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Wolfgang Riebe | Motivational #1 Magician

Wolfgang Riebe
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About:  Wolfgang Riebe | Motivational #1 Magician

Wolfgang Riebe is the most successful South African magician in the history of the country. He is the first and only South African magician to have been invited to appear at Hollywood and invited back again, and has performed in over 86 countries world wide, from the USA to Russia and every major city in the world from Singapore to Istanbul.

As a corporate magician, Wolfgang Riebe is currently considered to be one of the top in the world, designing shows around company  launches and conferences.

Having now specialized in the corporate market and having become a self-made business man by the age of 28, simply by doing what he loves, Wolfgang took the next logical step in his career and developed a Motivational Talk which not only utilizes magic as a tool, but includes real life experiences, stories & anecdotes of his travels.

Such as surviving running aground near the North Pole; watching Krakatoa erupt; exploring the Ice Cap in Greenland; diving the Cayman Fault; walking with the penguins in the Antarctic; experiencing the Bermuda Triangle and sailing force 12 hurricane’s on the Atlantic. 

Through this very different, entertaining and unique talk, based on personal experience, he has been received with huge success and has changed the lives of thousands of people.

 Wolfgang Riebe | Motivational Magician

You need an iconic world leader that WILL change mindsets and has;

✔ the ability to capture an audience within the first few seconds
✔ universal up to date knowledge and skills
✔ the experience to entertain your audience, while still focusing on skill sharing
✔ an abundance of original material and life experiences
✔ intense authenticity, passion and walks the talk
✔ a unique combination of magic & motivation to cement the message


What’s Wolfgang Riebe secret? No complex financial terminology, or systems! It’s all about a basic, hands on approach to working smarter with your money, seeing opportunities when they arise and how to take advantage of them.

This talk is aimed at everyone, from student, to housewife, to executive. You don’t have to be business smart. 


Wolfgang Riebe has been honoured by the global speaking industry with his CSP of which less than 750 speakers in the world can say the same!

Who better to teach you these skills, than a man that speaks for a living!

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Travels from: Berlin, Germany

Race | Gender

  • Caucasian
  • Male


  • Motivational

Industry Specialities

  • Hybrid
  • In-Person
  • Virtual Speaker


  • Corporate Magician

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