Josh Linkner

  • Detroit, MI
  • Fees* $35,001 - $50,000

Tagline: Digital Innovation

Talent Highlights

  • Serial Entrepreneurship: With a remarkable track record of founding and leading five tech companies, Josh Linkner has established himself as a serial entrepreneur with a knack for turning ideas into successful ventures. His ventures have not only created over 10,000 jobs but have also achieved exits valued at over $200 million, underscoring his ability to drive sustainable growth and innovation.
  • Venture Capital Leadership: As the co-founder and Managing Partner of Mudita Venture Partners, Josh is at the forefront of the venture capital landscape, investing in cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to disrupt industries. His keen eye for innovation and strategic acumen have contributed to the success of over 100 startups, creating over $1 billion in investor returns and shaping the future of countless industries.
  • Bestselling Author: Josh Linkner’s status as a New York Times bestselling author speaks to his ability to communicate complex ideas in a compelling and accessible manner. His books serve as practical guides for individuals and organizations seeking to unlock their creative potential and drive meaningful change in their lives and businesses.
  • Renowned Speaker: Renowned for his dynamic keynote presentations, Josh Linkner is a sought-after speaker at events ranging from intimate gatherings to large-scale conferences. His captivating storytelling, coupled with actionable insights and practical strategies, leaves audiences inspired and equipped with the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.
  • Recognition and Awards: Josh’s contributions to entrepreneurship and innovation have earned him widespread recognition, including being named the EY Entrepreneur of The Year twice and receiving the United States Presidential Champion of Change Award. These accolades underscore his impact and influence in driving positive change and fostering a culture of innovation.

Keynote Topics


A proven innovation framework to solve problems, accelerate opportunity and sustain growth


As we enter a new era of business, 50% of leaders in the United States have lost confidence in their ability to make decisions in the face of uncertainty. The level of disruption, technology threats, and volatility can be paralyzing. We are in a leadership crisis and must embrace a new model to meet today’s challenges.

Prolific entrepreneur, venture capital investor, and innovation expert Josh Linkner helps you Find A Way™ through his proven 5-step innovation framework for cultivating full-organization ingenuity. Whatever outcomes you crave the most – from sales growth to competitive advantage to employee engagement – you’ll walk away with specific tools to drive sustainable success.

The Find a Way™ framework prioritizes agility over brute force, creativity over hustle, and improvisation over perfect planning. Leaders who embrace the model are inspired and better equipped. They feel confident to move forward into the darkness and have a newfound capacity to win consistently, no matter the circumstances.

This keynote serves leaders & teams who are:

  • Facing uncertainty and volatility.
  • Seeking better ways to drive the outcomes they crave the most.
  • Struggling to keep up with the pace of change.
  • The audience will leave with:

A proven model for harnessing ingenuity to solve any problem and seize any opportunity.
Innovative strategies to drive better results every day.
The confidence to walk into the unknown and emerge victorious.

How Small, Everyday Innovations Drive Oversized Results

The pressure to generate big ideas can feel overwhelming. We know that bold innovations are critical in these disruptive and competitive times, but when it comes to breakthrough thinking, we often freeze up.

Instead of shooting for a $10 billion IPO or a Nobel Prize, the most prolific innovators focus on Big Little  Breakthroughs – small, creative acts that unlock massive rewards over time.

The Big Little Breakthroughs framework provides a specific and practical approach to unlocking dormant creative capacity. Instead of wild, risky, and expensive moonshots, participants learn to unleash small, daily creative acts to drive gigantic results over time.

In this inspiring, timely, and high-impact keynote, New York Times bestselling author and globally-recognized innovation expert Josh Linkner shows us how to de-risk the creative process, build the capacity to unlock breakthrough transformations and gain the creative confidence to take responsible risks.

This keynote serves leaders & teams who are

  • Aware of the need to innovate but having a hard time getting started.
  • Responsible for creating a culture of innovation.
  • Feeling pressure to generate breakthroughs but struggling to deliver them.

The audience will leave with

  • A proven framework to cultivate a high volume of innovations without the typical risk.
  • Inspiring and memorable stories that show how ingenuity, creative problem-solving, and inventive thinking can lead to breakthrough results.
  • The mindsets, habits, and tactics of the world’s most prolific artists, business titans, and entrepreneurs.

What business leaders can learn about collaboration, creativity, and performance under pressure from the mysterious world of jazz.


The mysterious and dangerous world of jazz is a caldron of spontaneous creativity. And in times of radical change and uncertainty, it serves as the perfect model for modern leadership.

Professional jazz guitarist and prolific entrepreneur Josh Linkner connects the dots between jazz and business, helping to unlock the secrets of some of the world’s most creative geniuses. Using live jazz as a metaphor for collaborative innovation, this session is entertaining, inspiring, and directly applicable to the daily challenges we face in business.

A fusion of live musical performance and keynote presentation, the session’s finale includes audience members “joining the band” to compose and perform a song in real-time to the delight of the audience. Cameras will flash as the entire group is dazzled by their colleagues’ improvisation and spontaneous invention.

This keynote serves leaders & teams who are

  • Looking for an elevated experience beyond a typical keynote.
  • Craving deeper collaboration, creativity, and performance.
  • Seeking a way to stand out from the pack and lead in a fresh, creative manner.

The audience will leave with

  • The mindset and perspective of a jazz musician serving as a creative new model for business growth and results.
  • A deeper understanding of collaborative creativity and specific tools to harness inventive thinking and artistic expression.
  • A memorable and inspiring sense of what’s possible and how to push boundaries and barriers to achieve remarkable outcomes.
  • The creative confidence to pursue our highest calling and to never let the music inside us die.

A modern framework to lead with confidence in the face of uncertainty and change Overview The business you’re running today isn’t the business you’ll be running next year.

A proven system to drive breakthrough creativity. Learn how to balance raw imagination with business rigor to drive profound and predictable results.

Boost creativity and rigor simultaneously to drive better outcomes.

The business you’ll be running in five years will be dramatically different than today. Unlock the definitive playbook on reinvention, relevancy, and sustainable success.

Gain the confidence to venture into the unknown and thrive, no matter what the future brings.

Josh Linkner is not your typical speaker. With over two decades of experience in igniting creativity and innovation, he stands as a beacon for leaders seeking to unlock their full potential. As an entrepreneur and CEO, Josh has left an indelible mark on the business world, having founded and led multiple tech companies that collectively […]

Josh Linkner is not your typical speaker. With over two decades of experience in igniting creativity and innovation, he stands as a beacon for leaders seeking to unlock their full potential. As an entrepreneur and CEO, Josh has left an indelible mark on the business world, having founded and led multiple tech companies that collectively created over 10,000 jobs and achieved staggering exits totaling over $200 million. His journey is one of relentless innovation, marked by a steadfast belief in the power of creativity to drive change and growth.

In the realm of business, art, and science, Josh Linkner transcends boundaries, weaving together disparate disciplines to inspire audiences worldwide. His New York Times bestselling author status attests to his ability to distill complex ideas into actionable insights, making him a sought-after voice on stages across the globe. But beyond his accolades lies a deep-rooted passion for empowering individuals and organizations to embrace creativity as a catalyst for success. With Josh, audiences are not just passive listeners; they are active participants in a transformative journey towards unlocking their creative potential.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, the need for innovative thinking has never been more pressing. Josh Linkner emerges as a guiding light, offering a roadmap for navigating uncertainty and driving meaningful change. Through his engaging storytelling, practical frameworks, and infectious energy, Josh leaves audiences inspired and equipped with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive world.

Josh Linkner | Digital Innovation

Expertise and Background:

Josh Linkner’s expertise spans a breadth of disciplines, each informed by his rich tapestry of experiences as an entrepreneur, CEO, investor, and bestselling author. With a track record of founding and leading five tech companies to successful exits, Josh brings a unique blend of real-world insights and visionary thinking to the stage. His deep understanding of the entrepreneurial journey, coupled with his passion for nurturing innovation, makes him a trusted advisor to startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

As the co-founder and Managing Partner of Mudita Venture Partners, Josh is at the forefront of identifying and investing in groundbreaking technologies that have the potential to reshape industries. With a keen eye for disruptive innovation, he helps startups navigate the complexities of scaling their businesses, creating value not only for investors but for society at large. Through his hands-on approach and strategic guidance, Josh has played a pivotal role in generating over $1 billion in investor returns, cementing his reputation as a savvy entrepreneur and investor.

Josh Linkner’s speaking influence extends far beyond the boardroom, transcending industries and borders to inspire audiences around the world. His dynamic keynote presentations are a masterclass in storytelling, weaving together personal anecdotes, cutting-edge research, and practical strategies to ignite creativity and drive results. Whether addressing intimate gatherings or large-scale conferences, Josh’s magnetic presence captivates audiences, leaving a lasting impression long after the applause has faded.

While proud of his business success, his roots are in the dangerous world of jazz music. He’s been playing guitar in smoky jazz clubs for 40 years, studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and has performed over 1000 concerts around the world. His experiences in both business and music led him to become one of the world’s foremost experts on innovation. Josh is the co-founder and Chairman of Platypus Labs, a global research, training, and consulting firm. Today, he’s on a mission to help leaders Find A Way™ through creative problem-solving, inventive thinking, and ingenuity.

Event Planners’ Perspective:

Event planners seeking to create impactful and memorable experiences for their audiences need look no further than Josh Linkner. With his unparalleled expertise in igniting creativity and driving innovation, Josh brings a unique perspective that resonates with diverse audiences across industries. His dynamic speaking style, coupled with his ability to tailor his message to the specific needs of each audience, ensures that every event is not just informative but transformative.

Booking Josh Linkner is an investment in the success of your event. His proven track record as a captivating speaker, combined with his wealth of knowledge and experience, guarantees a memorable experience for attendees. Whether you’re hosting a corporate retreat, industry conference, or leadership summit, Josh’s insights will leave a lasting impact, inspiring your audience to think differently and embrace change.

In today’s competitive landscape, event planners are constantly seeking speakers who can deliver value beyond the stage. Josh Linkner not only meets but exceeds these expectations, offering a comprehensive suite of resources and support to ensure the success of your event. From pre-event consultations to post-event follow-up, Josh and his team at Speakers Inc. are committed to providing a seamless experience that exceeds your expectations and delights your audience.

Summary and Conclusion:

In summary, Josh Linkner is more than just a speaker; he is a catalyst for change, a champion of creativity, and a trusted advisor to leaders around the world. With his unparalleled expertise in entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership, Josh empowers individuals and organizations to unleash their full potential and drive meaningful change. Whether you’re seeking to inspire your team, spark innovation within your organization, or navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape, Josh Linkner is the partner you need to turn vision into reality.

In conclusion, booking Josh Linkner for your next event is not just a decision; it’s a strategic investment in the future success of your organization. With his dynamic speaking style, actionable insights, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Josh will leave your audience inspired, energized, and equipped with the tools they need to thrive in today’s fast-paced world. Don’t settle for mediocrity; choose Josh Linkner and elevate your event to new heights of success.

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