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Scott Klososky has lived on the leading edge of technology innovation and its impact on the business world and society in general. He is recognized globally for his unique ability to accurately predict future digital trends and provide the logic behind why they will alter the current status quo. Scott has the ability to entertain, […]

Scott Klososky has lived on the leading edge of technology innovation and its impact on the business world and society in general.

He is recognized globally for his unique ability to accurately predict future digital trends and provide the logic behind why they will alter the current status quo.

Scott has the ability to entertain, inspire and enlighten audiences while also translating difficult to understand technology topics. He is known for architecting each presentation specifically for the audience, and with the very latest information available.

Topics include content such as the importance of organizational digital maturity, leading through the Digital Transformation, cybersecurity, machine intelligence, data intelligence, trendspotting, digital marketing, and best practices for digital governance.

Scott Klososky is equally adept at giving large stage keynotes, speaking to small boards of directors, facilitating half and full day workshops, and doing break-out sessions.

Scott Klososky | Social Technologies Futurist

His topics often create many questions and he enjoys being interactive with audiences when appropriate. The best measure of his ability to inspire and inform audiences is the high percentage of speaking clients who bring him back for follow on work with their audiences.


Scott is the founder of numerous successful technology startup companies, and this has helped him gain a unique perspective into technology’s impact on industry and humanity. He is not just an observer of digital trends, he has routinely invested in his future visions with a great track record of success.

This unique perspective and future vision have allowed Scott to travel the globe as a speaker, consultant, and author. He works with senior executives in organizations ranging from the Fortune 500 to universities, nonprofits, and countless professional associations and coalitions.

As a technology entrepreneur, he also continually works in the trenches of building his own companies.

Scott Klososky is the founding partner of Future Point of View (FPOV), a digital strategy firm based in Oklahoma City. FPOV focuses on architecting world-class digital strategies, and in the process helps clients to raise revenue, lower costs and become leaders in their industry.

Scott Klososky is a renowned expert in the field of social technologies and their impact on business and society. He is a sought-after speaker, author, and consultant who helps organizations understand and leverage the power of technology to drive innovation, growth, and transformation.

With over three decades of experience in the technology industry, Klososky has a deep understanding of the digital landscape and its rapid evolution. He has a unique ability to explain complex technological concepts in a relatable and accessible manner, making him an effective communicator and educator.

Klososky emphasizes the importance of embracing emerging technologies and leveraging them strategically to gain a competitive edge. He believes that social technologies, including social media platforms, collaborative tools, and other digital communication channels, have revolutionized the way individuals and organizations interact and conduct business.

As an expert in social technologies, Klososky focuses on their potential to transform various aspects of society, including leadership, marketing, customer service, and employee engagement.

Scott Klososky helps organizations navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age, providing insights on how to adapt and thrive in an increasingly interconnected and fast-paced world.

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Keynote Topics

What if you knew exactly what each of your constituents (customers, members, patients, vendors, employees etc) REALLY wanted? Would that help you develop customer loyalty? If you could anticipate what each person wanted from you before they told you, how would knowing that change your approach?


Through use of big data and digital connections, you can individualize relationships with any client or prospect you value.


A hot topic in marketing today is “hyper-personalization.” This is the process of gathering a deep level of information on your constituents and then using that information to create loyal and valued relationships.


This goes way beyond installing a CRM system!


Scott has been on the vanguard of digital marketing techniques since digital marketing was born. In this session, he combines his custom knowledge of your industry and digital marketing savvy to show attendees several new methods for driving business.


This includes using the process of “mapping the customer journey” to detail every touchpoint in relationships and how either a human or technology connection can be used to create a fantastic experience.


As a special bonus, Scott can provide sample templates and tools that are used to complete these processes, so attendees can create a strategic plan for their organization.


Learning Objectives & Take-Aways


Build relationship journey maps inside your organization that detail every touch point of engagement
Develop hyper-personalization within your own engagement efforts
Create a robust digital revenue engine to tie your efforts together and work toward building a more effective customer journey
Discover how to get your customers talking about their experience with you to their networks
Find the correct HUMALOGY® balance throughout your entire customer experience strategy
Harness the enormous amount of data potentially available through customers’ mobile devices to serve them in unbelievable ways
Discover how smart devices and the Internet of Things will produce a seismic shift in the way you serve customers
Technology tips and tricks to drive revenue

Best Audience
C-Suite Executives, Business Side leaders, Marketing Executives, Sales Managers, Salespeople, Customer Care Professionals

How are people integrating with technology and will it create a utopic or dystopic future?

A recent study shows the average age a child first sees porn is eight years old. Pause for a beat and consider the impact of that statement and know that there are many more startling facts that surround the way technology is integrating into every aspect of our personal and professional lives.


Among the millions of utopian joys gained from the internet we also find ourselves enduring much that is dystopian. The concepts discussed in Scott’s most recent book, Did God Create the Internet? The Impact of Technology on Humanity, are the backbone of this thought-leading keynote.


One of the most speculated questions people (especially parents) have about technology is how it will impact us as a species over time.


Will all these new digital tools be good or bad for us as a species?
What is technology doing to us today?
Are we going to be happier?
Work longer and harder, or less?
Will we have less privacy?
Will younger generations lose capabilities that older generations had, or will our young people be much more powerful than their predecessors?
Scott weaves together technology and philosophy into a thought-provoking talk that is sure to be mind expanding. There is a lot of flexibility to deliver content that is futuristic or relevant today.


The tone can be conversational and filled with stories, or a serious call to action to make better decisions about boundaries with digital tools. (Despite the title of Scott’s book, this talk is not religious in nature.)

The Rise of Machines
The rise of machines is both exciting and scary for some people. It shouldn’t be “scary” and the more you learn about the subject, the more exciting it is.


Machine Intelligence is poised to dramatically reshape all organizations and industries. It will give organizations better insight into their constituent outreach and back office processes while allowing them to run smarter and leaner.


Scott will cover the Machine Intelligence Ecosystem – Robotics, Smart Sensors, Cognitive Computing, AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.


We are in an era when technology is systematically integrating more and more into our lives. He will show how MI is changing your industry and things leaders need to know about it.


Plus, does every leadership team within an organization need to build a Machine Intelligence strategy? Scott will give his insights on that and more in the fascinating topic.

  • AI Enhanced Selling
  • Map Your Organization’s Relationship Journey

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