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Grant Gavin

Like you, property expert and highly respected Durban entrepreneur Grant Gavin wants to leave his mark on the world!

Penny Mallory

Penny Mallory wide range of experiences in sport, adventure and business that have made her keynotes acclaimed international favorites.

Saray Khumalo – Inspirational Adventure

Saray Khumalo – Inspirational Adventure who is the first African Woman to summit Mount Everest now available for motivational talks.

Zoe Jackson MBE – Inspiration

Multi-award-winning entrepreneur, Zoe Jackson MBE - Inspiration set up the Living the Dream Performing Arts Company at the age of 16 in...
Colette Carlson - Human Behavior

Colette Carlson – Human Behavior

Colette Carlson is a human behavior expert and keynote speaker who inspires individuals to connect and communicate in real and relevant ways. How to...
Damien Mander - Motivational Speaker

Damien Mander

Damien Mander - Motivational Speaker | From Garbage collector to Special Forces Sniper and Mercenary - an extraordinary Motivational speaker
Arabile Gumede - Economic Speaker

Arabile Gumede – Economic Speaker

Arabile Gumede - Economic Speaker is a financial journalist with a career glowing from remarkable feats and interrogative work. The world of...

Manley Hopkinson-International Motivational

Manley Hopkinson-International Motivational An internationally acclaimed and admired motivational speaker, Manley Hopkinson-International Motivational uses powerful metaphors to enliven the topics of leadership, “team-ship” and “self-ship”,...
Frank Furness - Sales Technology Speaker

Frank Furness – Sales Technology

Frank Furness - Sales Technology is an internationally sought after Sales & Technology Speaker and Social Media Presenter. His lively, enthusiastic and humorous style has...

Geoff Ramm – Customer Service

Geoff Ramm - Customer Service Speaker Prepare to be entertained, energised and enlightened by Geoff Ramm - Customer Service Speaker on a journey of memorable...