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Thom Singer
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About:  Thom Singer | Authoritative Motivation

Seeking the keynote speaker for your corporate or association conference? Planning a company meeting and need a presenter with strong content from a keynote speaker with an engaging style?  Thom Singer is your next keynote speaker. His content will make your people think and take action (and he is fun and funny as a keynote speaker).

In a world consumed by digital shortcuts, creating meaningful influence in your business community matters more than ever before. Likes, links, shares and follows are not the answers to unlocking business potential. Human engagement is the key to success. Thom Singer is the best business keynote speaker for your event.

Not all speakers are the right choice for the keynote speaker. A data heavy technical presentation delivered by an industry expert is clearly important for most events, yet not necessarily for the keynote speaker. If a presenter is not an experienced public speaker, it can suck the energy out of the room in a New York Minute.

When seeking a keynote speaker some groups are focused on credentials, and forget that humans in their audience want more than an excel spreadsheet with pie charts. If the speaker has heavily detailed slides, which they mostly read, they are not a keynote speaker.

Thom Singer | Authoritative Motivation

The keynote speech, or plenary presentation, is a shared experience for all participants. The motivational speaker in this role sets the tone for the rest of the conference. Usually lasting 45 minutes to an hour, the keynote speaker will impact all aspects of the meeting.

This is not to say research and data are not important. All speeches need to have meaningful content. But a talk that is only about the data is not a keynote speech. A successful keynote usually is focused on one main topic. A keynote speaker does not dump data to show how smart they are or convey everything they have experienced and researched.. The best keynote speaker has a “key” point that they want to bring to the audience (a “key-note”). They anchor the message through their experience as a storytelling speaker.

Thom Singer brings decades of sales, marketing, and leadership experience to his keynote presentations. He is committed to making the keynote address interactive, content-rich, and fun. Thom combines action-oriented content with an entertaining storytelling style. His public speaking skills have been fine tuned in over 900 presentations to business and association audiences.

 Hire Thom Singer as your next conference keynote speaker. And if you are looking for something extra and unique, Thom can stay for your whole event and serve as your master of ceremonies / EmCee.

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