Carey Lohrenz

  • Excelsior, MN
  • Fees* $35,001 - $50,000

Tagline: Former Naval Pilot

Talent Highlights

  • Trailblazer in Aviation: Carey Lohrenz made history as the first female F-14 Tomcat pilot in the U.S. Navy, breaking barriers and inspiring generations of women in aviation.

  • Combat-Tested Leadership: With experience flying missions worldwide as a combat pilot, Carey is a proven leader in high-pressure environments, adept at making split-second decisions and leading teams to success.

  • Expert in Peak Performance: Carey’s insights into achieving peak performance under pressure are invaluable for individuals and organizations striving for excellence in today’s competitive landscape.

  • Engaging Speaker and Author: As a dynamic speaker and author of “Fearless Leadership: High-Performance Lessons from the Flight Deck,” Carey shares her compelling story and practical leadership insights with audiences around the world.

  • Trusted Partner for Success: Whether coaching executives, leading workshops, or delivering keynote addresses, Carey Lohrenz is a trusted partner in leadership development and organizational transformation, consistently delivering results that inspire and empower.

Keynote Topics

In this popular and inspirational keynote, Carey shares the fundamentals that helped her win in the cockpit at Mach 2 and can help your team win in business:

  • Be a Catalyst. Make change happen by focusing on what matters most.
  • Be Tenacious. Overcome your fear of failure.
  • Be Committed to Excellence. Prepare, Perform, and Prevail to accomplish seemingly impossible missions every day.
  • Be Resilient. Turn adversity into success.
  • An industry pioneer and team performance accelerant, Carey is uniquely qualified in the fundamentals of Leadership, Teamwork, Winning Under Pressure, Reducing Errors, and Overcoming Obstacles.

This highly popular leadership keynote will challenge, inform, and inspire your team to move to higher levels of performance in these difficult economic times.

Lohrenz offers bottom-line expertise with clear, realistic takeaway items for audiences that can produce both short-term and life changing results.

Just like in aviation in a rapidly changing global environment, speed is life.

Collaboration is critical to business success and managing successful strategic partnerships is crucial. Competitive advantage is gained when your organization can optimize partnerships and strategic alliances. Deeper relationships with partners can be the key to long term success and growth.

In this inspiring and engaging keynote, Carey shares what it takes to be on the ‘Leading Edge.’ Those things that helped her succeed in one of the most extreme environments on earth can help elevate your team to gain advantage and uncover opportunities.

A successful career, a happy family, and a balanced personal life leave little time for many people to nurture their dreams.

As a former Naval Aviator, a corporate executive, and as a busy mother of four, Carey “Vixen” Lohrenz knows first-hand the challenges of navigating the many demands of daily work-life balance. In this riveting and inspirational keynote speech, Carey will inspire you to ‘Be the Catalyst’ and look beyond your circumstances.

Just as pilots do a “systems check” before takeoff, Carey’s motivational speech will walk you through a Pre-Flight Check on your journey towards success.

Belief in Yourself and Your Abilities. To be successful and ultimately take charge of your life, overcoming lack of self-belief is one of the biggest hurdles you need to overcome.

A Firm Commitment. Be unwavering and purposeful in your actions.

Clarity of Purpose. Clarity of purpose and a clear picture of precisely what you want to achieve are key factors in achieving success.

Make a Plan – Stay Focused. Keep life’s distractions and interruptions at bay by creating your plan – and sticking to it.

 In a challenging economic environment, remaining relevant to your customers and within your organization is critical to your survival. Those who fail to deliver value to their consumers, shareholders, clients, and teammates become extinct. Could that happen to you? In aviation, complacency kills.

The same is true in business. If you become complacent and ignore the warning signs (shifts in culture, trends, global demands, budget restrictions), you could be facing extinction.

In this energizing and empowering keynote, Carey shares the fundamentals that can help your team win in business by learning the importance of remaining relevant, how to accelerate performance, how to stay agile and adaptable, and how high performing teams become excellent.

Carey’s “Patient Safety” keynotes and workshops challenge, inform & inspire your employees to move to higher levels of performance and operational excellence in high-risk and sometimes dangerous environments.

Consider the standards of carrier aviation:

  • Simple, rigorous checklists
  • A culture that doesn’t tolerate safety lapses
  • Sound & critical decision making skills
  • Clear communication

Carey’s “Patient Safety” keynotes and workshops challenge, inform & inspire your employees to move to higher levels of performance and operational excellence in high-risk and sometimes dangerous environments.

Carey shares risk planning strategies and training to:

  • Improve leadership, communication and teamwork among your physicians, staff and patients
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Assess the situation
  • Demonstrate simple root cause analysis that will highlight “what” is right versus “who” is right
  • Create a positive safety culture
  • Reduce human error & the chance of a mishap
  • Encourage a commitment to safety from all of your healthcare providers while maintaining clinical quality
  • Debrief to improve future performance and outcomes

Managing risk is like walking a tightrope. It is a constant balancing act of identifying and mitigating safety, operational and reputational risks.

These tools will allow you to survive and succeed with superior results consistently, just as Carey Lohrenz did in the demanding world of fighter aviation.

With a trailblazing spirit and a commitment to excellence, Carey Lohrenz has soared to remarkable heights both in the sky and on the ground. As the first female F-14 Tomcat pilot in the United States Navy, Carey shattered stereotypes and paved the way for women in military aviation. Her journey is not just one of […]

With a trailblazing spirit and a commitment to excellence, Carey Lohrenz has soared to remarkable heights both in the sky and on the ground. As the first female F-14 Tomcat pilot in the United States Navy, Carey shattered stereotypes and paved the way for women in military aviation. Her journey is not just one of personal achievement, but also of profound inspiration and invaluable lessons in leadership, resilience, and peak performance.

Carey Lohrenz | Former Naval Pilot

Background and Expertise:

A Trailblazer in Aviation: Carey Lohrenz’s career in aviation is nothing short of extraordinary. Commissioned as a Naval Officer after completing aviation officer candidate school, Carey earned her wings of gold as a fighter pilot. She went on to become the first female to fly the F-14 Tomcat in the U.S. military, a feat that solidified her place in history and opened doors for countless women in aviation.

Combat-Tested Leadership: Throughout her distinguished career, Carey flew missions worldwide, demonstrating exceptional skill and leadership in high-pressure situations. As a combat, mission-ready pilot, she honed her abilities to perform under the most demanding circumstances, making split-second decisions and leading her team with confidence and precision.

Expert in Peak Performance: Carey Lohrenz is renowned for her expertise in achieving peak performance, both individually and within teams. Drawing from her experiences in the cockpit, she understands the importance of discipline, focus, and resilience in overcoming obstacles and achieving success. Her insights into managing stress, maintaining focus, and thriving in high-stakes environments are invaluable for individuals and organizations striving for excellence.

Dynamic Speaker and Author: Beyond her achievements in aviation, Carey is a dynamic communicator and sought-after speaker. She shares her compelling story and lessons learned with audiences around the world, inspiring them to embrace challenges, push boundaries, and reach new heights. As the author of the book “Fearless Leadership: High-Performance Lessons from the Flight Deck,” Carey distills her experiences into practical strategies for leadership and success.

Leadership Consultant and Trainer: In addition to her speaking engagements, Carey Lohrenz serves as a leadership consultant and trainer, helping organizations develop the skills and mindset needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Whether coaching executives, leading workshops, or delivering keynote addresses, Carey brings unparalleled expertise and passion to every engagement, leaving a lasting impact on individuals and teams alike.

5 Reasons Event Planners Should Book Carey Lohrenz:

  1. Inspiring Story of Resilience: Carey Lohrenz’s journey from breaking barriers as a female fighter pilot to becoming a respected authority in leadership and peak performance is a testament to the power of resilience and determination. Her story inspires audiences to overcome obstacles, embrace change, and achieve their full potential.
  2. Practical Leadership Insights: With years of experience in high-stakes environments, Carey offers practical insights and strategies for effective leadership. From managing risk to fostering a culture of excellence, her lessons resonate with leaders at all levels, providing actionable takeaways for driving performance and innovation.
  3. Engaging and Dynamic Presenter: Carey’s engaging speaking style and compelling storytelling captivate audiences from start to finish. Whether sharing anecdotes from her time in the cockpit or distilling complex concepts into relatable examples, she keeps audiences engaged and inspired, leaving a lasting impression long after the event.
  4. Customized Content for Every Audience: Recognizing that every organization faces unique challenges, Carey customizes her presentations to address the specific needs and goals of each audience. Whether speaking to corporate executives, frontline employees, or industry professionals, she delivers content that resonates and drives meaningful change.
  5. Proven Track Record of Success: With a track record of delivering impactful keynotes and workshops for a wide range of clients, Carey Lohrenz has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in leadership development and organizational transformation. Event planners can book her with confidence, knowing they are getting a speaker who consistently delivers results.

Why Book Through Speakers Inc:

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With her remarkable story, expertise in leadership and peak performance, and engaging speaking style, Carey Lohrenz is a standout choice for events seeking to inspire and empower their audiences. Whether sharing insights from her time as a fighter pilot or offering practical strategies for success, Carey captivates audiences with her authenticity, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Book Carey Lohrenz through Speakers Inc today and take your event to new heights.

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