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5 Steps to Transformational Self-Love

During this talk from Kara Adams you’ll see how the stories from your past have kept you in the background, preventing you from living your purpose and achieving your dreams.

You’ll learn the art of being unapologetically selfish. You’ll discover how to make time to put yourself first so that you’ll be better for everyone else.

You’ll learn to identify the things that bring you joy and see that the only thing you can control is the meaning you attach to the things and people around you.

You’ll see yourself as the empowered, courageous warrior that you are. You’ll see that you are more than your diagnosis and that you don’t need permission to live your best life.

You’ll discover that passion is more than what happens in the bedroom, and that it starts with a desire to live your best life today instead of waiting to have the time tomorrow.

You will rediscover your spark and reawaken your desire for all of the passion that life has to offer.         

5 Steps to Discovering Wealth and Happiness

You’ll define what wealth means to you and discover five outside-the-box practices you can do today to create it for yourself, your family and your community.

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  • San Diego, CA

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  • Fees* $5,001 - $10,000




Speaker, author, coach and cancer survivor Kara Adams shows women how to step into their true identity as glorious, empowered, magnificent beings. “Don’t let stories from your past keep you in the background and prevent you from living your purpose or achieving your dreams,” says Kara, who gives her audiences 5 Steps to Transformational Love […]

Speaker, author, coach and cancer survivor Kara Adams shows women how to step into their true identity as glorious, empowered, magnificent beings.

“Don’t let stories from your past keep you in the background and prevent you from living your purpose or achieving your dreams,” says Kara, who gives her audiences 5 Steps to Transformational Love that allow them to put themselves first without feeling guilt or shame.

“My process takes awful, life-changing events that have happened to us and turns them into gems of self-discovery and opportunities for radical self-love,” she adds.

If your audience is women who struggle with putting themselves first and want to build self-esteem, Kara Adams life-changing talks are for you.“When you put yourself first,” you’ll be so much better for everyone else,” she points out in her talks that show how to be “unapologetically selfish.”

Kara Adams | Marketing Strategist

Kara Adams is known as an expert marketing strategist in the billion-dollar financial industry, a cancer diagnosis forced her to re-examine her life and discover her true purpose. You’ll hear the powerful story of how she re-claimed herself as a “Hidden Treasure” and learn the 5-step process she used to rediscover how to live a life full of joy, meaning, and purpose.

“You can rewrite your story and break the chains of thought that have held you back,” says Kara. “We all have a choice to release the pressure building up inside us or ignore it and hope that we don’t explode and self-destruct along the way.” Whether you’re facing a huge life challenge or just want to bring more joy, wealth, happiness and healing into your life, Kara will show you how to unlock the “Hidden Treasure” that lies within you.

Your audience will tap the power of magnificent self-love so they can be the amazing women they were always meant to be!

Offered as keynotes, breakouts, seminars or workshops, retreats, trainings and webinars, and customized for your group. Kara Adams is also available as a panel guest or moderator.

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