Ryan Campbell

Tagline: Overcome Adversity

Talent Highlights

  • Youngest Solo Pilot to Circumnavigate the Globe, One of Australia’s 50 Great Explorers, Plane Crash Survivor, Incomplete Paraplegic, and Best-Selling Author
  • From a world record breaking pilot to paraplegic plane crash survivor, Ryan Campbell is a leader in helping individuals and organizations to not only overcome adversity and navigate change, but also to use those very same challenges to build a better future.
  • How? Through taking the oath to be #TurbulenceTough.

Keynote Topics

Your Pathway to Joy Fueled Teams
Signature Keynote

Dive into the joy-fueled resilience hidden in our hobbies, interests, and simple pleasures. In a fast-paced world where our challenges are relentless and the solutions seem out of reach, Ryan delivers a message of accessible, attainable change.

From the highs of a world record-breaking expedition to the most unimaginable low of a plane crash and paraplegic diagnosis, Ryan uses his story to highlight the realities of adversity and the role of resilience.

What’s Your Pink Cadillac? uncovers the most unexpected, transformational tool discovered in the most unexpected place, the purchase of a 1960 Pink Cadillac. Get ready to smile like a kid, step back, and show up better.

Using today’s turbulence to help tackle tomorrow’s storms. Resilience is our ability to endure, bounce back, and most importantly, be better because of our experiences.

Ryan takes the audience on a journey of understanding, accepting, and developing the ownership required to use adversity to fuel performance. From tales of real-life 60,000-foot thunderstorms over the Pacific Ocean to five months in hospital and eighteen months in spinal rehabilitation, Ryan shares his toolbox approach to analyzing, extracting, and storing tools from everyday moments.

As a result of this program, attendees will

  • Understand the nature and role of resilience
  • Learn Ryan’s process for analyzing, extracting, and storing turbulence-tackling tools
  • Reframe adversity from burden to opportunity
  • Build self-confidence in both achieving and overcoming

Using our Pink Cadillacs to create a culture that inspires our best work. We all long for a sense of purpose, passion, and place in our everyday lives.

These are elements that allow us to thrive in our personal and professional existence and show up at our best. What’s Your Pink Cadillac?

is a conversation that uncovers endless opportunities to bond with like-minded individuals through shared hobbies, interests, and simple pleasures. It is an extremely fun conversation that not only highlights the importance of finding your tribe but allows you an opportunity to begin that journey during the session.

As a result of this program, attendees will

  • Transform something once seen as ‘selfish’ to ‘essential’
  • Learn things about their colleagues that they NEVER knew
  • Begin to discover their tribe
  • Be encouraged to step back, prioritize joy, and show up better as a result
  • Understand the benefits to mental health, performance and culture


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Travels from:

  • Nashville, TN

Fee Range:

  • Fees* $20,001 - $35,000




Ryan Campbell is not your average pilot. At the age of 19, he made history by becoming the youngest person to fly solo around the world. But his story is far more than just a record-breaking feat. From surviving a plane crash to thriving as a best-selling author and motivational speaker, Ryan’s journey is one […]

Ryan Campbell is not your average pilot. At the age of 19, he made history by becoming the youngest person to fly solo around the world. But his story is far more than just a record-breaking feat. From surviving a plane crash to thriving as a best-selling author and motivational speaker, Ryan’s journey is one of resilience, courage, and unwavering determination.

Ryan Campbell’s Remarkable Journey:

Ryan’s love for aviation was ignited at a young age, and by the time he was 15, he had earned his pilot’s license. His ambition led him to dream of circumnavigating the globe solo, a feat that seemed unimaginable for someone his age. Yet, in 2013, at just 19 years old, Ryan embarked on a journey that would not only test his flying skills but also his inner strength.

Over the course of 70 days, Ryan flew over 24,000 nautical miles, crossing oceans, continents, and challenging weather conditions. His journey captured the world’s attention and earned him a place in the record books as the youngest solo pilot to circumnavigate the globe.

Survivor and Advocate:

However, Ryan’s journey took a dramatic turn in 2015 when he was involved in a plane crash that left him with incomplete paraplegia. Despite facing immense physical and emotional challenges, Ryan refused to let his circumstances define him. Instead, he turned his adversity into an opportunity to inspire others.

Ryan became a passionate advocate for spinal cord injury research and awareness, using his platform to raise funds and support for organizations dedicated to finding a cure. His resilience in the face of adversity has earned him admiration and respect from people around the world.

Best-Selling Author:

In addition to his achievements in aviation and advocacy, Ryan is also a best-selling author. His memoir, “Flying through Adversity,” chronicles his journey from aspiring pilot to world record holder to plane crash survivor. Through his candid storytelling and inspirational message, Ryan shares valuable lessons on overcoming challenges, embracing change, and finding purpose in adversity.

Keynote Speaker:

Ryan Campbell is not just a pilot; he is a beacon of hope and inspiration for individuals and organizations facing their own challenges. As a keynote speaker, Ryan brings a unique blend of passion, resilience, and authenticity to every presentation.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Overcoming adversity and resilience: Drawing from his own experiences, Ryan inspires audiences to overcome obstacles and turn adversity into opportunity.
  • Leadership and goal-setting: Ryan shares insights from his record-breaking journey to empower others to set ambitious goals and pursue their dreams.
  • Change management and innovation: Through his remarkable journey, Ryan illustrates the importance of adaptability and innovation in navigating change and achieving success.
  • Ryan’s motto, “What’s your pink Cadillac?” encourages audiences to identify their own dreams and aspirations and take bold action to pursue them.
  • Whether it’s conquering the skies or overcoming life’s challenges, Ryan’s message resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Book Ryan Campbell as a Keynote Speaker through Speakers Inc:

Ryan Campbell is available for keynote presentations, workshops, and motivational talks through Speakers Inc. By booking Ryan for your event, you will inspire and empower your audience to embrace change, overcome adversity, and reach new heights of success.

To inquire about booking Ryan Campbell as a keynote speaker, please contact Speakers Inc today and embark on a journey of inspiration and transformation. What’s your pink Cadillac? Let Ryan help you find out.

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