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Yvette Bodden - Awakened Woman Confidential
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Podcast Host: Yvette Bodden

Podcast Description

The Awakened Woman Confidential Podcast was created for people who want to be informed, as well as, entertained. Episodes will cover a variety of topics for men and women.

Particularly, men who want to learn and educate themselves about matters that affect the women in their lives.

The host, Yvette Bodden, and guests will discuss topics like love, dating, authenticity, relationships, motherhood, career, mental health, trauma, intimacy, empowerment, beauty, cheating, inspiration, and other subjects that people may not openly want to discuss.

Awakened Woman Confidential

The podcast spotlights male and female guests from all walks of life, including public figures from the world of comedy, entertainment, journalism, television, beauty, and business.


Pop-up guests help AW explore different perspectives on all things. The takeaway will always be something to motivate, entertain and plant a seed or give you something to talk about with others.


These episodes are sure to be anything but confidential, instead, educational and sometimes, provocative. Listen, as we put everything on the table, engaging in honest and open adult conversations.

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