Managing New Managers

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Managing new managers comes with a unique set of challenges. Even the most outstanding individual contributor can struggle as they unpack their new role and tackle their increased responsibilities.

Managing New Managers

In this course, learn how to support and inspire new leaders as they make this critical transition.

Leadership expert Sara Canaday shows how to identify the unique perspectives and challenges of your new managers, set the expectations for their transition, provide coaching and support, and cultivate the right conditions to help them succeed.

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Sara Canaday, Leadership Development Expert, Speaker and Author and is a recognized expert and author in leadership and career management who helps arm professionals with the strategies and practices they need to succeed in today’s complex and competitive business climate.

She partners with Fortune 500 companies who are committed to helping their employees strengthen their leadership skills, improve business relationships, and enhance their performance. 

Course Modules

Manage new managers successfully

  • Three common challenges for new managers
  • Chapter Quiz

  • Create a new manager success strategy
  • Three ways new managers can communicate effectively
  • Chapter Quiz

  • Provide coaching and development for new managers
  • Set the right example for new managers
  • Chapter Quiz

  • Continue your growth as a leader

Learning Points

  • Intermediate: 20m 20s
  • Average rating 4.7 out of 5: (493total ratings)
  • learners: 309,914

  • Analyze the common challenges for new managers.
  • Distinguish when to use the five transition strategies.
  • Describe how best to communicate with an emphasis on relationships and professional growth.
  • Explain the role of the manager as a coach.
  • Articulate the purpose of modeling behaviors for new managers.

Instructor Speaking Profiles

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Sara Canaday

Sara Canaday is a distinguished figure in the realm of leadership development, renowned for her insightful guidance and practical strategies aimed at empowering professionals to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape. As a seasoned speaker, author, and thought leader, Sara brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her engagements, inspiring audiences to […]

  • Austin, TX

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