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Talent Highlights

  • Nick has stories about his journey with dealing with his medical condition and inspiring others with his story.
  • Nick’s keynote are loved by individuals that want to overcome adversity in there day-to-day lives.

Nick Santonastasso is a medical miracle. Not only is he one of four people with the rare genetic condition, Hanhart Syndrome, the inspirational keynote speaker is an internationally known bodybuilder and fitness model—despite missing both his legs and one arm since birth. Nick did the unthinkable when he became a varsity wrestler in high school. […]

Nick Santonastasso is a medical miracle. Not only is he one of four people with the rare genetic condition, Hanhart Syndrome, the inspirational keynote speaker is an internationally known bodybuilder and fitness model—despite missing both his legs and one arm since birth.

Nick did the unthinkable when he became a varsity wrestler in high school. At the same time, he rose to Vine stardom, sharing his life and thoughts on acceptance, positivity, and pushing your limits with millions, gaining the admiration of A-list celebrities, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Tony Robbins, and Ed Mylett.

A powerful keynote speaker, Nick’s passion for helping others shines through as he takes his message to schools, universities, and Fortune 500’s.

Nick Santonastasso is not your typical inspirational speaker. Born with a rare condition known as Hanhart syndrome, he entered the world with only one arm, no legs, and a heart that radiated resilience and determination. Overcoming his physical challenges, Nick has become a powerful advocate for embracing adversity, conquering limitations, and unlocking the potential within us all.

Growing up, Nick encountered the stares, the questions, and the curiosity of others regarding his unique appearance. However, instead of succumbing to negativity or self-pity, he decided to view his differences as opportunities. His parents played a crucial role in instilling this positive mindset, always encouraging him to focus on what he could do rather than dwelling on what he couldn’t.

Nick Santonastasso | Inspirational Speaker

Overcoming Adversity

Nick’s journey to becoming an inspirational speaker was not without its trials and tribulations. As a teenager, he struggled with self-confidence and self-acceptance. He faced moments of doubt and frustration, wondering if he could ever lead a fulfilling life. However, his determination to conquer adversity led him to the path of self-discovery and personal growth.

One pivotal moment in Nick’s life was discovering the story of Nick Vujicic, a motivational speaker born with no limbs. Vujicic’s story of triumph over adversity inspired Nick Santonastasso to embark on his own journey of self-improvement. He began working on his physical fitness, building strength and endurance. Simultaneously, he cultivated a mindset of resilience and positivity.

Becoming a Social Media Sensation

Nick’s remarkable transformation did not go unnoticed. He gained recognition on social media platforms, particularly Vine and Instagram, where he shared videos and photos documenting his fitness routines, daily life, and humorous take on his unique situation. Nick’s sense of humor and positive attitude endeared him to a rapidly growing online audience.

His “zombie pranks,” where he dressed as a zombie and scared unsuspecting people, went viral, amassing millions of views. This newfound fame allowed him to spread his message of resilience and empowerment to a global audience.

Motivational Speaking Career

Nick Santonastasso journey from a self-conscious teenager to a social media sensation naturally led him to the world of motivational speaking. Recognizing the potential of his story to inspire and uplift others, he began speaking at schools, conferences, and events.

His captivating speeches touch on a range of themes:

Embracing Adversity: Nick’s personal journey serves as a testament to the power of resilience and a positive mindset in overcoming adversity.
Self-acceptance: He encourages individuals to embrace their uniqueness and see their differences as strengths rather than weaknesses.
Empowerment: Nick’s message is one of empowerment, reminding his audience that they have the ability to overcome any obstacle and achieve their goals.
Perseverance: Through his own experiences, Nick exemplifies the importance of perseverance and determination in achieving success.
Anti-bullying: Nick is a vocal advocate against bullying, sharing his story to raise awareness and inspire change.
Impact and Legacy

Nick Santonastasso’s impact as an inspirational speaker is immeasurable. He has touched the lives of countless individuals, both young and old, by showing them that adversity can be the catalyst for personal growth and transformation. His authenticity and sense of humor create an immediate connection with his audience, making his messages all the more powerful.

Nick’s speaking engagements continue to inspire and motivate people to overcome their own challenges, face adversity head-on, and believe in their potential. He reminds us all that limitations are often self-imposed and that the human spirit is capable of extraordinary resilience.

In addition to his speaking career, Nick Santonastasso remains an influential figure on social media, where he continues to share his journey, fitness routines, and motivational insights. He actively engages with his followers, creating a sense of community and support for those seeking inspiration.


Nick Santonastasso is not just an inspirational speaker; he is a living testament to the indomitable human spirit. Born with profound physical challenges, he has transformed his life into a beacon of hope and empowerment for others facing adversity.

Through his remarkable journey, resilience, and motivational messages, Nick encourages individuals to break free from self-imposed limitations and embrace the boundless possibilities that life has to offer. In a world where obstacles may seem insurmountable, Nick Santonastasso shines as a living testament to the power of determination, positivity, and the unwavering belief that greatness resides within us all.

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Keynote Topics

Annihilate Excuses to Effortlessly Dominate Your Goals

Never say you can’t, ask how you can. With this in mind, Nick Santonastasso provides audiences with strategies, frameworks, tools and systems from the top achievers in the world.

He teaches professionals how to be better leaders and perform at their optimal level by annihilating excuses and becoming victors of their own life. 

In this power-packed talk, Nick shares his step-by-step approach to become a better leader, gain more confidence, improve your finances, improve your health, and find out your true life purpose to have fulfillment and make more of an impact.

Nick is living proof that no matter what life has dealt you, you can still take charge and play your hand to the best of your ability.

Sharing his remarkable life story, he shows you how some of your biggest challenges can become your biggest breakthroughs.

Even in your most dire moments when you feel like you can’t go on, YOU have the power to improve yourself, learn new skills, and tackle your greatest struggles.

Whether you want to boost your sales skills, get in shape, live a happy life, or be a great parent, YOU have the power of choice to acquire those skills.

There will always be people who say you “can’t” do something. When Nick decided to become a wrestler in high school, people laughed at him asking him how he was going to become a wrestler with only one arm and no legs.

His response: he set the bar higher and became a varsity wrestler who packed auditoriums and inspired thousands of complete strangers.

This story is just one example of Nick’s attitude on life, or as he puts it: “The biggest motivational speech that you can give me, is telling me that I can’t do something.”

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