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Peter Himmelman – Leadership is an Emmy and Grammy-nominated musician and songwriter, Himmelman’s distinguished career spans four decades.

As the author of the best-selling book, Let Me Out!, and founder of the creativity consultancy, Big Muse, Peter Himmelman channels his experience as a working artist to help corporate teams and senior executives transform their approaches to innovation, experimentation, and teamwork.

Himmelman engages your team in an interactive experience that will leave everyone more trusting, self-confident, and connected, generating a lasting effect that echoes beyond anyone workshop or keynote.

With timeless albums like This Father’s Day and From Strength to Strength, Peter Himmelman won a permanent place in the hearts of countless rock fans. Now, the Grammy and Emmy-nominated musician channels his decades of experience in the creative arts to help companies build trust and resilience across their organization, fostering teams that are stronger, more innovative, and more engaged.

Peter Himmelman is the founder of Big Muse, a creative consultancy whose clients include the Gap, Adobe, McDonald’s, and other Fortune 500s. He’s delivered his interactive programs to senior executives and students at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. His critically acclaimed book, Let Me Out, systemizes and simplifies the often arduous challenge of turning an idea into a reality.

Peter Himmelman first came into the public eye as the frontman for the Minneapolis rock ‘n’ roll band, Sussman Lawrence. In the 1980s, he launched a successful solo career, earning a reputation as “rock’s most imaginative performer.”

A committed family man and father of four, Himmelman limited his time touring in order to be with his family and eventually took a 9-to-5 job composing television scores so that he could spend more time at home. He wrote the soundtrack for the highly popular drama Bones for four seasons and received numerous accolades for his work on the series Judging Amy, including an Emmy nod for his song, “The Best Kind of Answer.”

In addition to helping corporate teams across the U.S. access and unleash their own creativity, Peter Himmelman continues to write and perform new music. His insights on innovation have been published in ForbesTime, and the Huffington Post.

Peter Himmelman | Leadership Speaker

Boosting your organization’s innovation and productivity isn’t about “making your people more creative.” It’s about making an environment where your people feel free to exercise their natural creativity.

Musician and innovation expert, Peter Himmelman engages your team in an interactive experience that will leave everyone more trusting, self-confident, and connected – the very dynamic needed to foster new ideas and growth.

With over ten years of experience creating in a corporate environment, Peter Himmelman has a firsthand understanding of common constraints to creativity and growth as well as how to overcome them. Since founding Big Muse in 2011, he’s helped organizations like Adobe, 20th Century FOX, and the Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute implement his methods hands-on, generating a lasting effect that echoes beyond anyone workshop or keynote.

Peter Himmelman’s Speech Descriptions

Teams In Perfect Harmony: Creative Collaboration
Learn to develop an instant trust that will make your team powerfully co-creative.
You need four things to grow your business.
• Better creativity
• Better processes
• Better solutions
• Better products

The glue that holds any team together and allows these things to happen is trust. It’s trust alone that reduces fear and allows teams to become co-creative.

Amping Up Innovation: Silencing Marv The Inner Critic
MARV: Majorly Afraid of Revealing Vulnerability®.

If you’re human, you’re already well acquainted with MARV. He’s the voice of fear in all of us. We know from experience that Marv works too hard. He’s terrified of failure, shame and vulnerability. As our internal-critic, Marv’s job is to protect us from those “awful things”. (And he takes his job seriously!)

When Marv offers us his negative judgment, he’s only trying to help. But in doing so he stymies our growth and creativity. Taming him will lead your organization to greater competitiveness, adaptability to rapid change, and to greater productivity overall.

Developing Effective Leaders
It’s axiomatic; if you can’t self-reflect, you can’t know yourself. If you can’t know yourself you can’t lead your own growth. If you can’t lead your own growth you can’t lead others. Learn to take control of your career and your life, so both you and your teams can perform better and lead more fulfilling lives.

You may have read the studies, they’re everywhere; the ones that say that employee disengagement is at an all-time high —around 70% internationally. That means that 70% percent of your people are just phoning it in. Those same studies point out a figure that’s even more disturbing; 20% of that 70% are actually working against the goals of your company, they are conspiring against precisely what you are working towards.

Peter Himmelman – Leadership feels strongly that disengagement at that level comes about when people sense the company they are working for does not have strong values. They become dissatisfied when they think the only mission statement is to shore up the bottom line. While keeping numbers up should be a priority, if that’s all your company stands for in the minds of your employees, it’s going to be nigh on impossible to keep them around for long. As human beings, we are motivated far more by a sense of purpose than we are by simply filling our personal coffers.

Increasing Employee Engagement
Experimentation is a necessary part of your path to success. Learn to treat it as a positive experience so that it becomes a catalyst, rather than an inhibitor to personal and professional growth.

Without the ability to try new things, employees become bored, and their boredom invariably leads to frustration. That frustration leads them to either, look for another job, or stick around to become a member of the aforementioned, 70% disengagement club, (or worse, the 20% company saboteur club)!

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