Meredith Breitstein

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Talent Highlights

  • Life isn’t always easy. At points in our lives, we all face tremendous loss and change, grief and fear.

  • But overcoming these obstacles to find a beautiful, fulfilling path is absolutely possible.

  • As a motivational and keynote speaker and TV show host, Meredith is here to help you do just that.

  • Her passion is helping you discover your true gifts—and the courage within yourself to share them with the world.

  • She’ll inspire you to become resilient, share your triumphs, and shine.

Keynote Topics

The last few years have created unprecedented challenges for millions. Isolation, depression, and poor health have led to a wave of paralyzing overwhelm, procrastination, and low motivation.

This is the keynote speech that will help you turn it all around.

In Shine Right Now, six-time award-winning motivational speaker Meredith Allan Breitstein uses interactive, humorous stories to enlighten her audiences, inspiring them to play BIG in the game of life. This speech invites teams like yours to see opportunities in all the stress and discomfort—and inspires committed action.

This keynote speech is perfect for corporate groups ready to step out of their comfort zones and into playing a BIGGER GAME. Your teams will leave ready to shed their excuses and fully re-engage in pursuing their goals and dreams. In other words, they’ll SHINE.

In these engaging 90-minute sessions, your team will discover how to push through mental blocks and find ways to innovate and succeed.

Have more time? We’ll customize a session to meet your company’s needs.

How to Overcome Anything
In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to be able to push past obstacles that block your path. This workshop is designed to give participants tools to get “unstuck.”

Originally designed for high school students, this workshop became a popular program for corporations during the pandemic. Your group or team will learn how life is a series of opportunities often disguised as problems and challenges.

They’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of the importance of resilience and concrete ways to develop more of this valuable trait.

Leadership is the single most important skill to achieve success in life and business. Meredith will teach your team 12 essential steps to reach the highest level of leadership.

Completely customizable, this workshop can be completed in one 90-minute session—or it can be split into 12 individual lessons for a more in-depth experience. 

Participants will walk away with a clear vision of how to play big and lead their teams to greatness.

In this workshop, adapted from Meredith’s Amazon Prime TV show of the same name, your group will learn how to embrace change and thrive in uncertain times.

Meredith shares unforgettable stories about the gifts found in adversity and how shifting your mindset can alter the course of your life.

Ultimately, Meredith takes participants on an interactive journey to understand the opportunity and magic in change.

Change is inevitable in life and in business. The key is shifting your perspective to view change and adversity as gifts—and problems as possibilities.

In this workshop, Meredith shares stories and life lessons from her own journey to inspire and motivate your team.

Participants will leave with a new understanding of leadership—and actionable ideas of how to uplevel their personal and professional lives.

Travels from:

  • Los Angeles, CA

Fee Range:

  • Fees* $5,001 - $10,000




A 6-time award-winning public speaker Meredith Breitstein tours the world encouraging others to step into their destiny, walk through fear, and SHINE by finding their courage. She knows first-hand how life’s setbacks and curve balls can create challenges that feel hard to overcome. Raised by hard-working parents who moved frequently, she quickly realized she had […]

A 6-time award-winning public speaker Meredith Breitstein tours the world encouraging others to step into their destiny, walk through fear, and SHINE by finding their courage.

She knows first-hand how life’s setbacks and curve balls can create challenges that feel hard to overcome. Raised by hard-working parents who moved frequently, she quickly realized she had to fight to make her own dreams become a reality.

Meredith Breitstein specializes in helping teams, and her audiences speak up, standout, and command a room with their presence. In Meredith Breitstein’s wildly popular TEDx talk “Don’t waste a minute, shine RIGHT NOW” she inspires her audiences to take fast, committed action to show up powerfully so they can SHINE.

She is frequently hired as both a Motivational Speaker and a Leadership Trainer for organizations to help others SHINE. She loves teaching clients how to level up their courage to power up their presence and be SEEN!

Meredith Breitstein | Motivational Speaker

After more than a decade of public speaking, Meredith has the ability to raise the energy in an audience. She tells relatable and motivational stories from her past, such as how moving 14 times before college taught her to adapt to change. In addition to lifting up others through in-person keynote and motivational speeches, she reaches an expanded audience through her Amazon Prime Special called The Magic in Change on the series Speak UP.

Beyond sharing her own stories, Meredith has dedicated her life to helping others share theirs. Meredith started The Meredith TV Talk Show, which debuted on NBC in 2015, to give others a platform to grow their businesses and gain visibility. The show airs online all over the world on YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Fire and Apple TV.

Meredith Breitstein became hooked on helping people with marketing after she was contracted to help her first client, a doctor, save lives in a Colon Cancer Awareness Campaign. The results were so rapid that her client raised his revenue from 1.2 million to 2.6 million dollars in just nine months. From that moment on, Meredith has enjoyed using her talent for charity and has raised capital during live TV fundraisers for The Make-a-Wish Foundation and The United Way.

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