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Ari Gunzburg

  • Baltimore, MD, USA
  • Fees: 10,001 - 20,000
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About:  Ari Gunzburg

Ari Gunzburg learned about death early in life. He experienced a traumatic moment when only 10 years old, when his teacher passed away while on a hiking trip. This would affect his life deeply and change his perspective forever.

Following the death of this teacher, there was trouble afoot at school for all of the traumatized kids. This created a domino effect of changes and decisions that all culminated in Ari getting his “PhD” from the school of hard knocks, through multiple bad decisions and the outcomes of those decisions.

Having to live through these decisions and consequences has taught Ari many important life lessons; all of which he passes on to others.

Learning and Living Past Your Mistakes

“Regret not, but learn from your mistakes,” says Ari, reminiscing the wild cycles he experienced during his misspent youth. “Any lesson gained from real life experiences is one you no longer need to learn in a formal educational setting.”

Ari Gunzburg | Amazing Motivational Speaker

Ari has had many life-changing experiences, each of which shaped him; from trouble in school, to going unexpected places and more.

Do you just want another speech? Or do you want a high-energy EXPERIENCE for your group? If you are like most, you want a dynamic presentation that will leave your audience wowed.

Look no further for a high-energy presenter, with wilderness experience, who will spark creativity, inspire happiness, and connect with your audience.

Work together with Ari Gunzburg to create that perfect moment for your audience that will be remembered over and over again. A moment that people can look back at and say, “that was when I had clarity, when I changed my own life.”

Ari Gunzburg infuses the right mix of energy, passion and motivation to FIRE UP your audience. Ari inspires by telling stories and anecdotes to help illustrate points, including the science behind many tools to move forward.

Give hope to your audience with triumphs, aha-moments and more from an award-winning international speaker, Ari Gunzburg.

Create the experience your audience deserves.

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Keynote Topics

  • Just One More Step
  • Success Is Not Final, Failure Is Not Fatal
  • Live Now
  • It’s Raining! Are We Still Going Outside?


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