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About:  Shawn Harper

Shawn Harper is a former NFL player and now a successful life coach, business owner, and motivational speaker, Shawn’s life has been full of successes. The insurmountable odds he overcame to achieve these successes required instinct and true passion for his goals. These are some of the same qualities that today’s business owners and executives need to succeed in their professional lives and fully contribute to the success of their organization. From behind the scenes of NFL locker rooms to the front lines of American business, Shawn Harper shares his insight on:

Overcoming limitations and winning small, daily battles that compound for greater success.

How the concept of winning vs. success at the personal level translates to organizational achievement.

The habits practiced by elite level athletes and business people that allow them to achieve on the world stage in large scale, high stakes situations.

How to turn struggle into strength when confronting multi-dimensional issues that require teamwork and cohesiveness.

Shawn Harper | Inspiring NFL Player

The critical mindset for uniting personnel across all business units to steer the ship while celebrating diversity and recognizing individual contributions.

Shawn’s speeches are a testament to how young students can write their own destiny by overcoming limitations and developing a winning mindset. He struggled with learning disabilities and speech impairment as a child yet rose to achieve things most had never thought possible.

Shawn Harper is a successful life coach, business owner, and national middle and high school motivational speaker. Shawn’s ‘no excuses’ philosophy has motivated millions of students to dream big and push through setbacks to realize their true potential.

Over the last of 15 years, Shawn has reached thousands of students from all socio-economic backgrounds and has traveled to all 50 states to motivate and empower our nation’s youth. Your students will be amazed and inspired by the former NFL player’s presence, dynamic story and powerful message.

Students are drawn to and fascinated by Shawn Harper because of his humorous, rousing presentations and feats of strength. Shawn infuses his mantra, “We’re not born winners or losers, we’re born choosers,” in the hearts of young people to expand their minds and impel them to greatness.



Shawn is passionate about delivering his message of winning to a broad audience, and routinely supports non-profit, outreach and other communities.

Shawn translates the Life Principles and Life Lessons that he learned on and off the field into understandable concepts leadership, teamwork and personal growth that his audiences can use to move from complacency to high-powered thinkers and doers.

Whether it is a keynote address, annual conference, or corporate retreat, Shawn Harper has the “WOW-factor” that mesmerizes his audiences. He is personable, believable, and humorous, and his messages are profound and life-changing. His unique perspective and energetic style captivates his audiences as he empowers them to excel in business and live life to the fullest as highly focused and positive contributors.


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