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About:  Seth Mattison

Business Strategist and Keynote Speaker Seth Mattison is Working with High Performance Leaders to Shape the Future of Work.

After almost twenty years of studying business performance, transformation, and leadership inside some of the world’s most recognizable brands, keynote speaker Seth Mattison is helping to usher in a future of work that is more human-centric, purpose-driven, and guided by leaders rooted in love for their people, their clients, and the communities they serve.

As a future of work keynote speaker, Seth’s research, case studies, and thought leadership focus on inspiring audiences while sharing actionable strategies to drive meaningful outcomes for individuals and their organizations.

Seth also coaches high-performing leaders with practical, life-tested ideas, concepts, and frameworks to elevate their impact and create lasting legacies and they define the future of work for their organizations.

Seth Mattison | Business Strategy Expert 

Over the past decade, as a keynote speaker, Seth has shared his insights with thousands of business leaders around the globe for many of the world’s most recognizable brands including Mastercard, Johnson and Johnson, IBM, The Dallas Cowboys, AT&T, PepsiCo, GE Energy, E&Y, Caterpillar, and The Walt Disney Company, to name a few. 

In addition to speaking, Seth is the founder and CEO of FutureSight Labs, an org design and transformation firm that supports many of the world’s most inspiring leaders by helping prepare themselves and their organizations for the future of work through research, training, advising, coaching, digital tools, and thought leadership.

Redefining how we work for the betterment of all
Keynote Speaker on The Future of Work, Culture, Resilience, and Helping Leaders Prepare for the Decade Ahead.
This future of work requires an ethos of curiosity and willingness to question everything today.

  • Where will people do their best work?
  • What work is best done in person?
  • How can we ensure equity, opportunity, and connection across hybrid teams?
  • How do we embed resilience across our culture?
  • What type of leadership will be needed to support the business?
  • How will we ensure our physical environments support the right mix of connection, collaboration, creation, and celebration?
  • What new technologies will be needed to support this transformation? 

Keynote Speaker and workforce strategist Seth Mattison and his team at FutureSight Labs will help you tackle these questions and more as you navigate what’s next for your organization.

Delivering inspiring and actionable live and virtual experiences to drive meaningful outcomes, future of work strategist and keynote speaker Seth brings the ideal balance of authentic vulnerability, inspiring energy, customized insights and practical applications to audiences of every size.

Whether it’s an arena of 10,000, a workshop of 25, or a virtual event with your remote workforce, Seth Mattison will create the experience to match the moment.

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Keynote Topics

Insights for the Future of Work


 As we enter a new era of work, leaders are making big bets on what’s next for their industry, the future of work, and the world at large.


Navigating this defining moment while preparing to capture the opportunity will require a bold vision, the courage to change, a culture of belonging, and a commitment to contribute to the evolution of work and leadership.


Rooted in the research and bolstered by time helping high performing leaders through moments of transformations and future of work forces, keynote speaker Seth Mattison will share insights on the biggest trends impacting the state of work today.


Armed with actionable insights and practical tools, participants will be primed to lead their teams and organizations and intentionally shape the future.


Attendees will gain:


  • Insights on the trends shaping the future of work and talent
  • Strategies to design compelling employee experiences and high-performance cultures
  • Change strategies for growth and scale
  • Perspective on the leadership skills and competencies of the future

Insights for Elevating Culture in a Work from Anywhere World


As we enter a new era of work, leaders are faced with the challenge of reengineering their organizations to drive business performance and maintain the cohesiveness of their culture both inside and outside their four walls.


With teams mixed between essential onsite work and remote settings; new systems, processes, skills, and competencies will be required to build and maintain an inclusive equitable culture rooted in belonging. These efforts will fuel a culture that feels engaging, participatory, and full of the human connection we deeply value.


In this program, keynote speaker Seth Mattison will unpack the challenges and opportunities our hybrid environments present, along with research, case studies, and best practices for what leaders and managers can do today to effectively support and lead a work from everywhere workforce.


Attendees will gain:


  • Insight on the data of what drives real engagement with hybrid workers
  • Frameworks for building a work from anywhere culture  
  • Strategies for supporting for a culture of fairness and equity
  • Techniques for maintaining human connection digitally

The Secret and the Science to Influencing and Leading During Times of Transformation


Leadership has always been about one thing: influence. To effectively manage transformation today, leaders must have the understanding and the skill to not only connect with the rational and logical aspects of people’s brains but also have the capacity to reach their hearts to understand what ultimately drives human behavior at the deepest level.


As traditional hierarchies are re-examined and leadership becomes less about title, tenure, and time at the organization and more about influence, impact, and connection to their heart, our ability to develop, cultivate, and grow our personal presence and own our capacity to reveal our full selves every single day will become the new mandate for leadership in the modern era.


In this highly interactive deep-dive discussion, leadership keynote speaker Seth Mattison will shed light on these questions and add a new perspective to the conversation of leadership today by dissecting the most critical skills and competencies leaders will need to acquire to elevate their impact on the teams they’re supporting, the organizations they’re leading, and the communities they live in.


Attendees gain:


  • Perspective on the neuroscience and neuroradiology of influence and change
  • An unprecedented look at the future-ready skills and competencies to prime performance, culture, and organizational growth
  • Strategies for activating the power of empathy and attunement to drive engagement
  • Access to case studies from category-leading brands activating heart-based cultures to drive growth

Gritty: Building Resilience in the Face Resistance

In a world of constant change, marketplace disruptions, and organizational transformation, the virtue of grit and tenacity stand tall among today’s most critical leadership attributes. The most resilient leaders of high-performing organizations can adapt to changing circumstances while encouraging others to do the same. As result of their grittiness, their teams operate with higher productivity, engagement, and a greater sense of well-being as a result.


Resilient leaders cultivate emotional intelligence and strong relationships, and they facilitate learning and personal development through everyday experiences. More importantly, these exceptional leaders create a culture of psychological safety, the number one predictor of high-performing teams.


In this program, author and keynote speaker Seth Mattison will unpack the leadership habits that improve team well-being, productivity, and performance and reveal the latest research in neuroscience and psychology for developing resilient leaders, teams, and organizations.


Attendees gain:


  • Insights on your habits, belief systems and the neuroscience that support and enhance resilience
  • Lessons to cultivate positive emotions, make stress work for you, and activities that proactively build resilience
  • Techniques for stepping out of reactivity and responding to what is most important
  • Strategies for fostering a culture of psychological safety


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