Adam Braun

  • Westport, CT
  • Fees* $20,001 - $35,000

Tagline: Humanitarian

Talent Highlights

  • New York Times Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist
  • The Founder Of Pencils Of Promise, A Non-profit Organization That Builds Schools And Increases Access To Education For Children In The Developing World
  • Named As One Of The Forbes 30 Under 30 List, Wired Magazine’s 50 People Who Are Changing The World,
  • Selected As One Of The World’s Economic Forum’s First Ten Global Shapers

Keynote Topics

How The Best Leaders Navigate Uncertainty To Shape The Future

How do the world’s most successful leaders navigate uncertainty in a rapidly changing world? Through a teachable four-step framework, Adam Braun shows you how great companies anticipate tomorrow’s reality, today.

In this call-to-action of a talk, Braun shares enlightening examples of how others have navigated through unprecedented rates of change to find enduring success, the emerging trends that will shape where we’re headed next, and how to embolden your team to take the concrete actions that will unlock their next big breakthrough.

Drawing from two decades of research and first-hand experiences that come to life in this riveting talk, Braun will have you on the edge of your seat and ready to take action so that you too are prepared for where the world is headed next. 

Audience Takeaways:

  • Learn the science of how organizations and individuals best navigate change
  • Discover how to make bold, calculated decisions to enhance trust and success
  • Remove fear and restore a sense of optimism in your people
  • Define a course of action rooted in anticipation of what’s next

Building Resilience, Value and Competitive Advantage 

Sustainability is an essential issue that every business must address ahead to stay competitive and retain top talent. But how do we position ourselves and our companies to be successful in this new era? As the CEO & Founder of Clarasight, the leader in carbon planning whose customers represent over $1 trillion in market value, Adam Braun walks audiences through the history of this rapidly growing challenge and the immense opportunity in front of us. 

This speech is an uplifting journey through the stories of innovation and growth that will leave audiences clear-eyed about how to navigate an authentic sustainability journey and win on one of the most important issues of our time.

Audience Takeaways:

  • Learn why sustainability matters for your business and how it will impact your industry 
  • Understand the regulatory landscape, incentives and near-term opportunities
  • Gain clarity on how to build a competitive advantage that accelerates business outcomes
  • Emerging trends, best practices and the leading successful strategies

How Every Person Has The Power to Affect The Masses

Most people believe one person can’t make a difference. Adam Braun proves otherwise by captivating audiences with his story of being an ordinary person, creating extraordinary change — something he believes everyone can do. In this inspirational presentation, Braun shares his journey from an ordinary intern to becoming a 3x entrepreneur starting organizations that have raised over $100M and impacted millions of lives. 

Rooted in a compelling round-the-world story with humorous twists and turns, Braun anchors this speech around several key learnings that can serve as guideposts when facing the most challenging moments in our careers and lives.

Audience Takeaways:

  • How to discover your next big idea
  • Tactical steps to turn that big idea into action
  • Best practices to engage those around you to build a movement
  • Lessons to convert inspiration into enduring growth

How To Unlock The For-Purpose Path

Each of us often feel pressures and challenges can appear overwhelming. We have big dreams, either as an individual or as an organization, and the leadership required to achieve our goals can seem out of our reach. In this talk that lays out a clear five-step framework, which was viewed millions of times online when first delivered, Braun shares his experience as a model for how to get “unstuck,” outlining the key steps that can actively transform even the smallest ideas into a big reality. 

Join Adam Braun on an enlightening expedition as he delves into the pivotal moments when bold decisions shape our paths. Drawing from invaluable wisdom gleaned from renowned leaders, Braun shares his own transformative journey and the accessible strategies that amplify purpose and meaning, igniting a profound sense of fulfillment in our personal and professional endeavors.

Audience Takeaways:

  • The foundational steps to finding your essential mission
  • The small actions that great leaders take to make others feel big
  • How to confidently take the right risks that can transform your life
  • The most powerful lessons that the world’s best leaders embody

Adam Braun is a NY Times bestselling author and leader in professional upskilling, future of work, and sustainability. He is the CEO of Climate Club, which works with leading companies to identify opportunities for success in the low carbon economy and the Founder of Pencils of Promise, the award-winning organization he started with just $25 […]

Adam Braun is a NY Times bestselling author and leader in professional upskilling, future of work, and sustainability. He is the CEO of Climate Club, which works with leading companies to identify opportunities for success in the low carbon economy and the Founder of Pencils of Promise, the award-winning organization he started with just $25 that has built nearly 600 schools around the world.

Adam Braun | Humanitarian

He has been featured as a speaker at The White House, the United Nations, and dozens of industry associations, universities, and Fortune 500 companies. He has also been named to Business Insider’s 40 Under 40, Wired Magazine‘s 50 People Who Are Changing the World, and was selected as one of the World Economic Forum’s original ten Global Shapers.

Through his work across the full spectrum of sustainability and education, technology and innovation, startups, and large enterprise, Braun has combined his passion for impact and people to build several industry-defining companies.

Adam Braun graduated from Brown University and has been a frequent speaker delivering an inspiring message to audiences across the world. He avidly engages with his social media following of over 900,000 people and has received the nation’s most prestigious award for public service, the Jefferson Award.

His book The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change debuted at #2 on the New York Times Bestseller list and went on to become a #1 national bestseller.

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