Bjorn Heyerdahl

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Tagline: Viking Environmentalist

Talent Highlights

  • Ancestral Legacy: Descendant of Viking lineage dating back to 812 AD, inheriting a spirit of exploration, resilience, and cultural exchange.
  • Environmental Advocate: Internationally recognized speaker and biospheric designer championing sustainable practices and regenerative solutions for a harmonious relationship with nature.
  • Humanitarian Commitment: Conscientious objector in apartheid-era South Africa, dedicated to promoting social justice, equality, and human rights globally.
  • Earth Charter Viking: Embraces the principles of the Earth Charter, advocating for respect for nature, intergenerational equity, and a more sustainable, peaceful world.
  • Dynamic Speaker: Engages audiences with a compelling personal narrative, offering insights and practical solutions on environmental, humanitarian, and development issues.

Keynote Topics

Bjørn Heyerdahl often talks about turning the Earth Charter principles into action. “We need backbone, ‘vikingness’, and an unapologetic drive to start the implementation and see this through.

We have an extremely ‘soft’ impulse to nurture and understand one another, but we must balance it with a strong drive to make things happen. We need to design and create the future we want.

Like the Vikings did.

We must stop apologizing and engage with those who are wittingly or unwittingly doing colossal damage to the planet. We must meet them with a loud voice and bring living, alternative models of sustainability into being.

This is the intention of the Midgard Expedition. This Viking is here to promote new ethics and a vision for a sustainable future.

“There is a Viking Ship in every acorn.”

Bjørn Heyerdahl is more than just an explorer or environmentalist. He embodies the legacy of his lineage, stretching back to the iconic Viking era, and channels it into a modern narrative of sustainability, adventure, and humanitarianism. As an internationally recognized speaker and consultant, Bjørn Heyerdahl brings a unique blend of ancestral wisdom, personal grit, and […]

Bjørn Heyerdahl is more than just an explorer or environmentalist. He embodies the legacy of his lineage, stretching back to the iconic Viking era, and channels it into a modern narrative of sustainability, adventure, and humanitarianism. As an internationally recognized speaker and consultant, Bjørn Heyerdahl brings a unique blend of ancestral wisdom, personal grit, and contemporary insight to the forefront of discussions on environmental and developmental issues. This profile delves into his remarkable journey, heritage, and the invaluable perspective he offers as a speaker.

Bjørn Heyerdahl | Explorer Environmentalist

Ancestral Legacy

Bjørn Heyerdahl’s lineage traces back to the fierce Norse seafarers, the Vikings, who roamed the seas over a millennium ago. His connection to this heritage is not merely historical; it’s a living testament to resilience, exploration, and the pursuit of knowledge. Dating back to 812 AD, his family’s legacy is intertwined with tales of adventure, discovery, and cultural exchange. However, it was his grandfather, Thor Heyerdahl, who etched their name into the annals of exploration history.

The Heyerdahl Legacy

Thor Heyerdahl’s name reverberates through the ages for his audacious Kon-Tiki Expedition in 1947. Venturing across the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean on a balsawood raft, he challenged conventional wisdom and demonstrated the potential of ancient seafaring techniques. This daring journey not only showcased the interconnectedness of humanity but also inspired future generations, including his grandson, Bjørn Heyerdahl, to push the boundaries of exploration and environmentalism.

Early Adventures

Inspired by his grandfather’s pioneering spirit, Bjørn Heyerdahl embarked on his own adventures from a young age. At just 18, he embarked on a challenging journey on foot, trekking 200 kilometers from Durban to Port Edward with nothing but a backpack. Enduring the elements, foraging for sustenance, and sleeping under the open sky, he embraced the ethos of self-reliance and resilience. This formative experience laid the groundwork for his future endeavors and instilled in him a deep-seated commitment to his principles.

Conscientious Objection and Activism

Bjørn Heyerdahl’s journey took a profound turn when he faced a moral dilemma in apartheid-era South Africa. Refusing to participate in a system that contradicted his beliefs, he conscientiously objected to conscription, risking his freedom for his convictions. This act of defiance underscored his unwavering commitment to justice, equality, and human rights. Despite the personal consequences, he remained steadfast, determined to uphold his principles in the face of adversity.

Environmental Advocacy

As an environmentalist and biospheric designer, Bjørn Heyerdahl is at the forefront of efforts to address pressing ecological challenges. Drawing upon his ancestral wisdom and contemporary knowledge, he advocates for sustainable practices that harmonize with the natural world. His innovative approach to biospheric design seeks to create regenerative systems that nurture both people and the planet. Through his work, he inspires individuals and organizations to adopt holistic solutions that prioritize environmental stewardship and community well-being.

Humanitarian Endeavors

Bjørn Heyerdahl’s commitment to humanitarian causes extends beyond environmentalism. As a consultant on humanitarian and development issues, he leverages his expertise to address socio-economic disparities and promote inclusive growth. Whether advocating for indigenous rights, supporting grassroots initiatives, or collaborating with international organizations, he remains dedicated to fostering positive change on a global scale. His holistic approach recognizes the interconnectedness of social, environmental, and economic factors, emphasizing the importance of collaborative action and solidarity.

The Earth Charter Viking

In embracing his Viking heritage, Bjørn Heyerdahl embodies the principles of the Earth Charter – a universal declaration of fundamental values for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful world. As an Earth Charter Viking, he champions the ethical principles of respect for nature, social justice, and intergenerational equity. His advocacy transcends borders, cultures, and generations, uniting diverse communities in pursuit of a shared vision for a more sustainable future. Through his words and actions, he empowers others to embrace their roles as stewards of the Earth and catalysts for positive change.

Why Event Planners Should Book Bjørn Heyerdahl through Speakers Inc

Event planners seeking a dynamic and insightful speaker on environmental, humanitarian, and development issues need look no further than Bjørn Heyerdahl. With a compelling personal narrative rooted in a rich ancestral legacy, he captivates audiences with his passion, authenticity, and depth of knowledge. Whether addressing corporate conferences, academic symposiums, or community gatherings, he delivers thought-provoking insights and practical solutions that resonate long after the event. As a consultant and advocate, he offers invaluable expertise and guidance for organizations seeking to navigate complex challenges and embrace sustainable practices. By booking Bjørn Heyerdahl through Speakers Inc, event planners can ensure a memorable and impactful experience that inspires action and fosters positive change.


Bjørn Heyerdahl’s journey from his Viking roots to his present-day advocacy is a testament to the enduring power of exploration, resilience, and conscience. As an Earth Charter Viking, he carries forward the legacy of his ancestors while charting a new course towards a more sustainable and equitable future. His voice resonates across continents and generations, inspiring individuals and communities to embrace their roles as custodians of the Earth and architects of positive change. Through his speaking engagements, consultations, and activism, he continues to shape the narrative of environmentalism, humanitarianism, and social justice, leaving an indelible mark on the world and inspiring others to follow in his footsteps.

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