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Soft As Steel

Soft As Steel | Dennis Doran
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Podcast Host: Dennis Doran

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Podcast Description

Soft As Steel Podcast will be a 30-minute weekly show that explores the landscape of the construction industry as it’s changing dynamically.

Success is no longer driven by a single generation, technology, or bidding strategy. In today’s diverse industry, your ability to adapt and grow hinges on soft skills.

In the Soft as Steel podcast series, host Dennis Doran engages in deep, dynamic conversations with a broad cross section of subject matter experts and leaders with a principal focus on how the construction industry must bring communication and introspection to an industry where these essential skills traditionally go undervalued.

Soft As Steel

It’s about focusing on that which is not talked about. The reality that the challenges ahead are even greater than those in the past. The qualities, attributes, and behaviors of people essential to building meaningful relationships and enjoying success and happiness are vital to all endeavors and all industries.

That having deep, meaningful discussions; with stories about the vital role of soft skills in every facet of work and life; by talking about things like love, inclusion, social justice, leadership; like talking about addiction, mental health, and suicide.

This message is the foundation of the podcast – Soft Skills Matter more than ever.

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