AI and automation threaten to replace 50% of us in the decade. Rampant stress is reducing creativity and empowerment. Nick shows what is possible with the workplace and workforce of the future.
  • The Future of Business
    Digital age tech and the 4th Industrial Revolution are opening up limitless opportunities for exponential value creation. But Industrial-Age thinking about what business is and how it is done is holding companies back.
  • The Future of Cities, Health & Education
    The triple threat of digital technologies disrupted cultures and increasingly stressed systems are opening up opportunities for transformation in our cities, healthcare and education – with smart, scalable and sustainable solutions. 

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