Jaime Hansen

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Range USD 500 - 5,000

Tagline: Female Leadership

Keynote Topics

Do people perceive you the way you think they do?

It’s nice to think that actions speak louder than words, but do they? Words, labels, preconceived notions and ideas—they all affect our perception of someone long before we have time to evaluate what’s real and what’s not. In fact, more often than not, perception becomes the reality, in both business and in life.

In this thought-provoking presentation, Jaime Hansen reveals how language, biases, and even posture can dramatically affect how people perceive us and how it can alter our perceptions of others and their businesses.

You’ll leave with an awareness of what image you’re really presenting to the world and the tools to better create—and control—the perception you desire.

Men and women are equal, yes, but not for a minute the same. There is a lot of talk these days about equality between the genders, but Jaime Hansen takes a fresh, new look at the concept of ‘fairness’ in the workplace.

In Jaime Hansen eyes, it’s simply irrelevant in business. In this energetic presentation, she presents data plus real-life stories and strategies to showcase how both men and women can leverage their unique characteristics and strengths (especially in conjunction with one another) to create stronger, more innovative teams and businesses.

Are you an intentional leader? Drawing on her book, Expanding the Conversation, Jaime shows how to develop “intentional leadership” since both the audience and the leaders are constantly evolving.

With her trademark enthusiasm, Jaime outlines specific actions in order to cultivate failure, flaunt authenticity, and design with purpose. Leaders—both current and future— will leave Jaime’s discussion feeling not only inspired and motivated to think outside the box, but empowered with tools to actually execute their vision.  

“Diversity” and “Innovation” are two often-used buzzwords in business today. But when paired and put through the lens of cause and effect, these concepts become exhilarating.

Drawing on her book, Expanding the Conversation, Jaime Hansen explores the idea that although diversity can play across race, gender, age, and ethnicity, at its core it’s really about different experiences and characteristics bringing forth nuanced perspectives.

With her trademark energy and data-backed evidence, Jaime explains how leaders can extract those perspectives through intentional actions.

After spending the early part of her career as an economist, and the last 10 years as a business executive at well-known technology companies, including Yahoo, Cornerstone, and Fox Audience Network, Jaime Hansen knows the challenges confronting women in business. But her take is different from current mainstream rhetoric, and she excels at engaging leaders […]

After spending the early part of her career as an economist, and the last 10 years as a business executive at well-known technology companies, including Yahoo, Cornerstone, and Fox Audience Network, Jaime Hansen knows the challenges confronting women in business.

But her take is different from current mainstream rhetoric, and she excels at engaging leaders (both current and future) to find fresh solutions. “It’s not about fairness and equality,” says Jaime. “Those ideologies are important, but they’re irrelevant in business. Business is all about innovation, competition, and the bottom line.”

Are you searching for ways to take your team (or your entire business) to the next level? Learning to better leverage individual and gender-dominated strengths could be the answer to boosting your bottom line. 

It’s within this context that Jaime Hansen speaks to both women and men in any industry about the proven advantages of better leveraging their diverse strengths and perspectives. The author of Expanding the Conversation, her thought-provoking presentations focus on perception, intention, and opportunity, and how to use each to your advantage. Jaime excels at engaging leaders to think about challenges in new ways. Her business acumen is matched only by her passion for innovation, and she leaves both men and women across all industries feeling empowered and excited about new strategies and solutions.

Leaders learn how to better utilize their employees, cultivate failure (yes, encourage failure!), reframe positioning for both the company and the individual, and harness their personal strengths to better align with their goals and interests. And you’ll learn how words, labels and “intended action” can lead to real change and innovation in ways you never dreamed possible.

Leaders at all levels gain pragmatic tools to take their teams to the next level, and everyone leaves Jaime Hansen inspiring, interactive presentations with renewed energy and optimism about both their business and their career.

Jaime Hansen



Offered as keynotes, breakouts, seminars or workshops, retreats, trainings and webinars, and customized for your group. Jaime Hansen also enjoys participating as a panel guest or moderator in round-table, conversational settings.

Best-fit Audiences

  • Conferences / Conventions / Trade Shows
  • Corporations / Non-profits
  • CEOs / Exec Managers / HR Professionals
  • Team Leaders / Sales Reps
  • Women’s Groups / Career Women
  • Baby Boomers / Millennials
  • Colleges & Universities
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