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Are you longing to learn how to become a top-level career coach with Amazing Career Coach Certification and developer of professional women AND take the right marketing and business growth steps to build success, confidence and impact in coaching work you love?

The Amazing Career™ Coach Certification with Kathy Caprino is for you!

Knowing exactly how to help your clients break through their inertia to build an amazing life and career — is the ticket to career bliss that your clients are longing for. AND it’s key to infusing your business with the powerful tools it needs to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Amazing Career Coach Certification

  • Not only will you get access to my complete Career Coach Certification, I’m also sharing vital information that other training programs fail to address –
  • how to realistically and effectively earn money and marketing yourself successfully to create more profit and passion in work you love.
  • Get real-world help that will change how you do business.

Through the knowledge you’ll gain in this program, and the licensing of this program for your own work, you’ll able to build your reputation as a successful professional who helps clients expand their success. And you’ll have the powerful opportunity to resolve your own personal and business challenges that are keeping you from greater success, reward and recognition in your work.

Whether you serve female entrepreneurs, coaches, small business owners, executives, corporate professionals, job seekers, or others, once you become Amazing Career™ Certified Coach you’ll be helping your clients step up to the power of true breakthrough in all areas of their lives and work.

Sounds awesome, right?
Many coaches and consultants today claim to know how to help their clients go from “I don’t know what I want” to “I know what I want and I know how to get it!” But truth-be-told, very few have a proven model for change – and effective marketing strategies – that reliably brings their businesses to the next level.

Now you can – by becoming completing the Amazing Career Coach Certification in just 17 weeks!

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When Kathy Caprino started my business 16 years ago, I struggled hard. I made every mistake in the book — serious, costly mistakes — as I pursued the ‘latest’ business growth trend, only to find myself exhausted and drained, without enough time or energy to effectively serve the clients I had or build my coaching business. And I wasted a TON of money.

What Kathy Caprino finally learned was that, to be successful and stand apart from the competition, we need to master powerful personal as well as business growth

strategies AND address our OWN fears, challenges and power gaps (and we all have some!). Kathy Caprino moved forward to build a system that effectively leveraged my expertise and training (including corporate leadership, therapy, coaching, spirituality, writing, etc.) in helping professionals build successful careers.

I went from struggling to grow my business to leading an amazing tribe of engaged, talented women leaders and entrepreneurs around the world.

Learning Points

Coaches and service providers who successfully complete my Amazing Career Certification 17-week training have the opportunity to learn my and use my signature system, The Amazing Career Project, with their own private clients. This program has been tested and proven highly effective in generating career growth and success for professional women around the world.

It’s helped hundreds of women globally achieve personal fulfillment and enduring success in a wide array of markets, fields and industries.

To hear ACP course members share their raves about the program, click here.

I created this training program based on powerful findings from my yearlong in-depth research studies “Women Succeeding Abundantly” and “Women Overcoming Professional Crisis” which culminated in my groundbreaking book Breakdown, Breakthrough: The Professional Women’s Guide to Claiming a Life Of Passion, Power and Purpose.

AND I’ve built into this course the latest information and research from my new book The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss, that shares the 7 most damaging power gaps that a staggering 98% of professional women face that prevent them from thriving at the highest level, and how to overcome them for good.

And now I’d love to train you in this exact model!

  • Identifying and reaching your specific target niche
  • Developing your personal brand that stands out
  • Attracting the ideal clients you want to work with
  • Building a communications, marketing and sales strategy that’s authentic and effective
  • Creating packages and pricing that align with the value you deliver
  • Learning client management essentials
  • Sharing your own authentic thought leadership
  • Speaking and workshop development
  • …and more!

  • Enroll now in this private (one-on-one) Coach Certification training with Kathy!
  • Bonus #1: Register now and receive a 30-minute complimentary Business Consultation with Kathy ($375 value)
  • Bonus #2: The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Your Perfect LinkedIn Summary (20-page e-book)
  • Bonus #3: Kathy’s Branding Workbook and Business Plan templates
  • Bonus #4: 75% discount off Kathy’s 8-module Most Powerful You video training course (Saves $374)
  • Bonus #5: 4 Exclusive Interviews with Introverted Titans – Dr. Ivan Misner, Mark Hunter, Dale Beaumont and Matthew Pollard – teaching strategies to help you network as an introvert, and create systems so your business runs without you
  • Bonus #6: Free 30-Day Access To IntrovertU – a learning hub and community to help introverts thrive
  • Bonus #7: Free 30-Day Membership to Bx Networking – for access to great networking events and other membership benefits
  • Bonus #8: 4-Part Video Series & Resources: How to Generate Income by Networking


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