Adam Christing

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Talent Highlights

  • Engaging and Entertaining Presenter: Adam Christing captivates audiences with his unique blend of humor, leadership, and creative communication techniques, ensuring an engaging and entertaining experience for all.
  • Leadership Expertise: With a deep understanding of organizational dynamics and effective leadership practices, Adam delivers actionable insights that inspire positive change within organizations.
  • Prolific Author: Adam is a prolific author, with several books on leadership, humor, and personal development, serving as valuable resources for individuals and organizations alike.
  • Proven Track Record: Adam has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for clients across industries, showcasing his ability to tailor each presentation to meet specific objectives and audience needs.
  • Continuous Improvement: Committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and innovations, Adam continually seeks opportunities to refine his craft and deliver maximum value to his audiences.

Keynote Topics

In his motivational keynotes, Adam delivers:
First-class humor with a message tuned to their lives and your program goals.
Group interaction, unity, camaraderie, and a real sense of team.

Get ready for your group to feel engaged, entertained, and empowered.

In this inspiring (and FUN) program, Adam combines interactive magic with super-practical
takeaways for increasing productivity.

Unlock the 5 Secrets for personal and professional success.

MAGIC is a memorable acronym.

Mission: The power of working on purpose
Action: The magic of momentum
Giving: How to create extraordinary experiences for people
Imagination: Tap into the most remarkable human ability
Collaboration: The impact of what we can accomplish together

This keynote is perfect for celebrating your people, increasing team camaraderie, and boosting
personal productivity.

Meetings matter.

This keynote is based on Adam’s forthcoming book, We Got You: Gather Your People,
Galvanize Your Group, Grow Your Results. This message will super-charge your meeting and
inspire your attendees.
Discover . . .

  • How to bring your people together to rally around your org’s vision
  • How to stoke the potential and performance of your team
  • How to foster a healthy work environment while increasing productivity (even remotely!)

This presentation is full of useful takeaways that will propel your group toward a positive future.
Your team is better together.

Adam holds a degree in public and organizational communication. He has been ranked among
the top five entertaining speakers in North America. We Got You is based on his experience
with more than 4,000 audiences and hundreds of the most successful organizations in the

Unleash the power of your people!

Harness the power of positive humor!

Medical science has proven the truth of the old proverb, “Laughter is the best medicine.” This keynote will help your people feel more playful, powerful, and productive.

Adam will give your group the gift of laughter. And…
Your audience will learn a powerful formula to inspire both laughter and life-change:


Surprise: Delight people with unexpected moments they will long remember.
Magnify: Exaggerate situations and make problems feel fun (and manageable).
Inside Jokes: Create shared experiences that promote positive memories.
Language: Engage in the wonderful world of wordplay.
Echo: Unlock the power of the “call back.”

Adam blends interactive FUN with customized content to demonstrate how healthy humor can
enhance your work, relationships, and mental health.

Travels from:

  • Brevard, NC

Fee Range:

  • Fees* $20,001 - $35,000




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Adam Christing has earned his place among the elite in the realm of after-dinner and corporate speaking, consistently ranking within the top 5 in America. As highlighted by SUCCESS magazine, his entrepreneurial prowess has been recognized, cementing his status as one of the nation’s most successful young entrepreneurs. What sets Adam apart is his unparalleled […]

Adam Christing has earned his place among the elite in the realm of after-dinner and corporate speaking, consistently ranking within the top 5 in America. As highlighted by SUCCESS magazine, his entrepreneurial prowess has been recognized, cementing his status as one of the nation’s most successful young entrepreneurs. What sets Adam apart is his unparalleled blend of leadership, humor, and innovative communication techniques, making him a standout presenter in North America today. With a natural ability to unite audiences through laughter, Adam ensures an engaging and memorable experience for audiences of all sizes.

Adam Christing | Motivational Speaker

Background and Expertise:

Adam Christing’s journey into the world of speaking and entrepreneurship began with a vision to revolutionize the corporate speaking landscape. With a background in comedy and entertainment, Adam seamlessly integrates humor into his presentations, making complex topics accessible and enjoyable. Over the years, he has honed his craft, developing a deep understanding of audience dynamics and effective communication strategies.

Adam’s expertise extends beyond mere entertainment; he is a seasoned leader with a wealth of knowledge in organizational dynamics and effective leadership practices. Drawing from his own experiences as a leader, Adam delivers actionable insights that resonate with audiences and inspire positive change within organizations.

Beyond his speaking engagements, Adam Christing is a prolific author, having penned several books on leadership, humor, and personal development. His writings serve as valuable resources for individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their leadership skills and foster a culture of creativity and innovation.

With a diverse client portfolio spanning across industries, Adam has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for his clients. His ability to tailor each presentation to meet the specific needs and objectives of his clients sets him apart as a sought-after speaker in the corporate world.

Adam’s dedication to continuous improvement is evident in his commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and innovations. Whether through attending workshops, participating in professional development programs, or collaborating with thought leaders, Adam consistently seeks opportunities to refine his craft and deliver maximum value to his audiences.

Why Event Planners Should Book Adam Christing:

Event planners seeking to elevate their events and leave a lasting impression on their audiences should look no further than Adam Christing. With his unique blend of humor, leadership insights, and creative communication techniques, Adam guarantees an engaging and unforgettable experience for attendees. His ability to connect with diverse audiences ensures that every event is tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of the client, resulting in a memorable and impactful presentation.

Why Book Through Speakers Inc:

Booking Adam Christing through Speakers Inc ensures a seamless and stress-free experience for event planners. With Speakers Inc’s extensive network and industry expertise, event planners can trust that they are working with a reputable agency dedicated to connecting them with top-tier talent like Adam. From initial inquiry to event execution, Speakers Inc handles all aspects of the booking process, allowing event planners to focus on delivering a successful event that exceeds expectations.


In conclusion, Adam Christing stands out as a dynamic and engaging speaker who brings a unique blend of humor, leadership, and creativity to every presentation. With a proven track record of success and a passion for making a positive impact, Adam is the ideal choice for event planners seeking to elevate their events and leave a lasting impression on their audiences. Whether delivering keynote addresses, facilitating workshops, or emceeing events, Adam’s infectious energy and insightful content ensure an unforgettable experience for all. Book Adam Christing through Speakers Inc today and take your event to the next level!

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