The AI Powered Organisation: Three Shifts

  • Author: Mike Walsh
  • Sydney NSW, Australia
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AI Powered Organisation will be different, just not in the ways you might expect. When evaluating the impact of new technology, business leaders often focus on the wrong criteria.

The real issue is not whether there is a sound business case for cutting costs or increasing productivity through AI and automation, but rather, frankly assessing the disruptive potential of these very same tools and platforms to reshape the dynamics of your market. If not by you, then by who? If not now — then when?

Here is the right place to start: what is now possible in an age of AI that was not before? AI Powered Organisation that find compelling answers to that question will undoubtedly find faster, smarter, and more effective ways of doing things. But that’s not the point.

They will also be in the best position to not only streamline their traditional operating models but also pioneer the creation of entirely new digital marketplaces, data-driven products and services, and radical new business models.

The AI Powered Organisation: Three Big Shifts

In this video from one of my recent keynote presentations, I examine three significant shifts that I believe will define AI-powered competition in the next five to ten years.

1. The shift from business to platforms
Organizations need to refocus from selling products and services to thinking like platforms that constantly evolve, building customer loyalty and strategic relevance through learning loops that harness data and algorithms at scale.

2. The shift from transactions to experiences
Today’s most successful AI-powered organizations have prioritized experiences to the extent that customers no longer pay close attention to transactions. Algorithmic experience design is more than just eliminating friction. People no longer think about what they spend on music, TV, and transportation as they might have a decade ago. Instead, they have a relationship with Spotify, Netflix, and Uber grounded by deeply personalized, data-driven interactions integrated into their daily lives.

3. The shift from data to insights
Finally, for AI Powered Organisation, data alone is useless. What matters is not the size of your data lake or the scale of your data processing infrastructure — but rather your capacity to operationalize that information into your strategic decision-making.

This new era of AI Powered Organisation competition will reshape the future of business. Now is the time to accelerate your digital transformation journey. But acquiring the right technology and ecosystem partnerships are just part of the equation. The real challenge is identifying the people, culture, and leadership capabilities to get you to where you need to be.

Mike Walsh is a Futurist, speaker & author of ‘The Algorithmic Leader’

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