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About:  Simon Harrop

Simon Harrop is an innovative marketing expert who pioneered the idea of using the senses to create powerful marketing messages.

He created the company Brand Sense -global experts in multi-sensory brand marketing- working with leading global companies like British Airways, P&G and General Motors.

Simon Harrop is the man behind Brand Sense, specialising in sensory retail, space consultancy and product development.

Simon Harrop | Brand Sense Expert

Before establishing the company he worked in a variety of marketing roles which led him to the breakthrough idea that the power of smell could be harnessed to create strong emotional connections between a consumer and a brand.

He formed The Aroma Company in 1993 offering brand development and promotion through the sense of smell.

Today, Sensory Branding is used across the globe by companies such as Nestle, McDonalds, Unilever, and Glaxo Smith Kline.

Simon Harrop is also a regular speaker, panel guest and contributor on the international marketing conference circuit. He has spoken at events such as Marketing Week Live, Retail Interiors, Experience in New York, The World Perfumery Congress, TED and more.

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Keynote Topics

We all know that the best brands engage with consumers emotionally. We also know that the sense of smell is a powerful gateway into the emotions, cutting through all the visual and digital clutter in our modern lives.


I won’t go into the science here but we often have fun exploring these basic facts and what they mean for your brand in the sensory brand workshops that I run for clients.


Many brands – across all categories and sectors – now realise the power of a signature brand fragrance to create those emotionally charged moments with their customers, across all kinds of branded touch-points (not just for retail).


Brand signature fragrances help to enhance customer experience and drive brand recall, loyalty and sales. We have lots of data to support these claims.


In the 25 years that I have been working with brands globally to exploit this potential, I have isolated 4 basic principles that you should consider


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