Ugwem Eneyo

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Talent Highlights

  • Visionary Leadership: Ugwem Eneyo’s visionary leadership has propelled SHYFT Power Solutions to the forefront of the energy technology industry, driving innovation and sustainable development.
  • Social Impact Champion: As a champion of social impact, Ugwem is dedicated to harnessing the power of technology to address the needs of underserved communities and drive positive change.
  • Industry Recognition: Ugwem’s groundbreaking work at SHYFT has earned her widespread recognition and acclaim, including prestigious awards such as the MIT Clean Energy Prize.
  • Thought Leadership: Through her speaking engagements and publications, Ugwem Eneyo shares her insights and expertise on topics ranging from renewable energy to entrepreneurship, inspiring audiences to think differently and act boldly.
  • Global Influence: Ugwem’s influence extends far beyond her native Nigeria, as she continues to make an impact on the global stage, shaping the future of energy technology and sustainable development.

Keynote Topics

As a former Engineering Ph.D. student, an engineer in the oil and gas industry, and now tech entrepreneur, Ugwem has seen the challenges and opportunities for women in technology and the role women are playing in shaping the future.

At Shyft, Ugwem leads a team that is addressing the environmental and social implications of development in urban areas, particularly in emerging markets. She’s spent much of her career answering questions on how to reimagine infrastructure in growing cities while also considering sustainability.

Just take a look at how Africa leap-frogged traditional landlines to cell phones, or the current adoption of mobile money and you can see that the continent is a true innovators canvas. Ugwem’s company is another company using technology to transform the energy sector, but through this lens, she sees the forefront of Africa’s emerging tech ecosystem.

  • African Entrepreneurs & the Start-Up Ecosystem

  • People of Color in Technology

  • The Future of Energy

  • Renewable Energy & Emerging Markets

Ugwem is also available to emcee your event.

Travels from:

  • San Francisco, CA

Fee Range:

  • Fees* $10,001 - $20,000




Ugwem Eneyo is a trailblazing Nigerian-American engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur who stands at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions. As the co-founder and CEO of SHYFT Power Solutions (formerly known as Solstice Energy Solutions), she leads a venture-backed, award-winning energy technology company that is revolutionizing the way communities access and utilize power. With a passion […]

Ugwem Eneyo is a trailblazing Nigerian-American engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur who stands at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions. As the co-founder and CEO of SHYFT Power Solutions (formerly known as Solstice Energy Solutions), she leads a venture-backed, award-winning energy technology company that is revolutionizing the way communities access and utilize power. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to driving positive change, Ugwem is shaping the future of energy technology one innovation at a time.

Ugwem Eneyo | Technology Speaker

The company is a bi-product of her research as a former Stanford MS/PhD student in Civil & Environmental Engineering. Prior to Stanford, Ugwem worked as an Environmental and Regulatory Risk Advisor for infrastructure projects throughout South Asia, Africa, and the Americas. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Ugwem has been recognized as Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Energy, Climate & Capital Media’s Ten to Watch and Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy Honors, among other recognitions. She’s one of the early black, female founders to have raised over one million dollars in venture capital. Ugwem has been a speaker at the World Bank State of the African Union Forum, Global Climate Action Summit (opening prior to former U.S. Vice President Al Gore) and Ceres. In addition to energy technology, Ms. Eneyo addresses topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech, hardware start-ups.

Her work with SHYFT Power Solutions is pioneering the use of AI, industrial IoT and integrated software to build the electricity grid of the future by intelligently managing and integrating distributed resources like solar and batteries into the grid. Forbes marked SHYFT (Solstice) as one of the “Top 60 Women-Led Tech Companies Around the World Shaking Up Tech.” Headquarted in Oakland, California with a subsidiary in Lagos, Nigeria SHYFT Power Solutions is ensuring that the future of energy can deliver resilient, clean, and affordable energy to all. 

Reasons to Book:

Event planners should consider booking Ugwem Eneyo for their next event for the following reasons:

  1. Inspirational Leadership: Ugwem’s journey from engineer to entrepreneur serves as a source of inspiration for audiences seeking to make a meaningful impact in their respective fields.

  2. Cutting-Edge Expertise: With her deep knowledge of energy technology and entrepreneurship, Ugwem offers invaluable insights into the latest developments and trends shaping the industry.

  3. Social Impact Focus: As a champion of sustainable development, Ugwem Eneyo’s talks resonate with audiences passionate about creating positive change and addressing social and environmental challenges.

  4. Engaging Storytelling: Ugwem’s engaging storytelling style captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression, making her presentations both informative and memorable.

  5. Thought Leadership: As a thought leader in the energy sector, Ugwem Eneyo brings a fresh perspective and innovative solutions to the table, sparking meaningful conversations and driving action.

Why Book Through Speakers Inc:

When booking Ugwem Eneyo through Speakers Inc, event planners can expect a seamless and professional experience from start to finish. As a reputable speakers bureau based in Carlsbad, California, Speakers Inc offers access to a diverse roster of top-tier speakers, including Ugwem Eneyo. With their extensive network and industry expertise, they are well-equipped to handle all aspects of event planning and coordination, ensuring a successful and memorable experience for both speakers and audiences alike.


Ugwem Eneyo is more than just an engineer and entrepreneur; she is a catalyst for change and a visionary leader committed to shaping a brighter, more sustainable future. Through her groundbreaking work at SHYFT Power Solutions and her inspiring speaking engagements, she continues to inspire and empower others to join her in the journey towards a more equitable and sustainable world. As a sought-after speaker and thought leader, Ugwem Eneyo’s impact transcends borders and boundaries, leaving a legacy that will endure for generations to come.

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