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Michael Wigge

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  • Fees: 10,001 - 20,000
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About:  Michael Wigge

Michael Wigge is a motivational speaker who is known for his ability to turn conferences into memorable events. With his unique blend of adventure storytelling, encouragement to leave one’s comfort zone, and international perspective, he has captivated audiences all over the world.

In this article, we will explore the qualities that make Michael Wigge such an effective conference motivational speaker and how he can help turn your conference into an unforgettable experience.

Award-winning top business motivational speaker, Michael Wigge, has an incredible background in adventure-challenge projects broadcast in the U.S., Germany, and the Australian media.

He published four challenge travel books and television programs, like How to Travel the World for Free, Trade Up Around the World, and 2000 Miles on a Kick Scooter in 80 Days.

This top business motivational speaker was crowned by the L.A. Times as ‘The Ultimate Budget Traveler’ after traveling the world for free. Outside Magazine covered Wigge’s adventure challenges and pointed out his comfort zone-leaving challenge style as ‘outstanding’ in the world of travelers and adventurers after Wigge bartered an apple for bigger and better things to get a house in Hawaii (Trade Up Around the World).

Michael Wigge | Motivational Speaker

Michael’s Qualities as a Business Motivational Speaker:

  • Highly experienced entrepreneur and speaker
  • Unique experiences include global challenges and adventures featured on T.V. shows, including The Tonight Show.
  • Keynotes, seminars, training, coaching, and breakout sessions
  • Unique and self-ironic humor
  • Event participants get one of Michael’s books signed for free 

The business speaker recently took up another travel adventure throughout all 50 U.S. States in 50 days while he faced 50 state-related challenges.

Michael describes his lifestyle as a comfort zone-leaving exercise, where he constantly grows personally and professionally while embracing change. This mindset led him to start a successful career as a top business motivational speaker on stage. Feel free to view his TEDx talk on overcoming fear.

This TEDx talk presents an excellent overview of motivational speaker Wigge’s life as related to the challenges he has pursued. Thirty years after his first self-imposed challenge, Wigge shared his adventures  on the Tonight Show and the Today Show.

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Keynote Topics

Motivational leadership speaker & keynote speaker Michael Wigge’s Challenge for Change – Leadership Success keynote and workshops inspire the leadership greatness inherent in every individual.

From his experiences as a challenge seeker in international media, this leadership keynote speaker has learned the secrets of leading through extraordinary circumstances to achieve incredible goals.
Amazing Leadership Challenges Michael Has Faced
Known for his Challenge-4-Change programs and his appearances on the Today Show & The Tonight Show, this motivational leadership speaker embraces tremendous challenges head-on to make the impossible happen.


By implementing his fundamental keys to leadership success, motivational leadership speaker Wigge has a portfolio of adventure challenges.


For example, he converted a bitten apple into a home in Hawaii in 42 excellent exchanges (as documented in his book and TV show: How to Barter for Paradise). 


He also traveled the entire world without any money for food, transportation, and accommodation (as described in his book and on his PBS show: How to Travel the World for Free).


Hollywood star Angelina Jolie named him “a strange but fantastic man” when she met Michael during his time as an MTV host in Europe. And the Los Angeles Times called him “the ultimate budget traveler.”


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