Tom Turcich

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Talent Highlights

  • Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary journey of Tom Turcich, a man who accomplished what only nine others have ever achieved – he walked around the world.

  • Over seven years, Tom covered an astounding 28,000 miles across 38 countries beside his loyal canine companion, Savannah.

  • Motivated by the loss of his friend, Ann Marie, Tom made a life-altering decision to explore the world one step at a time.

  • From dense jungles to unforgiving deserts, Tom faced and conquered formidable adversity, but is set apart by his rare insights into the human condition.

  • Get ready for a keynote that ignites your potential, encourages you to embrace adventure, and unlocks your boundless resilience.

Keynote Topics

One man’s journey around the world will inspire you to start living your best life
Embark on a journey of few equals. Join Tom Turcich, only the tenth person to walk around the world, as he shares an adventure spanning seven years, twenty-eight thousand miles, and thirty-eight countries. After the loss of his close friend, Ann Marie, Tom resolved to make the most of life – one step at a time.

From dense jungles to unforgiving deserts, Tom’s mission to walk around the world forced him to confront adversity in its most formidable forms.

But this keynote isn’t just about an extraordinary physical feat. It delves deep into the very essence of what it means to live. Tom shares profound insights gained from his relentless pursuit of an answer to life’s most compelling question: “How to live?”

Unveiling the transformative concept of the circle of possibility, Tom explores how aligning actions with core values empowers individuals, companies, and nations to make informed decisions and find lasting purpose. From Costa Rica’s commitment to environmental sustainability to Barcelona’s innovative “superblocks,” learn how embracing constraints drives creativity, fuels growth, and reshapes our perception of obstacles.

With authenticity and passion, Tom connects with the audience, shares personal anecdotes, and invites them to reflect on their own journeys. Get ready to be moved, motivated, and energized as you learn the secrets to living a fulfilling and effective life. 



In this keynote program, you will learn:

  • Why defining your values leads to action
  • Why setting a flag narrows your focus
  • How constraints enable growth
  • Why consistency counters adversity
  • How embracing inconvenience builds resilience

Building Exceptional Resilience One Step at a Time

Only with remarkable resilience can we harness our greatest potential – utilizing constraints to drive growth, persisting where others falter, and tapping into unimagined creativity. Resilience isn’t something we’re born with, it’s built one step at a time.

How do we innovate when competition stagnates? How do we use adversity to drive creativity? How do we stay motivated when progress isn’t linear? And how do we create a culture that’s bold, supportive, and driven to reach new levels of growth?

By understanding the transformative concept of the “Circle of Possibility” we have the map to building unshakable resilience. From Costa Rica’s commitment to environmental sustainability to Barcelona’s innovative “superblocks” – examples of immense growth and creativity enabled by the “Circle of Possibility” abound.

In order to thrive in a world that is more competitive than ever we must be able to weather any storm – where others give up, we must grow.

As a keynote speaker and thought leader, I help individuals, leaders, and corporations construct a step-by-step map to reach whatever heights they desire.

By knowing your values, defining direction, and embracing constraints – unshakable resilience is within reach.


In this keynote program, you will learn:

  • Why defining your values leads to action
  • Why setting a flag narrows your focus
  • How constraints enable growth
  • Why consistency counters adversity
  • How embracing inconvenience builds resilience


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Fee Range:

  • Fees* $5,001 - $10,000




Tom Turcich is not just a keynote speaker; he’s a living testament to the power of human resilience, the spirit of adventure, and the boundless possibilities of the human experience. As the tenth person to walk around the world and the first to do so with a dog, Tom Turcich has captured the world’s imagination […]

Tom Turcich is not just a keynote speaker; he’s a living testament to the power of human resilience, the spirit of adventure, and the boundless possibilities of the human experience. As the tenth person to walk around the world and the first to do so with a dog, Tom Turcich has captured the world’s imagination with his remarkable journey. From the bustling streets of Istanbul to the tranquil beauty of the Kyrgyz mountains, Tom’s adventure spans seven years, twenty-eight thousand miles, and thirty-eight countries. But his journey is more than just a physical feat; it’s a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the transformative power of embracing life’s challenges head-on.

Tom Turcich | Inspiring Adventurer

The Journey Begins: A Quest for Meaning

Tom Turcich journey began not as a quest for fame or glory, but as a deeply personal response to tragedy. After the death of a close friend, Tom found himself grappling with the fragility of life and the fleeting nature of existence. Determined to make the most of his time on this earth, Tom resolved to embark on an adventure unlike any other.

On the eve of his twenty-sixth birthday, Tom stepped out his front door in New Jersey, USA, and began walking. With his loyal canine companion, Savannah, by his side, Tom set out to explore the world one step at a time. What followed was a journey of epic proportions, marked by moments of joy, sorrow, triumph, and self-discovery.

A Pilgrimage of the Soul: Embracing Diversity and Discovery

As Tom traversed the globe on foot, he found himself immersed in the rich tapestry of human experience. From the bustling streets of Istanbul to the serene shores of New Zealand, Tom encountered people from all walks of life, each with their own unique stories to tell. Along the way, he learned to embrace the diversity of the world and celebrate the bonds that unite us as a global community.

But Tom’s journey was not without its challenges. From navigating treacherous mountain passes to enduring scorching deserts and torrential rainstorms, Tom faced obstacles that would have tested the resolve of even the most seasoned adventurer. Yet through it all, he remained steadfast in his determination to press onward, fueled by the knowledge that every step brought him closer to his goal.

Triumph in the Face of Adversity: Lessons Learned on the Road

Throughout his journey, Tom Turcich encountered moments of profound insight and revelation. From the kindness of strangers to the beauty of the natural world, Tom discovered that true wealth lies not in material possessions, but in the richness of human connection and the wonders of the world around us.

But perhaps the greatest lesson Tom learned on his journey was the importance of resilience in the face of adversity. Time and time again, Tom was tested by the trials of the road, yet each challenge only served to strengthen his resolve and deepen his appreciation for the gift of life.

Inspiring Others: Why Event Planners Should Book Tom Turcich

Tom Turcich is more than just a keynote speaker; he’s a storyteller, an adventurer, and a beacon of hope for anyone who dares to dream big. With his captivating tales of life on the road, Tom has inspired audiences around the world to embrace the spirit of adventure and seize the opportunities that life has to offer.

Event planners who book Tom Turcich can expect an unforgettable experience that will leave their audience feeling inspired, uplifted, and ready to take on the world. Whether he’s sharing stories of his epic journey or imparting words of wisdom gleaned from a life lived on the road, Tom has a gift for connecting with audiences on a deeply personal level.

But perhaps the greatest reason to book Tom Turcich is the profound impact he has on those who hear his message. Through his extraordinary journey, Tom reminds us that no dream is too big, no challenge too daunting, and no obstacle too insurmountable. In a world filled with uncertainty and doubt, Tom Turcich offers a beacon of hope and a reminder that with courage, determination, and a little bit of faith, anything is possible.


In a world filled with noise and distraction, Tom Turcich stands out as a voice of clarity, wisdom, and inspiration. His remarkable journey around the world is a testament to the power of the human spirit and the endless possibilities that await those who dare to dream. Whether he’s sharing stories of adventure, imparting words of wisdom, or simply reminding us to embrace the journey of life, Tom Turcich’s message is one that resonates deeply with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. So why wait? Book Tom Turcich for your next event and embark on a journey of discovery, inspiration, and transformation unlike any other.

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