Erica Dhawan

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Talent Highlights

  • Digital Collaboration Expert: Erica Dhawan is a globally recognized expert on digital collaboration, specializing in strategies and tools that enable individuals and teams to effectively work together in the digital age. Her insights into harnessing technology to foster collaboration have been instrumental for organizations navigating remote work and distributed teams.
  • Bestselling Author: Dhawan is the author of bestselling books such as “Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence” and “Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance.” Her books offer practical frameworks and actionable advice for leveraging connectional intelligence and mastering digital communication in today’s interconnected world.
  • Keynote Speaker: As a sought-after keynote speaker, Erica Dhawan has graced prestigious stages around the world, captivating audiences with her dynamic presentations on collaboration, leadership, and communication. Her engaging speaking style, combined with deep expertise and real-world examples, inspires audiences to unlock their full potential in the digital landscape.
  • Consultant and Thought Leader: Dhawan’s consulting work spans across industries, where she partners with organizations to drive innovation, productivity, and growth through enhanced collaboration. As a thought leader, she has contributed to leading publications such as Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Fast Company, sharing her insights on the future of work and digital transformation.
  • Educator and Mentor: In addition to her professional endeavors, Erica Dhawan is committed to empowering the next generation of leaders. She serves as an educator and mentor, sharing her knowledge and expertise with aspiring professionals through workshops, mentorship programs, and academic collaborations. Dhawan’s passion for fostering talent underscores her dedication to shaping the future of work and collaboration.

Keynote Topics

The Power of Connectional Intelligence

Selling value in a 21st century marketplace demands a significant transformation in go-to-market strategies and a profound evolution in salespeople’s’ omni channel communication skills and competencies—where up to 70% of sales interactions are virtual-first. We no longer rely solely on the lean-in, handshake, and eye contact. Today, reading virtual cues carefully is the new listening and writing emails clearly is the new empathy.

Erica Dhawan, author of the WSJ bestselling books Get Big Things Done and Digital Body Language, is the go-to expert helping salespeople become superconnectors to decode the new signals and cues of prospects and customers by mastering the power of Connectional Intelligence.

In this keynote, learn the differences between the buyer’s brain during virtual interactions and in-person meetings, how to tackle the unconscious cognitive bias in both in-person and digital sales interactions, and how to elevate your presence and increase your level of influence using omnichannel communications. Salespeople will leave blown away by how to better connect with customers, build stronger relationships, and drive sales success in the modern age.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Decipher Digital and In-Person Body Language: Master the ability to read and respond to the subtle cues of your prospects and customers, both online and offline.
  • Optimize Omnichannel Communications: Embrace and effectively utilize a variety of communication channels, tailored to your prospects’ and customers’ digital and generational preferences.
  • Craft Personal and Emotional Experiences: Create compelling virtual experiences that keep prospects engaged and eager for more in-person and virtual interactions.
  • Balance Real-Time and Asynchronous Communication: Strategically use real-time interactions (live meetings, phone, video, chat) and asynchronous methods (email, text, social media) to maximize engagement and productivity.

Inspire Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

We used to think of leadership as constant hustle and grit – the leader that never slept, sent profits through the roof, and embodied the classic rags-to-riches story…

But this tired playbook doesn’t seem to work as well as it once did.

  • What changed? 
  • What makes a 21st century leader and a great team now?
  • Is it their ability to tell stories?
  • Their decision-making skills?
  • Their communication style?


The critical missing factor is Maniacal Clarity. This is when leaders give their teams exactly what they need to do their absolute best work and enable them to be empowered to influence anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Without it, even skilled, motivated and effective teams languish, with cross-team dysfunction, duplicative work, and unhealthy internal competition. Maniacal Clarity in our modern world delivers the ability to spark overarching optimism, inspirational imagination, continuous courage and fast focus.  


In her keynote, WSJ bestselling author and world-renowned speaker Erica Dhawan constructs a new framework for truly shifting minds and changing hearts, in the office, across any distance and with customers.

Based on years of research and advising the respected companies around the world, this keynote promises a ground-breaking look into the science, frameworks, and stories of how to inspire anyone, anytime, anywhere to deliver their best results.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Conduct your own clarity audit of your workplace and assess your own Maniacal Clarity habits
  • Learn the 4 foundations of Maniacal Clarity and how to bring it to everyone around you with optimism, imagination, courage and focus
  • Assess your strengths and opportunities to become a Maniacal Clarity change agent
  • Develop an action plan to inspire your teams, customers, and the world around you to drive performance, teamwork and innovation

Learn new insights and tools to accelerate the connected power of teams, become more agile and innovative, and drive breakthrough ideas and outcomes in a digital workplace.

We live in a world of endless meetings and emails and constant cross-team dysfunction, duplication and delays. Our collaboration skills aren’t working to unlock better value in our business.

As radical a concept as Emotional Intelligence was in the 90s, Connectional Intelligence is turning people into superconnectors who accelerate innovation, break down silos and foster breakthrough top and bottom line impact.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn successful tactics to address communication overload and create authentic digital and in-person relationships
  • Discover how to break down silos and keep teams aligned, accountable, and motivated beyond in-person meetings
  • Gain specific actions to foster loyalty, respect, collaboration and innovation across all stakeholder networks regardless of physical distance

Learn the new common sense rules of effective communication on digital teams across business silos, levels, backgrounds and regions.

We all leave a digital impression on each other. If someone doesn’t text back for hours or even days, do you think they are being rude? Is using an emoji or LOL unprofessional, or creating a human connection with your team? What impression does your boss, team, or colleague think of that kind of behavior?

Whether your team works on separate floors, buildings or even countries, they have to connect online in order to collaborate. These new misunderstandings are happening all day, every day. They’re reducing your employee engagement, morale, and team performance each time.

In this keynote, you will learn new rules and nuances of Digital Body Language, the new requirement to innovate faster and further together, led by collaboration expert Erica Dhawan.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand your collaboration style and what digital body language signals you are broadcasting (even if you don’t intend to!)
  • Create cultures of maniacal clarity in email, phone, IM, text, video mediums and even live meetings in the new normal
  • Develop a collaboration strategy to create the highest performing teams and relationships

Travels from:

  • Tampa, FL

Fee Range:

  • Fees* $20,001 - $35,000




Erica Dhawan stands at the forefront of 21st-century leadership, recognized globally as an authority on teamwork, collaboration, and innovation. With a remarkable blend of insight, expertise, and practical strategies, she guides organizations through the challenges and opportunities of our digital age. Named among the top 50 management thinkers in the world by Thinkers50, Erica Dhawan […]

Erica Dhawan stands at the forefront of 21st-century leadership, recognized globally as an authority on teamwork, collaboration, and innovation. With a remarkable blend of insight, expertise, and practical strategies, she guides organizations through the challenges and opportunities of our digital age. Named among the top 50 management thinkers in the world by Thinkers50, Erica Dhawan has cemented her reputation as a sought-after speaker, advisor, and author.

Erica Dhawan | Collaborate Innovation

Career Highlights:

Erica Dhawan’s journey to becoming a leading voice in modern leadership and collaboration is marked by numerous accomplishments and milestones. Her insights have been shaped by years of academic study, hands-on experience, and a commitment to understanding the evolving dynamics of teamwork and technology.

Having completed her undergraduate studies at Harvard University, Erica continued her academic pursuits at the MIT Sloan School of Management, where she earned her MBA. This educational foundation provided her with a deep understanding of both the human and technological aspects of organizational dynamics.

Throughout her career, Erica has held various leadership roles and advisory positions, allowing her to gain firsthand experience in navigating the complexities of modern workplaces. This practical experience, coupled with her academic background, has enriched her perspective and fueled her passion for helping organizations thrive in the digital age.

As the author of two bestselling books, Erica Dhawan has established herself as a thought leader in her field. Her first book, “Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence,” explores how individuals and organizations can leverage connectional intelligence to achieve their goals in an interconnected world. Drawing on extensive research and real-world examples, Erica presents actionable strategies for harnessing the collective power of networks.

Her second book, “Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance,” addresses the challenges of communication in virtual environments. In an era where remote work and digital collaboration are increasingly prevalent, Erica’s insights into digital body language are invaluable for fostering trust, understanding, and connection across distances.

Why Book Erica Dhawan through Speakers Inc:

Erica Dhawan’s expertise and thought leadership make her an exceptional choice for organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of the digital age. By booking Erica through Speakers Inc, clients gain access to:

  1. Cutting-Edge Insights: Erica Dhawan is at the forefront of research and innovation in teamwork, collaboration, and digital communication. Her presentations are informed by the latest trends, strategies, and best practices, ensuring that audiences receive the most relevant and actionable insights.
  2. Engaging Delivery: As a seasoned speaker and communicator, Erica captivates audiences with her dynamic delivery and engaging storytelling. Whether speaking to large conference audiences or intimate executive gatherings, she has a unique ability to connect with listeners and inspire them to take action.
  3. Customized Solutions: Recognizing that every organization is unique, Erica Dhawan tailors her presentations to meet the specific needs and objectives of each client. Whether addressing challenges related to remote work, team dynamics, or organizational culture, she offers practical solutions that drive results.
  4. Global Perspective: With a diverse background and international experience, Erica brings a global perspective to her work. She has worked with clients across industries and continents, gaining valuable insights into the cultural, technological, and economic factors shaping the future of work.
  5. Proven Track Record: Erica Dhawan’s reputation as a leading authority on teamwork and collaboration is backed by a track record of success. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, leading universities, and prestigious organizations around the world.

By booking Erica Dhawan through Speakers Inc, organizations can access world-class expertise and guidance to navigate the challenges of the digital age and drive sustainable success.


In an era defined by rapid technological advancement and unprecedented connectivity, the ability to collaborate effectively has never been more critical. Erica Dhawan stands at the forefront of this movement, offering invaluable insights and strategies to unlock the collective potential of teams and organizations.

Through her groundbreaking research, bestselling books, and engaging presentations, Erica has earned recognition as a leading authority on 21st-century teamwork and collaboration. Her ability to bridge the gap between human connection and digital innovation makes her a sought-after speaker and advisor for organizations around the world.

For those seeking to thrive in an increasingly digital world, Erica Dhawan offers a roadmap for success. By booking her through Speakers Inc, organizations can access cutting-edge insights, customized solutions, and a proven track record of excellence. With Erica Dhawan as a partner, organizations can navigate the complexities of the digital age with confidence and drive sustainable growth and innovation.

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