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Talent Highlights

  • From Incarceration to Culinary Success: Jeff Henderson’s journey is a testament to the power of redemption and perseverance. Rising from a troubled past that included incarceration for drug-related offenses, Jeff discovered his passion for cooking while serving time in prison. Determined to turn his life around, he honed his culinary skills behind bars, laying the foundation for a remarkable career in the culinary world.
  • Acclaimed Chef and Restaurateur: Jeff Henderson’s culinary talents have earned him widespread acclaim and recognition. After completing his sentence, Jeff worked tirelessly to climb the ranks of the culinary industry, eventually landing prestigious positions at top restaurants and hotels. He has since become a successful restaurateur, with his own establishments garnering rave reviews from critics and patrons alike.
  • Bestselling Author and Inspirational Speaker: In addition to his culinary pursuits, Jeff Henderson is a bestselling author and sought-after motivational speaker. His memoir, “Cooked: From the Streets to the Stove, from Cocaine to Foie Gras,” chronicles his remarkable journey and serves as a source of inspiration for countless individuals striving to overcome adversity and pursue their passions.
  • Television Personality: Jeff Henderson’s charismatic personality and culinary expertise have made him a familiar face on television. He has appeared on numerous cooking shows and competitions, captivating audiences with his creative flair and down-to-earth charm. Whether sharing cooking tips or inspiring viewers with his personal story, Jeff’s television appearances have solidified his status as a beloved figure in the culinary world.
  • Dedicated Mentor and Advocate: Throughout his career, Jeff Henderson has remained committed to giving back to his community and supporting aspiring chefs from underprivileged backgrounds. He actively mentors young culinary talents, providing guidance and encouragement to help them succeed in the industry. Jeff is also a vocal advocate for criminal justice reform, using his platform to raise awareness about issues affecting formerly incarcerated individuals.

Keynote Topics

In this presentation Jeff shares two decades of life lessons that he gained on his redemptive journey from drug dealer to TV celebrity chef to internationally acclaimed speaker.

With Jeff Henderson 12 inspiring and pragmatic street-smart recipes for success, audiences will discover their hidden business aptitudes, make life-changing decisions, and secure personal and professional success.

Despite popular misconceptions, ‘prisoners’ aren’t only found behind steel bars. They’re walking amongst us every single day, locked behind self-imposed, seemingly impenetrable mental barriers.

With wit and wisdom, ex-convict and celebrity chef, Jeff Henderson compellingly shifts the prisoner narrative while serving up some delicious fare, illustrating how the general idea of ‘prisoner’ is both incomplete and incredibly misleading.

Having spent 10 years in federal prison before going on to culinary acclaim, Chef Jeff gives actionable insights on how to break free from the mental walls we’ve built for ourselves, unlocking a whole new perspective and lease on life.

Students will learn everything they need to know to level up for life after college. They will take away the same strategies Jeff Henderson used to reach success from former drug dealer to executive chef.

Jeff will help students discover their TOP strengths and GREATEST weakness, to build a solid foundation to assist them in their personal and professional development. 

Inspiration meets entertainment. In this presentation, Jeff delivers a powerful keynote while performing an entertaining speed cooking performance.

This presentation is interactive, and motivates your group to take positive action to improve their personal and professional life.

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  • Las Vegas, NV

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  • Fees* $20,001 - $35,000




Jeff Henderson’s journey from incarceration to acclaimed culinary artist is a testament to the transformative power of passion and determination. While serving a nearly decade-long sentence, Henderson discovered his love for cooking, igniting a fire within him that would propel him to the pinnacle of the culinary world. Today, he stands not only as a […]

Jeff Henderson’s journey from incarceration to acclaimed culinary artist is a testament to the transformative power of passion and determination. While serving a nearly decade-long sentence, Henderson discovered his love for cooking, igniting a fire within him that would propel him to the pinnacle of the culinary world. Today, he stands not only as a renowned executive chef but also as an inspirational speaker, sharing his remarkable story of redemption and success with audiences worldwide.

Jeff Henderson | Celebrity Chef

Expertise and Background:

With an unparalleled expertise honed through years of experience and adversity, Jeff Henderson offers a unique perspective on resilience, determination, and the pursuit of excellence. Rising from humble beginnings, Henderson’s culinary talents caught the attention of industry giants, leading to prestigious executive chef positions at the iconic Bellagio and Caesars Palace. His innovative approach to cuisine, coupled with his unwavering commitment to excellence, has earned him accolades and admiration from peers and patrons alike.

Beyond his culinary achievements, Henderson’s influence extends far beyond the kitchen. As a sought-after speaker, he captivates audiences with his compelling narrative of redemption and triumph. Drawing from his own experiences, Henderson delivers powerful insights on overcoming obstacles, embracing change, and unlocking one’s full potential. His riveting presentations inspire audiences to harness their inner strength, seize opportunities, and pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

Why Book Jeff Henderson:

Event planners seeking to engage, motivate, and inspire their audience need look no further than Jeff Henderson. With his magnetic presence and compelling storytelling, Henderson delivers an unforgettable experience that resonates long after the event concludes. His journey from incarceration to culinary stardom serves as a powerful reminder of the human capacity for transformation and triumph over adversity. By inviting Henderson to speak, event planners can offer their audience a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights, foster resilience, and unleash their potential for greatness.

Furthermore, Henderson’s expertise transcends the realm of culinary arts, making him a versatile and dynamic speaker for a wide range of audiences and occasions. Whether addressing corporate teams, educational institutions, or community gatherings, Henderson’s message of perseverance, passion, and purpose transcends boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on all who have the privilege of hearing him speak.

Why Use Speakers Inc:

Event planners seeking to elevate their events to new heights should consider partnering with Speakers Inc to secure top-tier talent like Jeff Henderson. With a proven track record of connecting event planners with world-class speakers, Speakers Inc takes the guesswork out of the booking process, ensuring a seamless and successful event experience. From initial consultation to event execution, Speakers Inc provides comprehensive support and guidance every step of the way, allowing event planners to focus on delivering an exceptional experience for their audience.

By leveraging Speakers Inc’s extensive network and expertise, event planners gain access to an unparalleled roster of speakers, including industry luminaries, thought leaders, and inspirational figures like Jeff Henderson. With Speakers Inc handling the logistics and coordination, event planners can rest assured that their event will exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Summary and Conclusion:

In summary, Jeff Henderson’s remarkable journey from incarceration to culinary greatness serves as a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of passion. As an acclaimed executive chef and inspirational speaker, Henderson captivates audiences with his compelling narrative of redemption and triumph, offering valuable insights and inspiration to all who have the privilege of hearing him speak. Event planners seeking to create an unforgettable experience for their audience should not hesitate to book Jeff Henderson through Speakers Inc, where excellence meets expertise to deliver extraordinary results. With Henderson at the helm, audiences are sure to be inspired, empowered, and transformed by his message of hope, perseverance, and the endless possibilities that await those who dare to dream.

Jeff Henderson sessions can be fully customized to successfully and seamlessly merge your organization’s goals and will leave your audience feeling inspired, energized, and empowered to achieve MORE.

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