Learning Life with Jon Tota

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Learning Life talks to experts with the newest ideas and valuable insight to help you improve your business and your brain.

Take your skills to the next level! Elevate your team and your work. Learning is as easy as tuning in. Syntax and Motion was founded in 2016 in Burlington, Vermont.

We started as an auxiliary arm to the e-Learning platform Knowledgelink, providing video production services to clients looking to create online courses. From there, we branched out and became our own full-suite media production services business.

We proudly boast two studios, a dual-mic soundproof podcasting lab, and a triple-camera green screen video studio, opened in 2017 and 2019 respectively.

Since then, we’ve founded two podcasts, Learning Life and recorded thousands of hours of video for our clients Podcasting and video can help your business in a number of ways, including internal reach to employees and content marketing.

We help you make the highest quality content for your business.

Learning Life with Jon Tota

When it comes to media production, the biggest impact comes from the clarity and quality that users can really feel from a professional-grade setup.

We also offer website services, branding and marketing packages, and interactive video content. With us, you can boost your business in a number of unique ways, creating content that your competitors haven’t even dreamed up yet.

We’re full time Vermonters, and come December we like to hit the ski slopes.

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