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Your Vision, Your Future & Your Daydreams

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Instructor: JJ DiGeronimo

There’s no better time than now to begin exploring your vision, your future, and your daydreams!

In this online discussion, I sat down with Holly Baumgartl Kristoff, Founder of Daydream Design Co., to discuss the four key questions to ask yourself if you want to kickstart your daydreams.

Your Vision, Your Future & Your Daydreams includes fantastic exercises designed to help you align your thoughts and attention to meaningful interactions & opportunities.

Your Vision, Your Future & Your Daydreams

You’ll learn how to leverage the power of daydreaming and vision boards in the process. Because as the famous Maya Angelou once said, Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.”


Discover how to align your thoughts and attention to meaningful opportunities through the power of daydreaming and vision boards.

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Learning Points

  • Overview
  • Making Time to Daydream: 4 Key Steps with Holly Baumgartl Kristoff
  • How a Vision Board Can Help You Manifest Your Dreams
  • Vision Board Worksheet: 13 Vision Questions to Help You Get Started
  • MP3 Audio File

About: JJ DiGeronimo

JJ DiGeronimo, President of Tech Savvy Women, is one of the most highly regarded speakers, authors and executive strategists to attract, retain, and advance professional women.


She navigated her way from entry-level positions to top-level leadership roles within leading technology companies and now shares the strategies and insights that helped her accelerate her career with her audiences.


As a featured columnist for Smart Business Magazine and Thrive Global, JJ has been quoted in numerous publications including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, The Glass Hammer, and Working Women Magazine.


She shares her insights and discoveries with many corporations and women’s organizations across the nation, tapping into her experience to forge a meaningful connection with every audience.

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