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Patti Cotton

  • Riverside, California, United States
  • Fees: 10,001 - 20,000
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About:  Patti Cotton

Patti Cotton is an international Fortune 500 speaker. As a seasoned and respected leader, consultant, speaker and trainer in the areas of leadership, change and transition, strategy and business development, Patti delivers inspiring keynotes and workshops, and facilitates retreats for corporations, business associations, conferences, and diverse groups in the private, public and social sectors.

Her keynotes average 30 to 5,000+ attendees, and she’s been honored three times with the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for Volunteer Service. 

Throughout her corporate career, Patti Cotton was known for breaking through impossible barriers to produce exceptional results. As a diplomat, she worked alongside heads of state and other change agents from around the globe to solve problems with creativity and grace.

She is also Harvard-trained in advanced approaches to change. In these roles, she learned leadership at an international level and applied that leadership experience to reaching unprecedented success in the business world.

In her engaging, interactive presentations, Patti Cotton now shares that experience and training with leaders around the world.

Patti’s audiences describe her style as dynamic, poised, and persuasive, and her inspirational, informative presentations always include specific takeaways that can be applied immediately to improve both work and personal life at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

Patti Cotton | Business Strategy

With shared experiences, stories, and real-world examples, Patti Cotton will inspire, inform, and expertly guide you, your team, and your organization to overcome challenges and achieve higher levels of success in your personal and professional life.

You’ll leave Patti’s dynamic presentations with deep insights into effective leadership and proven processes to implement change so that you and your enterprise can effectively meet tomorrow.

Patti Cotton inspires purpose and drives action in your organization. Your event participants take away the best information along with practical steps to address the top issues that challenge leaders, teams and organizations today.


Customized for your group and presented as keynotes, breakouts, seminars or workshops, retreats, trainings and webinars. Patti Cotton is also available as a panel moderator or guest.

NEW! Return is a Muscle: Building Your Team’s Nerve Center to Lead Confidently through Change

Is your business surviving, recovering or thriving? The ability to succeed in a world of constant change begins with the power of you and your executive team.

Many companies are sweating the details of their return plans rather than building the capabilities needed for a return. Before the pandemic, leaders and executive teams around the world recognized the importance of adapting quickly.

Now, having faced disruptions at a speed and scale unprecedented in modern times, we realize that the question is not, “How do we reach the next normal safely?” It is, instead, “How do we build the muscle necessary to thrive through constant change?”

The most successful teams don’t just weather the storm of an extreme situation but also pivot and flex to meet the challenge and even improve upon what they have been doing. Change and transition expert Patti Cotton reveals how to develop your team’s resiliency muscle to drive greater performance and growth.

You will discover how to:

  • Strengthen your team’s emotional agility for greater collaboration and productivity
  • Adopt a proven model you and your team can use again and again to anticipate change and get ahead of the curve
  • Acquire a consistent process that quickly aligns and coordinates pivots throughout the organization

Leading from the Heart: Igniting the Human Spirit at Work

FOCUS: Communications | Confidence | Interpersonal Effectiveness

The common belief in business is that heart has no place in management. And yet, traditional leadership practices are failing. Across the globe, employee engagement and job satisfaction scores have fallen to crisis levels.

As the marketplace continues to shift and change, it’s challenging to keep 21st century employees happy and productive. They seek more. They seek purpose, meaning, and significance. Patti Cotton shares how to lead from the heart to drive human motivation and achievement, and shows that clearly, love and results go hand in hand.

360° Leadership: Managing Up, Down, and Sideways

FOCUS: Leadership Agility | Influence | Impact

To realize a vision, achieve goals, and make change within your enterprise, you must possess the ability to manage up, down, and sideways. How do you engage others at all angles and levels to get the work done, even when you are not in charge? Patti Cotton outlines the three leadership skills you need to sharpen in order to effectively influence others for action and results.

Significant Shifts: Breaking Through Resistance to Change

FOCUS: Leadership Agility | Influence | Impact

You are a successful executive or team—why can’t you make that one shift necessary to step into higher performance? Patti shares why human beings find change difficult, and the neuroscientific principles that lie behind the “stuck state” and subconscious self-sabotage. She presents the three keys necessary to rewiring the brain to achieve your goals. Whether you are an individual or team, you will learn proven steps to break through resistance to change.

Beyond the Ordinary: Moving from Success to Significance

FOCUS: Powerful Influencing Skills | Catalyzing Change | Building Trust

What does it mean to live a life of significance? Patti shares how to move away from mere success and into the deeper, more meaningful work you were meant to do. In this presentation, you will learn about the four cornerstones needed to live your leadership purpose. Patti will share how you can create a legacy through your best and highest work to make a greater impact on the lives of those around you and beyond. Learn what is possible for you—beyond the ordinary.

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