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Miles Hilton-Barber

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About:  Miles Hilton-Barber

Blind Adventurer and international Motivational Speaker Miles Hilton-Barber is one of the most widely sought-after motivational speakers on the world circuit today, having had the privilege of speaking at over 1,000 corporate events in 69 countries around the world to date.

Despite losing his sight in his early twenties, his quality of life and level of success was radically transformed at the age of 50, not through sight restoration, but through changing his attitude to his blindness.

Since the age of 50 Miles has set numerous world records undertaking extreme endurance events across all seven continents of our world, in the fields of mountaineering, desert and polar ultra-marathons, power-boat racing, scuba-diving, motor-racing and long distance, aerobatic and supersonic flying amongst other achievements.

Miles Hilton-Barber | Blind Adventurer

Miles Hilton-Barber presentations outline a radical yet simple set of life principles that will enable businesses and individuals to become more successful today, despite facing unprecedented global change. These principles are wrapped up in a fast-moving, colourful and humorous presentation, with photos and video clips from his many expeditions and adventures.

He will challenge you to look again at who you are, and how you can achieve so much more than you think you can in both your professional and personal life, because “the only limits in your life are those you accept yourself.”

Miles Hilton Barber is a wonderful storyteller who uses his experiences as an international adventurer to motivate and inspire others. Miles lost his sight in his early twenties, but soon realised that although he had no control over his blindness he did have control over his response to it.

His first adventure was running five and a half marathons in six days despite not having any running experience. Since then Miles Hilton-Barber has embraced the unknown, undertaking a huge variety of expeditions and endurance events all over the world to raise awareness and money for charity.

Miles Hilton-Barber says his adventures teach him something new every time. He now puts that experience to good use as a Motivational Development Manager for the Royal National Institute for the Blind and as a popular speaker at corporate events taking as his themes; the importance of taking risks, living life without limits and not being afraid to fail.

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