Steve Rodgers

  • San Diego, CA
  • Range USD 5,001 - 10,000

Tagline: Spiritual Business Activist

Talent Highlights

  • Helping businesses and people grow, find more abundance, and generate higher profits while staying focused on actualizing a higher purpose and meaning in and through their business. 
  • Steve is known for uplifting thousands of audiences with powerful messages on Servant Leadership, Spiritual Entrepreneurship, Managerial Mastery, the Key Drivers to Scaling Success, and much more.
  • Every lesson Steve teaches has been successfully tested over decades on multiple business platforms including Berkshire Hathaway, Prudential, and at the International Rotary Convention to ensure that your audience experiences a lasting personal and professional transformation.
  • There is a blueprint to increased revenues and profits, deeper customer connections, and stronger community impact – you just have to find it!

  • Using the IGI process and the right chemistry, we will create a unique formula just for you and your path to success.

Business and lifestyle consultant, as well as number one bestselling author, Steve Rodgers has a knack for bringing out the best in people. As he sees it, “I am a leader helping others discover, maximize, and increase their highest good and purpose in life and business.” Steve’s sense of commitment is strikingly evident in the […]

Business and lifestyle consultant, as well as number one bestselling author, Steve Rodgers has a knack for bringing out the best in people.

As he sees it, “I am a leader helping others discover, maximize, and increase their highest good and purpose in life and business.” Steve’s sense of commitment is strikingly evident in the business sphere. Embracing challenges big and small, he consistently finds a way to maximize the inner workings of companies.

But you needn’t be a powerhouse business to share in the good fortune. Many a first-time entrepreneur has discovered the road to success thanks to Steve’s rock-solid guidance.

Every positive impact he makes is a windfall from his overriding goal: find the best ways for companies or individuals to increase their happiness and fulfillment on all levels. A passion for nurturing success always has been Stephen D Rodgers hallmark.

While he was CEO/President of San Diego’s Real Living Lifestyles Real Estate franchise, his inspiration helped ignite the company’s phenomenal growth.

Steve Rodgers also served as President and CEO of Prudential California Realty. A division of Berkshire Hathaway affiliate Home Services America, Prudential California had generated over $25 billion in sales at its peak. Steve was a major force guiding the company and its 4,600 agents to this milestone.

Steve Rodgers | Business Strategy Speaker

Steve started with Berkshire Hathaway as a branch manager, rising to the CEO position in only 14 years. During this period, he participated in various meetings, events and social functions with Warren Buffet and the numerous associates and high-caliber leaders that form his inner circle.

When not inspiring and motivating others, Steve enjoys giving back to both the business and civic communities. Stephen D Rodgers has served on several National Association of Realtors committees, as well as the boards of various title, escrow, and mortgage companies. On the civic side, he contributes year-round to schools, charities, community events, and many other worthy causes.

In 2009, the North San Diego Chamber of Commerce named him Corporate Citizen of the Year. An accomplished speaker, Steve has shared the stage with a diversity of acclaimed leaders such as noted author and Fortune 500 International coach Marshall Goldsmith, and Allan Dalton, the former CEO of

The esteemed list also includes John Assaraf, Brian Tracy, Greg Reid, and Mark Victor Hansen, all of whom have distinguished themselves as authors, speakers, thought leaders, and filmmakers. Steve Rodgers is happily married with two grown children and several grandchildren.

Along with a robust family life, he enjoys a wide range of interests such as traveling, boating, yoga, kung fu, the arts, films, and biking. When adventure calls, his answer is a day of skydiving or white water rafting. Steve Rodgers rounds out his business and personal life with an unwavering commitment to spiritual development and inner growth.

To that end, he is a devoted practitioner of meditation, yoga, and kung fu.

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Keynote Topics

A talk on how leaders can overcome any obstacle and turn challenges into great opportunities, creating the mindset and attitude that will help you thrive in any environment.

Steve covers how to get the most value out of your current business skills and assets while discovering how to leverage what holds us back.

Participants learn how to transform challenges into valuable assets that propel you and your team to the next level.

Finally, Stephen D Rodgers discusses how to create your own formula that helps lead others to even greater success. Learning this formula opens up unlimited possibilities within your leader’s ability, desires, and confidence!

This talk focuses on what inspires and drives sales teams to their highest potential, both individually and as a team. Salespeople are the lifeblood of any organization.

Understanding how to keep them inspired, engaged, productive, and evolving to their highest potential serves them and the organization. Mindset, confidence, finely-tuned skills, accountability, and reward are just a few of the many items in the formula that can lead to long-lasting and record-breaking sales teams.

Stephen D Rodgers has hired and trained thousands of salespeople over the years, so he has come to uniquely understand how to get them to overcome their deepest fears and roadblocks and unleash their greatest gold within themselves.

In turn, this creates increased performance, raving customers, and higher sales. It will also lead to longer-term relationships and cut down on the high turnover many companies experience.

This is truly a win-win that can benefit everyone involved for their own highest good!

We all know attracting customers and keeping them engaged and happy is key to the success of our businesses.

In this talk, Steve explores how to better communicate and engage with your customers through all of your communication points.

Whether it is the front desk, administration, sales, or customer service departments – everyone must take responsibility in their role in keeping the client happy, satisfied, and raving about all that you do. .

We all have fear; it is within each and every one of us at any given time. Anyone who tells you they are not afraid is either in denial or lying (probably out of fear!).

This from Stephen D Rodgers talk explores the origin of fear and how it can affect us in every area of our life, be it professional or personal.



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