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Sam Cushing | Inspiring Pride Speaker

  • Chicago, IL, USA

About:  Sam Cushing | Inspiring Pride Speaker

Sam Cushing is an adventurer, businessman, fitness & mental health fanatic, and pianist. After two unfulfilling years as a consultant in Manhattan, Sam made a life change, choosing to shed the expectations society had projected onto him and pursue the goals on his bucket list.

Packing only a suitcase, some workout gear, his music, and a small amount of savings, Sam took a leap of faith and bought a one-way ticket to South America. He found work at a remote-friendly Argentine startup and spent the next 2 years of his life learning culture, language, and international perspective.

Sam Cushing experiences opened his eyes not just to the beauty of exploring the world, but to a way of living that felt more right for him. He decided that living his truth means a lot of things- songwriting, taking care of his body and his mind, embracing diversity, living with curiosity, displaying empathy, and having fun.

Sam Cushing | Pride Speaker

While Sam Cushing has enjoyed many different adventures, his creative and passionate instincts have remained the same, and he finds them reflected clearly across four pillars: Travel/Adventure, Fitness, Wellness, and Music. 

Today, in addition to growing his online communities with millions of combined followers, Sam shares his story with audiences around the world.

Sam Cushing says of his message:  “Everyone has their own truth and their own passions. I really don’t want you to walk away from my story feeling that without some drastic, non-conformist life change, you are somehow living a “less authentic” life. That’s untrue.

My hope is that you’ll remember that the next time you are feeling low, we have the power of choosing a life founded in our own truth, versus one projected onto us by others…whether it’s a career, passion, or an everyday presented identity. It’s about being kind to yourself, quieting the noise and influence of others, and living a life that’s unapologetically yours.”

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