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Survive Disruptive Change For yourself, your team and your business.

(Spoiler alert, Covid wasn’t the only deep disruption we’re all going to face in the 2020s).

Get Ready to Deep Disruptive Change

FREE video mini-series of the 4IR and the implications for you, your career and your industry.

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Graeme’s breadth of knowledge and expertise makes him highly relevant – even essential – in today’s rapidly evolving business world. Along with his formal qualifications and research credentials, he also has a wide range of personal experience and a deep understanding of how people and businesses work. 

Add his vast experience working with business leaders the world over during the past 20+ years, and you’ll understand why he is the go-to resource for leaders who are gearing up for the future. 

Graeme provides quality content and production values in his online sessions. CEOs in over 50 countries have insisted on working with him, year in and year out; leading business schools on three continents continue to work with him, and he continues to receive requests to contribute to live events and development sessions around the world to provide ongoing resources to help his clients navigate these disruptive times.

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