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Joy Baldridge had her first speaking engagement was at the White House at the age of 19. She got there by cold calling the president. Joy Baldridge | Authentic Sales Leadership Joy is a Certified Speaking Professional, Certified Virtual Presenter, Certified Personnel Consultant, TEDx and globally renowned, virtual, and onsite event keynote speaker and facilitator, […]

Joy Baldridge had her first speaking engagement was at the White House at the age of 19. She got there by cold calling the president.

Joy is a Certified Speaking Professional, Certified Virtual Presenter, Certified Personnel Consultant, TEDx and globally renowned, virtual, and onsite event keynote speaker and facilitator, who has spoken from Boston to Bangkok, Denver to Dubai, Seattle to Singapore and Grand Rapids to Grand Cayman.

She is the author of 3 business books, most recently, The Joy in Business – Innovative Ideas to Find Positivity and Profit in Your Daily Work Life. In 2019 she made the 41 Top Motivational Speakers list along with Daymond John of Shark Tank and Author Simon Sinek. Her message is fresh and new, her energy captivating, insights inspiring and motivating.

Joy Baldridge has delivered over 2,500 virtual and in-person presentations for organizations and corporations including Google, KPMG, IBM, NBC, Rolling Stone, Citi, Skadden, Dentons, Architectural Digest, and Oprah Magazines, International Spa Association, Alexander Graham Bell Association, Yale University, The Jack Welch College of Business and Technology, SHRM, ANNA, ABA and AMA. She is the perfect kickoff speaker.

Joy shares innovative, actionable, invaluable tools and proven fresh ideas that all can quickly benefit from by applying to everyday challenges at work and in life.

Joy Baldridge | Authentic Sales Leadership

Her dynamic presentations are custom-designed and include:

Successfully Riding the Corona-Coaster Building and Sustaining Impactful Resilience and Wellness

Corona-Coaster (n.) The ups and downs of the pandemic.

How to successfully deal with the inevitable ups and downs in your day during COVID and beyond is what will be covered in this uplifting, engaging, energizing, and insightful keynote presentation.

There is still a lot of uncertainty out there, but when nothing is certain, anything is possible! This content-rich presentation from Joy Baldridge is custom-designed to meet your specific challenges head on to achieve the best possible results. You will learn, and leave with the following:



    • The key to being flexible and adaptable

    • How to build your own individual resiliency strategy

    • Making the connection between resiliency and academic performance success

    • Adapting well and recovering quickly when faced with adversity

    • Being more self-aware and self-monitored regarding wellness and stressors 

    • Planning specific ways to be and feel more connected to yourself and others

    • Achieving a renewed perspective, well-being, and way of life.

All who attend will leave with specific, proven, scientific practices they can immediately implement to build their own individual resiliency system to transform many old and existing habits into positive new ones.

Additional benefits from Joy Baldridge are: A renewed perspective on work and rest ratios, better clarity of thought and focused productivity, while feeling less anxiety and stress, and more control, and overall enjoyment, of your work and life.




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Keynote Topics

In this highly interactive, educational, and insightful session you will learn how to adapt well and recover quickly when faced with adversity, be more self-aware and self-monitored regarding stressors.


You will learn how to take time to step away from work and recharge and regroup by having freedom through boundaries.


Build your own individual resiliency strategy by making behavior shifts regarding exercise and sleep routines.


Take the resiliency assessment and apply the key coping mechanisms to feel connected to yourself and others, while achieving a renewed perspective, well-being and way of life.

How to Have Your Best Year Ever!ss Leadership

Secret Weapons Selling involves discovering innovative questions, listening intently and strategic aligning to close more sales sooner.


Joy Baldridge went out in the field with scores of top sales professionals from vast variety of industries and compiled insights and tangible takeaways you can immediately use to up your game and have your best year ever!


You can achieve more win/win outcomes as a direct result of this presentation. You will learn better ways to question, present, negotiate, and close more lucrative deals.


This is the perfect keynote for regional or national sales meetings or for new product kickoff events.


The secret is examining your current sales strategy and incorporating the Golden Nuggets or useful ideas from this energizing and engaging keynote.

“Can You Hear Me Now?”– Communication that gets results!  Enhance the comfort level, effectiveness and sophistication in the way you communicate. 


Take the edge off potentially awkward interpersonal interactions. 


Acquire new words to persuade.  In this dynamic session you will learn how to clearly get your message across and understand what is being communicated to you both verbally and nonverbally. 


There is nothing like clear communication to enhance productivity and foster good relationships internally and externally.

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