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  • Founder of Drybar, NYT Best-Selling Author, Canopy President, Co-Founder of Squeeze, Brightside and Becket + Quill

Keynote Topics

Business Innovation and Tapping into the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Named to Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business,” Fortune’s “40 Under 40” list, Inc.’s “100 Women Building America’s Most Innovative and Ambitious Businesses,” and much more, Drybar’s Alli Webb knows what it takes to constantly innovate to keep a business relevant, useful, and resonating with its customer base.

A former professional hair stylist, the concept for Drybar started after Webb started her own family, and began offering affordable in-home blowout services to her mommy friends. Launching with just a sole California location, Drybar has exploded into a nationally-recognized and highly sought-after brand with over 100 locations nationwide and line of products and tools sold at popular retailers such as Nordstrom, Sephora, and Ulta.

In these insightful and empowering remarks, Webb shares her secrets to constant business innovation, and tactical insights into business growth, customer engagement, and cultural relevance.

Drawing on her profound first-hand experiences as well as lessons learned from her entrepreneur-focused podcast “Raising the Bar,” Webb shares what it takes to risk everything on a great idea, and to tap into the constantly-innovating entrepreneurial spirit.

Identifying, Building and Expanding Your Company’s Core Values

Alli Webb’s Drybar has a cult-like following, with consumers knowing exactly what to expect and the kind of experience they will receive whether they’re walking into a location in Manhattan, Los Angeles, or any one of Drybar’s 150 locations.

In this actionable and informative conversation, Alli Webb shares her best tips and advice about building a company culture that is relevant, authentic, works for your employees, and that consumers trust.

Drawing on her first-hand experiences expanding a successful business nationwide, working with franchisees, launching a product line, and hiring a CEO, Webb provides both tactical insights and bold inspiration that organizations can start implementing tomorrow.

Women in Business

As a mom and successful entrepreneur, Alli Webb has navigated the ins and outs of work-life balance, and what it takes to be a woman launching a business from scratch. In these empowering and candid remarks, she shares her advice, tips, and motivations, providing audiences with both practical lessons and big picture inspiration.

From breaking free of “mom guilt,” to pushing through doubts and insecurities, cultivating a support system, and handling the critics, Webb opens up about her own triumphs and struggles juggling a family and growing a nationally-recognized business.

From starting out driving around to her mommy-friend’s houses, offering at home blowouts, to writing a New York Times bestselling book, launching a podcast, and starting yet another business, Webb’s career trajectory is anything but typical. Her remarks are chock-full of engaging personal anecdotes, and first-hand business lessons, that leave audiences empowered and informed.

Alli Webb is the co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Drybar, the nation’s leading blow dry bar offering customers no hair cuts and no hair color, just professional blow outs at an affordable price. After leaving the hair care workforce in 2005 to start a family, Alli looked for an opportunity to continue pursuing the […]

Alli Webb is the co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Drybar, the nation’s leading blow dry bar offering customers no hair cuts and no hair color, just professional blow outs at an affordable price. After leaving the hair care workforce in 2005 to start a family, Alli looked for an opportunity to continue pursuing the creative side of hairstyling that fit into the pace of her life as a new mom and began offering weekly in-home blowout services to her friends.

What she intended as a small side business quickly grew into much more than a part-time gig: Alli’s business exploded through word-of-mouth referrals, which led to her decision to open her first physical Drybar location in the Brentwood, Los Angeles neighborhood in 2010.

Alli Webb | Business Innovation

Since that time, Alli has worked with her brother and co-Founder, Michael Landau, to open an additional 37 Drybar locations throughout California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Texas, New York, Illinois, Georgia, and Washington D.C. As Chief Creative Officer.

Alli Webb continues to oversee the hiring and training of more than 2,200 stylists across the country, and leads the development of Drybar’s line of styling products and tools. Alli lives in Tustin, California, with her husband and two young sons.

Staying true to her signature approach to beauty and self-care, Squeeze follows suit in the affordable luxury space as an innovative massage concept that lets you book, set personalized preference, pay, tip, rate and review all on their proprietary iPhone app.

Squeeze is the latest extension of her expanding empire where she operates as an active angel investor, advisor and co-founder. Squeeze’s first location is in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Studio City and has since opened additional locations across the country with several more set to open in the next year.

Most recently Alli Webb joined the Canopy team as President. Canopy’s best in class humidifiers are making big waves in the beauty industry and building innovative beauty devices. Canopy’s first product is the reimagined humidifier to focus on providing functional benefits for healthy skin, hair and scalp. In addition to being anti-mold, easy maintenance and design-led, Canopy has an innovative aroma diffuser built in, with a new aroma kit dropping every few months. Canopy will continue to bring new products to the beauty & wellness category that will elevate people’s skincare routines.

Alli Webb also joined forces with LA based jewelry designer Meredith Quill to build yet another new brand, now known as Becket + Quill. Both ladies share a passion for beautiful, affordable luxuries that don’t break the bank. By using precious metals where it matters most and complementing them with alternative materials that look gorgeous and maintain quality, Becket + Quill makes it easy to indulge and give a gift that lasts. It’s high end, not high spend.

She currently serves as an Advisor and Investor in The Feel-Good Company’s newest brand, Brightside – A brighter take on infrared yoga & saunas. Brightside brings the well-researched benefits of infrared yoga & saunas. Brightside combines the well-researched benefits of infrared yoga and sauna, and modernizes them with thoughtful technology in just the right places. The gorgeous custom space will teleport you to the brightside, the moment you walk through the door, and the incredible services make every interaction personal and meaningful. Brightside’s flagship location is now open in Culver City, CA.

Alli Webb is a board member of several other companies including The Onsite Foundation, Ideal Image and The Bardot and also serves as an Advisor for Glowbar and Bumo. Glowbar being the first-to-market custom, 30-minute facial experience. And Bumo which provides affordable, accessible on-demand child care to families.

Alli Webb has been on the cover of Inc Magazine’s “How I Did This” issue, named the “100 Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company, featured on Fortune magazine’s “40 Under 40” list, Marie Claire’s “Most Fascinating Women” and recently Inc. magazine recognized her as one of “The 100 Women Building America’s Most Innovative and Ambitious Businesses.”

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